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Tonight, as expected, the arrival of Daniel Baldwin was actually pleasantly welcomed. Everybody in the camp liked him because he’s a good team player and he’s a hard worker. As a new member, he volunteered to be on today’s food trial, where 2 men and 2 women would go head to head in order to win mushroom, fruit, and veggies for dinner.

This challenge didn’t involve any animals, but required physical and brain power. In turn, they had to “limbo” through mud swamp get a piece of a block, and take it to the other side. Once they had all the pieces, they had to assemble the pieces into a cube. Despite having physical disadvantage, Torri and Patti did really well; they were neck to neck with John and Daniel, but alas, the guys won again.

Today’s little dose of drama courtesy of Janice. She ticked some people off by using other people’s stuff without permission. John almost blew up again seeing his pillow missing and found it under Janice’s head, but Patti calmed him down. Then the hosts came and let them know that either Angela or Torri may be leaving tonight, but they wouldn’t reveal the name, and let the celebrities have their last supper together. In the end, Angela was voted out. I think the viewers wanted to end her misery.

For next week, the food trial players are decided by viewers. You can vote for one guy and one girl who will go on food trial on Monday. The trial: both players will be put on a glass box, and whoever unlock the chain the fastest and get him/her-self out of the chamber will win. But it’s not that easy, there’ll be flash flood filling in the chamber slowly, and they’ll put in some kind of salamander and fish to accompany them. That’s going to be a tough challenge.

If you want to vote, you can do so online at, or text their name to 33088, or simply just click here. I think I’m going to vote the weakest guy and the strongest girl. I kinda want to see the women win because the guys have had winning streak, and now with Angela gone, there are 6 guys and only 4 girls on the camp. It’s really unbalanced.

Now back to our “favorite” subject: Speidi. Other than the uproar when the hosts told them that Spencer & Heidi were begging to come back, Speidi weren’t mentioned at all anymore. But it looked like they did spend a night at the Lost Chamber. It would be interesting to see how they handled sleeping in that chamber 😆 And we won’t find out their decision until Monday’s show.

I never watched The Hills, but I have heard that Spencer Pratt is the villain on that show, and just understand why from watching the premier of I’m Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. Before I started dishing about what happened, just in case you don’t know, let me tell you about the show. It’s a reality shows where 11 celebrities are dumped on the heart of Costa Rican jungle. For 3 weeks, they will play for their choice of charity, of course each time, one of the celebrities will get eliminated. The show will run “live” 4 nights a week (Mon – Thu) for 3 weeks. Previously it was announced that there would be 10 celebrities, including Rod Blagojevich, were listed to be on the show. But due to his alleged corruption, he was not allowed to leave US for the taping of the show, so his wife came and replaced him. So, here’s the list of the celebrities on the show:

  • Heidi & Spencer Pratt
  • Sanjaya Malakar
  • Stephen Baldwin
  • Janice Dickinson
  • John Salley
  • Torrie Wilson
  • Patti Blagojevich
  • Lou Diamond Phillip
  • Francis & Angela of Frangela
  • In the beginning, the celebrities were divided into 2 teams: Red and Yellow. On Red team: Speidi, Janice, John, and Patti. On Yellow: Frangela, Stephen, Torri, Lou, and Sanjaya. They came separately, and only met up at their camp. To no one’s surpise, Spencer & Heidi were so shocked that they decided to leave on the evening of the first day. Spencer complained to NBC’s chairman, that because it’s a celebrity show, they should be treated like a star 😆 But they came back, I think NBC won’t let them go too fast, because they’re Speidi! I even speculate that even they’re voted out by the viewers, they’ll still be in the show.

    On the next morning, while everyone was doing their chores, Speidi disappeared – I assumed they crossed the bridge where the show crews were and wanted to leave again, but were persuaded to stay again. So the rest of the players thought they would just split up Speidi’s belongings. So they were surprised when they saw them came back. Spencer seeing their hairspray’s label peeled lost his head and start throwing tantrum. He’s particularly mad at Torri who made fun of them with the hairspray, so to get his revenge, he hid Torri’s bag. Later he apologized, for his behaviour, but in camera confession, he admitted that he wasn’t being sincere at all.

    So on their first task, the teams were mixed up; instead of Red and Yellow team, it’s Male vs. Female now. The first challenge was a food trial, where they had to eat various “delicatessen” such as: scorpion, tarantula, tripe, cow intestine shake, rat tail, iguana tail, etc. Even though it only lasted for few seconds, the highlight of the challenge was Sanjaya eating iguana tail in one gulp, no biting, straight swallowing 😆 The men won, so they got to eat chicken and fruits, but they shared the food with the women. As Sanjaya put it, “we are suckers for pretty faces.”

