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Burn Notice is back, and I couldn’t be happier. This episode is the 2nd last of the first 9 episodes of the 2nd season. The last 7 episodes will be aired in winter. In this episode, Michael got to found out what he was used by Carla for. Apparently, he was just a tactical support for another bigger operation. Billy, a snipper, was assigned (by assigned, I mean forced) by Carla to kill someone (it’s not revealed yet who). He used the security card that Carla made Michael forge and a pimped riffle that Victor (works with Carla) stole with Michael’s help. The story is getting more and more interesting, because I was wondering where did Carla go.

On the side job, Michael met up with his old spy friend, Larry, who’s not so much of a nice guy. Larry faked his own death, and lives to be a proffesional hitman. He wanted Michael as a partner, but he wanted to test him first, so he offered Michael a job to kill a woman. Michael didn’t wanna kill the woman, but he couldn’t let down Larry’s offer. So he sent Fiona to guard the woman. Michael also found out that the step-son, who hired Larry, hired 2 more people to kill his step-mom. After, Michael made the step-son bailed on the plan, Larry wasn’t happy and insisted to kiill the woman himself. So Michael intended to stop Larry once and for all by killing him, but he couldn’t get himself to do it. But, in the end, the woman is safe and alive.

So this week on Burn Notice, there’s a new character: Victor, who works for the same organization as Carla. He’s even more annoying than Carla, and his approach is much more forceful. Maybe the organization thinks that Michael has had too much information on Carla, they decided to introduce Michael to a wrangler. They gave Michael a cellphone, which of course has GPS device planted on it. Knowing that Michael would peek around, they left a note to Michael saying not to disturb the GPS 😆

This week’s side job is to help Michael’s old friend’s brother. He’s an accountant who’s framed for stealing money from a hip-hop mogul. This time, Michael pretended to be a money launderer to catch Eddie, the criminal. When Michael was working his charm, Victor came and ruined the plan, causing Michael to make plan B. I’m glad that the writer put a new character on the show, although I don’t like him, which is actually good because it means that the guy did a great job acting. 😛

Just finished watching online 5th episode of Burn Notice (aired last night). Michael found out Carla’s little hideout and planned to get more information. From the “simple” surveillance camera that Michael implanted, Sam figured out a loophole on the security system – an opportunity for Michael to sneak in. So they went, but when Michael was just few steps away from the building, he got a call for his side job so he had to bail. I knew that he’d lost his chance, and he did. The second time, he got in, but Carla already left a present for him, a video message with him on it, a Champagne, crossword message, and some files (I assume it’s a new job OR Carla’s surveillance showing Michael’s activities or something). I wonder why Michael never use a disguise. I know he won’t look cool anymore, but disguising is part of spy work, isn’t it?

Michael’s side job this week is to help Trevor to get him out of a robbery job. He wanted to bail from the job because he promised his son he wouldn’t be doing it anymore, but he couldn’t run out of town because he was on parole. The scheme that Michael developed for this job was very good and smooth, I really like the this week’s story.

Anyway, Olympic’s opening ceremony will be on NBC 7:30 pm EST. The event actually already started this morning in China, there are some amazing pictures of it on So I went to youtube to see if anyone uploaded it already, and someone did, but the video was removed saying “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party.” I can understand NBC want to protect their rights of showing the ceremony exclusively in US tonight, but I hope (crossing my finger) after they finish airing it, they’ll let the video on Youtube for people who miss it on TV and don’t have DVR.

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