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Continuing the Hulu Award Nomination, this week’s theme is the Best and Worst. There are a couple new and old categories this week and they are: Best Travel/Leisure Show, Best Cooking/Food Show, and Worst Reality Show. For those who love watching Leisure show (like me), this week’s categories are very exciting. So here it goes:

1. Best Travel/Leisure Show and the eligible nominees are:

After Hours With Daniel
Any Given Latitude
Beyond the List
Destination Truth
Destination X
Dr. Danger
Eventurer: The Great American Race
Three Sheets
Wild On

Bikini Destinations
Behind the Lens
Chictv Models
Chictv Fashion
Fashion Forward
The Fashion Team
Ford Models
The Rachel Zoe Project
Trend Watch

2. Best Cooking/Food Show and the eligible nominees are:

30 Minute Meals
Ace of Cakes
After Hours With Daniel
Beer Nutz
The Chef’s Kitchen Dining
Chocolate Television
Cooking for Real
Cooking up a Story
Dining Down Under
Down Home With the Neely’s
Everyday Italian
Food Mojo
Food Network Chef Bobby Flay
Food Network Chef Robin Miller
Food News
Good Eats
Great Cocktails
Healthy Appetite With Ellie Krieger
Hell’s Kitchen
Holiday Kitchen
Kitchen Nightmares
Paula’s Home Cooking
Pressure Cook
Simply Delicioso
Summer Kitchen
Three Sheets
The Thunder Show
Top Chef

3. Worst Reality Show. Not all reality shows are good, and so for this week’s Hulu Award, we are doing something different. We’ve nominated Best Reality Show, now it’s time to nominate the Worst Reality Show. The eligible nominees for this category are the same as the nominees for the Best Reality Show (competitive, non-competitive, and celebrity driven). To see the nominees, click here.

I’m sure you’ll have your opinions on which series you think deserve an award. It might be tough to pick just one, but don’t worry you can nominate more than one. So comment away 🙂 You can also still nominate from last week’s categories: Best Family Movie, Best Anime Series, Best Cartoon Series, and Best Animated Shorts. Just scroll down or click here.

If you never heard of any of the show and interested in watching it, you can always borrow or rent the DVD, or to watch it for free, go to and search for the title, just make sure that it belongs to the right category. Again, if you cannot watch Hulu (I understand that Hulu currently is only available in US), you can still nominate any of these shows if you happen to know and like any of them.

Also, if you are interested in voting for other previous categories, you can always go to to vote for your favorite shows and movies in the comments section. Each category is conveniently listed in the upper right corner of the main page. Happy commenting 😀

This week on Crusoe, the mutineers are taking a break (from the screen). Instead, Crusoe and Friday met Captain Santana, the Spanish Guard captain (from episode 1), the one who betrayed Friday and Crusoe. He hunted them down to get gold and in the end, he broke the promise of taking them out of the island.

Crusoe and Friday found Friday’s old tribe and found out that they had a new victim for sacrificial ceremony. Despite having the chance to get away from the island using the tribe’s boat, they decided to help the poor victim first. And so they did, but they were surprised that it was Captain Santana. Friday loathed him, and didn’t believe the story that he had a friend among the tribe that was going to be sacrificed too. Of course, Friday didn’t believe him, but Crusoe did. It turned out that Santana’s friend was Friday’s father.

So they worked together to save him. But because Santana was injured during the rescue mission, Crusoe and Friday had to set the diversion, and only Santana and Friday’s father got out on the boat. Friday and Crusoe were stuck on the island again, but they were hopeful now because they knew that this time Captain Santana would come back and get them. Friday also got his revenge on the tribe leader, who once wanted to kill him and almost killed his father.

Here’s a clip from this week’s episode:
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Again, if you’d like to watch the full episodes of Crusoe, just visit or

So this week, the race was still at India. Traffic in India is just crazy, there are no proper lanes, the streets are so narrow, pedestrians, bikes, tuk-tuk, taxis, car, motorcycles can run around in any direction as they wish.

Anyway, this week Star and her brother (forget his name) won again. They’re really a strong team with their sneaky, scheming strategy. They even tried to fool Dallas and Toni on the Bleary Eyed detour. But, since Dallas and Toni found out what they were supposed to look for, they decided to work together and they finished the task fast.

Terrence and Sarah was the only team who took the Teary Eyed detour, which was less frustrating, but equally hard. They regretted that they took that detour, but they managed to be the 3rd team to arrive at pitstop. I’m not sure how they were going to perform on the other task.

So the rest of the team, the Divorcees, the Frat Boys, and the Separated couples. The latter got a speed bump, so they had to do another task by giving out holy water to people. Meanwhile, the Divorcees and the Frat Boys kept on reading the wrong set of numbers. They had to re-do the task several times and they became frustrated. The frat boys asked the women if they wanted to work together. But being such a snob they were, they refused the offer.

Ken and Tina managed to finished their speed bump task, and went to the Bleary Eyed task, they knew what they had to do and they finished it before the frat boys and the divorcees. Even though, I’m not rooting for Tina and Ken, and despite her temper, I started to like Tina. After they finished their task, Tina helped the frat boys figured out what they’d done wrong. So finally, they could do the task properly and the race between them and the divorcees (they found out about the little tag too) began.

In the end, the frat boys were safe and the divorcees were eliminated. I’m really glad for the frat boys. Even though I’m not rooting for them either, they’re better persons than the divorcees. I just couldn’t stand them anymore, they were just simply annoying and mean. I know Star and her brother are also a little mean, but they are only playing a game. Whereas Kelly and Kristy trash talk people, and I dislike that. So I’m glad that they’re gone so I don’t have to watch them anymore next week.

