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Continuing the Hulu Award Nomination, this week’s theme is the Best and Worst. There are a couple new and old categories this week and they are: Best Travel/Leisure Show, Best Cooking/Food Show, and Worst Reality Show. For those who love watching Leisure show (like me), this week’s categories are very exciting. So here it goes:

1. Best Travel/Leisure Show and the eligible nominees are:

After Hours With Daniel
Any Given Latitude
Beyond the List
Destination Truth
Destination X
Dr. Danger
Eventurer: The Great American Race
Three Sheets
Wild On

Bikini Destinations
Behind the Lens
Chictv Models
Chictv Fashion
Fashion Forward
The Fashion Team
Ford Models
The Rachel Zoe Project
Trend Watch

2. Best Cooking/Food Show and the eligible nominees are:

30 Minute Meals
Ace of Cakes
After Hours With Daniel
Beer Nutz
The Chef’s Kitchen Dining
Chocolate Television
Cooking for Real
Cooking up a Story
Dining Down Under
Down Home With the Neely’s
Everyday Italian
Food Mojo
Food Network Chef Bobby Flay
Food Network Chef Robin Miller
Food News
Good Eats
Great Cocktails
Healthy Appetite With Ellie Krieger
Hell’s Kitchen
Holiday Kitchen
Kitchen Nightmares
Paula’s Home Cooking
Pressure Cook
Simply Delicioso
Summer Kitchen
Three Sheets
The Thunder Show
Top Chef

3. Worst Reality Show. Not all reality shows are good, and so for this week’s Hulu Award, we are doing something different. We’ve nominated Best Reality Show, now it’s time to nominate the Worst Reality Show. The eligible nominees for this category are the same as the nominees for the Best Reality Show (competitive, non-competitive, and celebrity driven). To see the nominees, click here.

I’m sure you’ll have your opinions on which series you think deserve an award. It might be tough to pick just one, but don’t worry you can nominate more than one. So comment away 🙂 You can also still nominate from last week’s categories: Best Family Movie, Best Anime Series, Best Cartoon Series, and Best Animated Shorts. Just scroll down or click here.

If you never heard of any of the show and interested in watching it, you can always borrow or rent the DVD, or to watch it for free, go to and search for the title, just make sure that it belongs to the right category. Again, if you cannot watch Hulu (I understand that Hulu currently is only available in US), you can still nominate any of these shows if you happen to know and like any of them.

Also, if you are interested in voting for other previous categories, you can always go to to vote for your favorite shows and movies in the comments section. Each category is conveniently listed in the upper right corner of the main page. Happy commenting 😀


Well, not actually breaking away (I still love watching tv). But I’m thinking that if my TV is broken beyond repair, maybe it’s time to throw it out and cut my cable bill. Thinking about calling my cable company and say I want out makes me grin so wide my cheek hurts. 😆 I’m thinking to just watch TV online, since I’m on broadband anyway (why waste the bandwith I pay, right?)

I’ve been watching online TV a couple of times, usually on the official network websites like and They have full episodes of the shows and the latest ones too – and thankfully my favorite shows are in both networks. But some of the tv websites just don’t even provide online videos, let alone a full episode. So what a man to do if he doesn’t have a tv and cable connection? Find another alternative 😛 Last night, I found one or two great websites that provide links to some shows (some new and some old), which is nice. If anyone interested, just let me know, I’ll be glad to share the links with you. 🙂

Well, as for now, I’m gonna watch yesterday’s Monk and Psych on 😉

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