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So I started watching Chuck online (didn’t watch it when it was on air), and I’m hooked right away. For those of you who didn’t watch it, Chuck is a spy-themed tv show, like Burn Notice. But the main character, Chuck, is not uber cool, multi-language speaker, ass-kicking character. Chuck in fact is a leader of the Nerd Herd (think Geek Squad), who accidentally got involved into intellegent world because his college friend, Bryce -who Chuck thought was an accountant, stole a very very secret file containing secret information from several different intel agencies. So he was hunt down by a hot CIA agent, Sarah, and a guy from NSA (can’t remember his name 😆 ). Because Chuck somehow memorized the content, he’s now forced to work for them. Like Burn Notice, this tv show is also full of action, at least from what I see from the first few episodes.  

Speaking of Burn Notice, there hasn’t been any new episodes these past few weeks because of US Open, and it includes this week. So for those of you who are wondering, the new episode will air on Sept 11 at usual time. Write it down on your calendar so you don’t miss it 😛 After that, there will be another new episode on the following week (Sept 18), but after that USA network is going to put it on a break until winter. USA network will air the remaining 7 episodes of the 2nd season early next year.

Since I don’t have too many things to watch now, I’m re-watching season 1 of Eureka. If you like sci-fi shows, you must’ve watched it too. But even if you’re not really into it, I really recommend watching it. The story in each episode is always refreshing. More new seasons of old series or new series are coming soon. Prison break, knight rider (I’ll give it a shot), Crusoe, and my own worst enemy are among those I want to watch. Between work, school, and other tv shows that I want to watch, 24 hours a day isn’t enough! Goog thing that I don’t have HBO or ShowTime, otherwise I don’t know how I can keep up with things 😆

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