    On the next day, the teams had to choose a leader. Lou and Janice was chosen, and they were battling for Camp leader for the week. They had to hold their arms up, and whoever held it the longest, would win. Janice made a deal with Lou, so Lou was declared winner. As the camp leader, he got to eat dinner every night, regardless his team’s performance, and he got to assigned chores to the team members and got pampered – Sanjaya would foot-message him.

    So the live part of this premier was when the players went for Trauma Tank challenge. They would lie down on a plank, head side down, into a shallow tank with bugs in it. As I expected, Speidi got to sit-out on this challenge. So 9 celebrities went on the Trauma Tank, and the last person standing will win his/her team immunity from viewer’s vote, but the challenge isn’t over tonight, it’ll continue tomorrow. So stay tuned, tomorrow at NBC at 8 pm EST.

    Well, there was no new Amazing Race episode last night. Just in case you were wondering, there was Country Music Award instead. It was a good thing too though because I couldn’t be in front of TV last night. New episode should be back next week, same time, same channel. See you then 🙂

    Tonight on Howie Do It, not really a fan of the first prank, the UniSexy 5000 one, I think it’s kinda stupid. The 2nd one was pretty funny, the mark was supposed to be an assistant in a talk show, “What U Talking About?” and of course, the host was sick and she was asked to replace him/her without help on topic whatsoever. 😆 The third one was also quite funny, “Larry” worked as a concierge at MGM Las Vegas. I thought he could take it up to the next level by doing other stuff, but I think MGM didn’t let him make their guests too upset. My fave for tonight was the last prank, where Mario surprised his parents on a reunion-show, where he introduced the girl from the club he knocked up to his parents, and she wanted to get married with him right on the spot. Mario’s father went speechless, and his mother freaked out, and there went Howie accusing her for setting bad example to her son.

    Again, if you miss tonight’s episode, you can watch it online at 🙂

    This week on The Amazing Race: the teams still had to race in Moscow, Russia. From last week’s preview, it hinted that a team would lose passports and money. I immidately thought about Dan and Andrew 😆 but I was wrong, it was Dallas who actually left them on taxi and lost them. So he and his mother had to beg for money to do their tasks. Fortunately, they met a lot of nice people who gave them money to continue their race, however it slowed them down big time. I’m quite sad (not because I saw Toni cried), because I thought they were a great team to compete on the final 3 compared to the frat boys. Well anyway, next week is the final, I’m rooting for Nick and Star as they are really strong competitors, Ken and Tina have about 40% chance, and Dan and Andrew might win IF lady luck shines on them brighter than ever.


    Posted on: November 28, 2008

    Just a friendly reminder that there’s no new episode of Crusoe tonight. It will air next week on Saturday at 8 pm EST. So, with no Crusoe, I’m going to write about another show: Chase.

    There’s a new reality show in Sci-fi Channel called Cha$e. It’s inspired from video game, but the difference is, it’s a real life game, human players are situated on a real life game board, and they have to survive until the end of the game to win money. Each week, 10 players compete for up to $50,000. The game is simple, the contestants, called Runners, pick up money for each second they “stay alive” while figuring out how the secret exit of the game. “Stay Alive,” you ask? Yes, the game wouldn’t be fun if there’s no challanges. Other than having to complete some tasks, the Runners are not alone in the game field, they are surrounded and stalked by 8 relentless Hunters thoughout the life sized “game boards.” So, the runners must stay uncaught in the game and also must also be conscious of their time. As the clock counts down, the tasks get harder and the Hunters grow more insistent. The last person stays alive will win the cash.

    I think this show is really fun, because for me it looks like a reality show of Bourne Identiy. Each Hunters has distinct skills, like: Agility, Speed Runner, and Endurance. Click here to see the Hunters’ profie. So highly skilled Hunters vs. 10 Runners, it doesn’t sound balanced with the Hunters’ ability and gadgets. But no worries, the Runners are given some gadgets to stay incognito:

    • Runner Pack – which has other functions other than storing stuff
    • Deflector – to deflect 1 hunter to about face 180 degrees from runner
    • Freeze Ray – to freeze 1 hunter for 1 minute
    • Sonic Stunner – to freeze mutiple hunters for 2 minutes
    • Invisibility Glasses – to become “invisible” to hunters for 2 minutes

