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Few posts ago, I told you about my old monitor that changes color, and that I bought a new LCD. Well today, this new monitor “flashed” different color for few minutes too…. So apparently my graphic card is messed up. I don’t really know about computer, and hopefully with new graphic card this problem is solved. Right now I’m looking for new graphic card. Since my computer is pretty old, it’s kinda hard to find the one that’s compatible.

Hmm, right now, I think I might as well buy a new pc. But, my money is all tight now, and once I register for summer, I have to pay tuition too…

I bought this PC set on December 2001 (I know it’s old), so far I don’t have any problem with it, except that the DVD drive got stuck most of the time. This PC works great, and I don’t wanna get a new one unless I really need it. But the monitor, it’s going to make me blind.

It started like a month ago, suddenly my monitor turned “yellow” for few seconds. I was shocked, but after it’s gone, it thought it was a glitch. Afterall, I was using a vacuum cleaner and I plugged it on the same power surge with my monitor.

And then a few days later, it turned yellow again, and this time it last few days. I set my monitor’s brightness and contrast, to adjust it, so it didn’t look so yellow. Once it turned back to normal, it almost gave me a headache because my monitor suddenly became so bright. At that time, I thought, I really need a new monitor, so I started searching on craigslist. I found a couple that I was interested in, but none of them put phone number on their ad, and I wasn’t in the mood to email a couple of people at once. So I thought I’d go email them tomorrow. But, since I was busy, I forgot.

So last night, my monitor acted up again, this time it turned purplish. Now, I really have to find a new monitor before it ruins my sight even more.

Even before I had this problem with my monitor, I’ve always wanted to get a new monitor, an LCD one. The one that I have right now is 17″ CRT, it’s so huge. I wanted to throw it away when I moved, but since there was some space on the u-haul, I took it with me.

I hope I can find a new monitor (by new I mean 2nd hand, if you know what I mean) by this weekend. I really need to get some papers done.

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