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This week the race moved to China; the teams must head to Qui Lin. Margie & Luke, who won the last leg, got on the first connecting flight to Guang Zhou. Jamie & Cara and Tammy & Victor, went on the 2nd flight and they met up on Guang Zhou airport. But their flight to Qui Lin was delayed, so that Jen & Kisha who left Bangkok 4th, arrived at Qui Lin 1st.

However, Jen & Kisha got lost when looking for their next clue, causing the other 3 teams to catch up to them. Even though Tammy & Victor can speak Mandarin, it didn’t really help when their taxi driver didn’t know the location well, but in the end, they found their clue, followed by Jamie & Cara. The other 2 teams got to the first clue almost at the same time, and Luke and Jen clashed trying to get the clue first. Jen couldn’t help but call Luke “bitch” which pretty much started this week’s drama. The clue told teams to head to #24 bridge for their next task, a road block: one member of the team must train their birds to catch fish from the river.

The fight continued on #24 bridge’s clue box, where Jen & Luke had physical pushing and pulling. Jamie & Cara team’s bird were more cooperative, so they finished the task first. Tammy’s birds were less cooperative causing her to be beaten by Jen. Margie and Tammy finished 3rd and 4th. On the other hand, Mark & Mike left last from Bangkok, and they had speed bump on the first location where they had to wash some elderly’s hair. They finished the task fast, but they were left way behind.

The next task was a detour: Choreography or Calligraphy. On Choreography, the team must learn a dance, and perform it in front of the judge, Jamie & Cara chose this option. They picked up the choreography fast, but they made some mistakes causing them unable to complete the task, and it frustrated them. Even though Tammy & Victor arrived last, but because of their fluency in Mandarin, they led the other teams from one location to another. Those 3 teams basically stayed together and arrived to the pitshop almost the same time. Kisha & Jen won the foot race to the pitstop, Tammy & Victor 2nd, and Margie & Luke 3rd. On the pitstop, the fight heated up again in front of Phil.

Jamie & Cara finally passed their dancing task, and they became the 4th team to arrive at the pitstop. Mark & Michael who also chose Choreography, finished last and were eliminated from the game. If you miss this episode or you want to watch Luke & Jen showdown, you can watch it online at

As expected, this week the leg moved to Asia. First destination in Asia: India. The teams must fly to Jaipur, India and all of them made it to the same flight. Victor and Tammy were victorious in this leg; they left the other teams behind since they left Jaipur airport. First task was to find a Sacred Tree, and the clue there wasn’t usual: it was a rex telephone. Victor & Tammy spotted the phone right away, and zoomed to the next task. By the time left the tree, the other teams were just arriving. The other teams spent sometime before realizing the phone was the clue, but once one of them realized it, everyone got it.

The second task was a road block, one of the members had to care a herd of Maharaja camels by carrying hay and water. By the time the other teams arrive, Victor was halfway of the task. Mel & Margie made a bad call, their sons would do the task better because of their stamina. It was apparent that Mel was very struggling with the task. Luckily, he spotted the baskets, in which they were supposed to carry the hay with, so he sped through the task and become the 2nd team to finish the task.

The third task was a detour: Mover or Shaker. Almost all teams chose Shaker, where they had to dance in fake horse costumes and ask for donations. Once they got 100 rupee, they completed the task. Only 1 team chose mover, and it was Mark & Michael. On Mover, they had to ride a bicycle loaded with drums filled with hay. Once they reached their destination, they must unload the drums and find a small elephant among the hay. The last part took them a while, while other teams already finished shaking, they were still stuck there. The only team they were racing with were Christie & Jodi. They were already behind since they left Jaipur Airport, and they also had to a speed bump, where they had to paint an elephant, but they finished Shaker task quite fast.

So in the end, Tammy & Victor became the 1st team to arrive at the pitstop, no surprise there. Mike & Mel become 2nd, Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke, and Jamie & Cara 3rd-5th. So it was a race between the stuntmen and the flight attendance. In the end, Mark & Mike beat Christie & Jodi. Next week: Race in Thailand! Stay tuned.

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