So this week on Crusoe, the mutineers were still on the island. But Crusoe and Friday found a way to leave the island for good. My favorite moment this week was when Crusoe said, “Ship doesn’t grow on trees.” But then, they found a ship stuck on top of trees 😆 The ship was stuck up during high tides, and on it, they found a corpse, a gun, and a compass. This discovery made Crusoe really excited about the high possiblity of escaping from the island. Even the wind and tide was on their side. Even Friday was becoming more curious about England and the people there.

Unfortunately, their compass was burned, so Crusoe wanted to steal one from the mutineers. They managed to do so, but they were caught when trying to get out from the camp. When they tried to shake off the pursuer, they got lost in the part of island they never wandered to and bad things awaited them. Friday fell on a steep hill, fell into a cave, and got his shoulder dislocated. Luckily the log that hit him didn’t break his leg. Moreover, the high tide was coming. 

Friday told Crusoe to just leave him there and took the boat leaving the island. Friday even said that he didn’t belong in England where he would be seen as a slave, but Crusoe said that he was the best friend he ever had and he was determined to help Friday there no matter what prejudice they would face. However, Crusoe couldn’t move the log, and the water was getting higher and higher. Friday promised Crusoe, if he made it out of this incident alive, he’d come with Crusoe to England.

Crusoe had to wrack his brain in order to save Friday, but finally he got an idea. He used rock as weight to lift the log and threw it to the cliff. So Friday was saved, and they came out of the cave. But they were too late, their ship was taken to the sea by tides. But it was a good thing too because their ship wasn’t strong enough to sail over the ocean. It was wrecked before it reached too far. Their stolen compass also broke, so they were back to square one again.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think I already know what my next week’s post title would be: Crusoe and Friday and the Tribe. It looks like they are going to encounter the native tribe (Friday’s family) and again, other plans in escaping from the island. Anyway, this week’s Crusoe quote: “By borrowing I mean, taking it and never giving it back.”

On tonight’s Amazing Race, the team went to New Delhi, India. Since they got into the same flight, all the leads from previous race became useless. The frat boys, who finished last last week, managed to finish their first task: painting a tuk-tuk (3-wheel minicar). However, due to trouble on doing ironing, they were neck-to-neck in arriving last with Tina and Kenny who had a very hard time on the road because their cab drivers were lost. But Dandrew (the divorcees called the frat boys), arrived 5th, and this meant that Tina and Kenny were the last team to arrive. But fortunately, this week the race wasn’t eliminating anyone so they were safe, but, they’ll receive a speed bump, which would slow them down because they have to a special task that they have to complete.

Another thing, I can’t wait until next Friday, the opening of Madagascar 2. I soo love the first one. I think it was the first successful animation movie, and I’m sure everyone also has a high expectation. I do too, but as always, having high expectation isn’t good because I’ll end up dissapointed for expecting too much. Anyways, here’s the theatrical trailer of Madagascar 2, enjoy!

I like to Move It, Move It!

This week, the peaceful island was once again disrupted by foreigners. This time, a group of people (England ship crews and their hijackers) came to the island. Crusoe, wanting to get out of the island, made a deal with the ship captain that if he successfully gave the captain his commander-ship, the captain would take Crusoe and Friday out of the island. So Crusoe and Friday made a plan to free the captain. Initally, Crusoe wanted to recruit a kind-hearted pirate member, but he turned out to be a woman, and Crusoe hesitated. Their plan B is using the skulls and bones that Friday collected to scare the crews.

The plan worked, but due to some circumstances, they couldn’t help the captain. Friday and Crusoe’s duel exercises come in handy because they had to duel the captain and his right hand man. Friday managed to hurt the mutanerous’ leader, but I doubt he died. Crusoe managed to escape from the ship with few wounds, but the ship crashed into corals, so it looked like they were stuck in the island, and Crusoe still had hopes in leaving the island for good. We’ll see what happens next week.

If you miss Crusoe’s episode, you can always catch it online at or It might not be availabe tonight, but it should be tomorrow. Anyways, here’s a clip from tonight’s episode. Happy watching!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

It looks like there won’t be any The Mole season anytime soon. Maybe in a few years, when abc runs out of idea, they might decide to make The Mole US season 6 (just like they decided to make The Mole season 5). But until then, we can only watch The Mole DVD. For Mole-lovers out there, who want to see some Mole action but don’t have the DVD, you can watch it at Youtube. There’s Molejunkie who supplies season 1 to 3 of The Mole.  I’m very grateful to you Molejunkie for feeding my Mole Craving! Go visit his youtube video page, he has 8 pages of The Mole!  

Anyway, on other news, I wrote a post about the Burn Notice Saab Sweepstakes. And it’s supposed to announce the winner after Oct 2, 2008. Well, right now it’s already after Oct 2, but there’s no news whatsoever. Well, there’s one way for you to find out if you are the lucky person or not by getting the winner list directly from USA Network. You can do this by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to to: The Burn Notice Covert Ops Sweepstakes “WINNERS LIST”, P.O. Box 10877, Burbank, CA 91510. It should be received by December 2, 2008. I’ll keep you posted if I hear any news about the update of this sweepstakes. In the meanwhile, keep on praying because they might’ve not chosen the winner yet. 8)

Now, I’m off to watch Chuck, Heroes (maybe or maybe not), and My Own Worst Enemy.

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