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It’s 2nd day of I’m Celebrity show (4 days for the celebrities), and a lot happened. On Trauma Tank challenge, Janice and Frangela forfeited the fastest, followed by John Salley. John then bugged Patti and Torri into forfeiting. So the last players standing were the boys: Stephen Baldwin and Sanjaya, but in the end Sanjaya won again, so the boys won immunity.

Other things that happened on 2nd day: Angela of Frangela has had a couple fo melt down, Lou got a tent with mattress for being camp leader, and Spencer got baptized by Stephen Baldwin 😯 before calling it quit, again, claiming that they’re too rich and too famous for the show. Well, before getting baptized and quitting, Spencer and Heidi went to food trial, where they had to collect stars on pitch-black Lost Chamber filled with bugs, snakes, slimes, and all other good stuff. Spencer managed to collect 2, while Heidi only collected 1, so the boys got fish for dinner today. Oh, Patti also talked about her husband (oh, it was yesterday, but still worth mentioning).

So back to Speidi, they left the jungle (although I have a strong feeling that they’ll be back), so there were 9. Since Sanjaya won Trauma Tank, the 4 guys were safe, but the remaining 4 gals weren’t. Yes, only 4 women are up for elimination, because the guys could save 1 woman from elimination, and they choose Patti. Who will be eliminated? America will decide, because now, the phone lines to vote is open. Call 1-877-5-keep-xx. Replace “xx” with 01 to vote for Angela, 02 for Francis, 04 for Janice, and 11 for Torri. You can also vote on The result will be announced on Thursday’s show. But that doesn’t mean that there’ll be no show tomorrow, rest assured that there will be more horrifying and disgusting challenges, and of course, drama.

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