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This week on Amazing Race, the teams went to Munich, Germany. There they had to take a sky gondola and one of the member had to “fly” down the hill using parachute. It’s tricky however, because when wind blew hard, they had to wait until it calmed down. All teams but one chose to run/walk down the hill by foot. For Mel, from father-son team, hiking down the hill wasn’t an option because of his old legs, so he had to wait. After all team left, Mel & Mike felt so hopeless, but miracle happened and their team was the 5th team finishing the first task.

On the second task, it was road block: Balancing Dolly or Austrian Folly. Tammy & Victor who had lead the race since the beginning won this leg of the race by far. I truly believe their team is very solid and strong (just like Nick & Star from last season), and I actually like them better than Nick & Star because Tammy & Victor aren’t cunning and they’re respectful towards other teams. But from next week’s preview, it seems that they’re gonna have some disagreement. If they can resolve the problem quickly and peacefully, I think their team will go far.

On other sibling team, LaKisha & Jennifer, they already showed their frustration towards each other. They did their tasks okay, but they kept on getting lost which wasted time. In the end, there were 4 teams competing to make it to the pitstop. Because it was dark, it was harder to navigate. Linda & Steve were eliminated tonight; it was a little sad because it was close with Christie & Jodi. But, considering that Linda got lost when hiking down the hill, they did pretty good on the rest of the race. And even if they weren’t eliminated, I don’t think Linda & Steve would go far because they’re competing against teams that have younger members.

In this week’s race, the teams went to Kazakhstan, a country in between Asia and Europe. It was a little funny though, all the flights to Kazakhstan from India had connections (Dubai, Moscow, and Frankfurt) farther than the destination; check your map if you’re curious. Anyways, Nick and Star, Toni and Dallas, Ken and Tina all got the first flight to Kazakhstan. Terrence and Sarah got the second flight, and Dan and Andrew got on the last flight.

But it didn’t really matter, because when the first 3 teams arrived at their destination, it was still around midnight and the chicken farm hadn’t opened yet. Even Dan and Andrew could make it on time to be able to enter the chicken farm. Then they found a task and a fast forward. Tina & Ken, Toni & Dallas, and Dan & Andrew chose to do the task, which was finding a golden egg among thousands of chickens.

Nick & Star and Terrence & Sarah went for the fast forward where they had to eat the not-so-desirable-part of animal. Terrence, being a vegetarian, had a hard time doing the fast forward, but unfortunately, he didn’t realize that he couldn’t do it fast enough. By the time Nick and Star almost finsihed, Terence and Sarah decided to give up, and they had to do the chicken task, when the other 3 teams had finished.

In this episode, all the teams chose the same detour: Act like a fool, where they had to wear cow costum. Toni & Dallas was the 2nd team to arrive at pit stop followed by Tina and Ken. So it was between the frat boys and the sentimental couple. The frat boys had been a difficult time this round, even on the last task, they failed to read the instruction carefully so they had to repeat the last part where they had to walk by foot. Despite having to redo the last part of the task, their headstart from Terence and Sarah was too wide so the couple was eliminated.

But I bet the frat boys would be eliminated next time. Their performance during the past few races had always been poor, and their weak teamwork wasn’t helping either; they kept on arguing with each other. But then again, things might turn around next week, we’ll see. I wonder what country they’ll go.

So this week, the race was still at India. Traffic in India is just crazy, there are no proper lanes, the streets are so narrow, pedestrians, bikes, tuk-tuk, taxis, car, motorcycles can run around in any direction as they wish.

Anyway, this week Star and her brother (forget his name) won again. They’re really a strong team with their sneaky, scheming strategy. They even tried to fool Dallas and Toni on the Bleary Eyed detour. But, since Dallas and Toni found out what they were supposed to look for, they decided to work together and they finished the task fast.

Terrence and Sarah was the only team who took the Teary Eyed detour, which was less frustrating, but equally hard. They regretted that they took that detour, but they managed to be the 3rd team to arrive at pitstop. I’m not sure how they were going to perform on the other task.

So the rest of the team, the Divorcees, the Frat Boys, and the Separated couples. The latter got a speed bump, so they had to do another task by giving out holy water to people. Meanwhile, the Divorcees and the Frat Boys kept on reading the wrong set of numbers. They had to re-do the task several times and they became frustrated. The frat boys asked the women if they wanted to work together. But being such a snob they were, they refused the offer.

Ken and Tina managed to finished their speed bump task, and went to the Bleary Eyed task, they knew what they had to do and they finished it before the frat boys and the divorcees. Even though, I’m not rooting for Tina and Ken, and despite her temper, I started to like Tina. After they finished their task, Tina helped the frat boys figured out what they’d done wrong. So finally, they could do the task properly and the race between them and the divorcees (they found out about the little tag too) began.

In the end, the frat boys were safe and the divorcees were eliminated. I’m really glad for the frat boys. Even though I’m not rooting for them either, they’re better persons than the divorcees. I just couldn’t stand them anymore, they were just simply annoying and mean. I know Star and her brother are also a little mean, but they are only playing a game. Whereas Kelly and Kristy trash talk people, and I dislike that. So I’m glad that they’re gone so I don’t have to watch them anymore next week.

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