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Last night there were 2 new episodes of Howie Do It, and they were hillarious! One of the prank on the first episode was so funny even Howie “Larry” couldn’t suppress his laughing. He had to cover his face with a clipboard 😆 The prank was an audition for a role of something unpronouncable, and what’s more he asked the Marks to sing! I can’t really describe it, you have to see it yourself! On the second episode, some of the pranks were about relationships. One was a “reality show” where a guy was matched with Vic dressed as a chick. The other one was when a girl was “accidentally” got married to Vic 😆 If you miss these episodes, you should really watch them.  It should be available online at

There are two new Howie Do It episodes tonight. The first episode was Law & Order style.The first prank was a guy was “framed” to be a murderer. He happened to wear a bunny suit, just like the killer. Poor guy was drilled by Vic Cohen to confess 😆 The other prank that I like on that episode was a guy was going to be on a new Judge show, where he had to decide who deserved to get a heart donation: a teacher who’s relative to the donor or a “pending” criminal who was a smoker, but was on the recipient list for 4 years.

Missed the show last night, so I just watched it online just now. My fave prank on that episode was the one with Paula Abdul. She interviewed 2 guys, and she was being such a weird diva. First, she didn’t want the guys to look at her in the eye, so they had to look up. Then, they had to kneel down because Paula didn’t like anyone taller than her, ha! The most outrageous of all, Paula didn’t like hearing the any word with “s” on it 😆 Oh, I also like the vallet prank, the girl’s expression was priceless. Well, if you miss the episode too or just want to watch it again, just go to and under shows, look for Howie Do It.

Just finished watching a new show on NBC, called Howie Do It. Basically it’s a prank show, hosted by Howie Mendell – you know, the deal or no deal guy. This show premiered last week and I missed it, but I’m gonna go watch last week’s episode on The pilot episode is already uploaded there and ready to be watched anytime.

Most of the prank works by hiring people for “part-time job.” Anyways, my favorite prank from tonight’s show is the one where they hired people to smash other people’s furniture and Larry (Howie) busted them. One of the “Mark” guy ran away 😆 It was a good one. The Isolate365 and fart-yoga were also hillarious.

From next week’s preview, they’re going to do a prank of Japanese Game Show. I don’t want to miss it, and if you do too, mark your calendar 🙂 Howie Do It airs every Friday at 8pm EST.

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