    All the utility gadgets can only be used once by the runners, so they have to carefully plan their moves. Also, not every one of them will be able to have access to those gadgets. In the end, all is fair in competition and money. Some will be savvy and others will be sacrificed. The action-packed show takes place throughout various locations in Los Angeles like San Pedro Harbor, Universal Theme Park and the Descanso Gardens.
    This new show airs on Scifi Channel every Tuesday at 10pm EST. The first few episodes are already availabe online. Visit the show’s official website for more information and videos:

    So this week, the race was still at India. Traffic in India is just crazy, there are no proper lanes, the streets are so narrow, pedestrians, bikes, tuk-tuk, taxis, car, motorcycles can run around in any direction as they wish.

    Anyway, this week Star and her brother (forget his name) won again. They’re really a strong team with their sneaky, scheming strategy. They even tried to fool Dallas and Toni on the Bleary Eyed detour. But, since Dallas and Toni found out what they were supposed to look for, they decided to work together and they finished the task fast.

    Terrence and Sarah was the only team who took the Teary Eyed detour, which was less frustrating, but equally hard. They regretted that they took that detour, but they managed to be the 3rd team to arrive at pitstop. I’m not sure how they were going to perform on the other task.

    So the rest of the team, the Divorcees, the Frat Boys, and the Separated couples. The latter got a speed bump, so they had to do another task by giving out holy water to people. Meanwhile, the Divorcees and the Frat Boys kept on reading the wrong set of numbers. They had to re-do the task several times and they became frustrated. The frat boys asked the women if they wanted to work together. But being such a snob they were, they refused the offer.

    Ken and Tina managed to finished their speed bump task, and went to the Bleary Eyed task, they knew what they had to do and they finished it before the frat boys and the divorcees. Even though, I’m not rooting for Tina and Ken, and despite her temper, I started to like Tina. After they finished their task, Tina helped the frat boys figured out what they’d done wrong. So finally, they could do the task properly and the race between them and the divorcees (they found out about the little tag too) began.

    In the end, the frat boys were safe and the divorcees were eliminated. I’m really glad for the frat boys. Even though I’m not rooting for them either, they’re better persons than the divorcees. I just couldn’t stand them anymore, they were just simply annoying and mean. I know Star and her brother are also a little mean, but they are only playing a game. Whereas Kelly and Kristy trash talk people, and I dislike that. So I’m glad that they’re gone so I don’t have to watch them anymore next week.

    So tonight is the 3rd episode of The Amazing Race season 13. I missed the first 2 episodes but luckily my buddy, Fred, recorded them on DVR so I watched them yesterday. This season the race started on LA to Brazil for the first 2 episodes. On this 3rd episode, they moved to Bolivia. Tonight’s race was pretty exciting, even though a team wins a leg, they might lose the next one. I personally would choose the bumpy ride detour, I think it was a lot of fun. The marching band was relaxing though. Anyway, the separated couple, Tina and Ken won again this episode, and the geek duo was eliminated.  They weren’t the last team arrive to the pitstop, but due to not reading the instruction carefully, they got 30 minutes penalty. Good race guys!

    Does anyone else watch tonight’s America’s Toughest Job? It’s a new reality show on NBC by the producers of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers. By the name of the show, you can guess that they basically choose people and challenge them with tough jobs. On tonight’s first episode, the contestants went crab fishing on Bering Sea in Alaska. If you watch Deadliest Catch or you’re a crab fisherman, you know the drill. They were seperated into 2 groups and went crab fishing under supervision of 2 captains. The worst 2 players from each team were asked to redeem themselves, and the worst one was sent home. The first player to go tonight was Senta, a secretary from LA.

    This is one of some new shows that I watch since season finale of The Mole and Japanese Game Show, and the end of Olympic 2008. At the moment, I don’t have anything else to watch, other than the usual Burn Notice, Monk and Pysch. But Fall is coming, and new season of TV shows are coming back. Oh, I’m looking forward to watch My Worst Enemy on NBC. A story about a guy with dual personalities (I think?), and he has no idea about it. One is a family guy, and the other one is an intelegent agent. Sounds interesting right?

    The Mole?

    Posted on: July 15, 2008

    Last night, something came up to me about the mole. Maybe the producers want to make a big twist this season, that is by not having a mole at all in the group 😯 I know it sounds crazy, but I think it’s possible that there’s no mole on the group, but the players have no clue.

    Edit Note: Nevermind. After logically thought about it, there’s no way that there’s no mole. If there’s no mole, then the quiz will have no answers. 😳

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