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Tonight was the last episode before tomorrow’s finale. The celebrities reflected on their favorite moments on the camp. They also got to have Jungle Award, where they got to title themselves and other camp-mates that have left. There was another individual food trial tonight, each celebritites must obtain 5 flags on a rope across a river. Sanjaya and John were the 2 fastest persons to finish the challenge, so they got to eat bread salad tonight.

Also tonight, double elimination. The host announced that Torri and Lou were, so Sanjaya, John, and Patti were not. Sanjaya became the first person to leave tonight. He had done really well in the game; he won 9 out of 12 trials. When interviewed, Sanjaya said that he had grown up from jungle boy into a rainforest man. The also asked about his “relationship” with Holly, but he was being very shy about it. The next celebrity to go was Patti. During her stay in the camp, she developed friendships with everyone, especially John. She even planning to do a reunion camping with everyone next year. She was hoping Torri to win to represent the girl.

So on the finale tomorrow: Torri Wilson, Lou Diamond, and John Salley. The winner will also decided by public vote. The phone lines are now open, and we’ll find out who will be the King or Queen of the Jungle. To vote for John, call 1-877-5-keep-05, Lou call 1-877-5-keep-06, or Torri call 1-877-5-keep-11. You can also vote online at Tomorrow on the finale, all the celebrities would meet again. It should be interesting to see, so don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 8 pm EST.

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