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Well, apparently my niece has posted up my idea of going to Knotts Berry Farm on her blog, so I guess I’m going there during her spring break vacation. Yes, it was originally my idea, not because I’m a fan of roller coaster or something, but I’m in a “jam hunt.”

I love Knotts jams, and my absolute favorite one is Concord Grape Jelly. Never heard of it? Well, it might be because they don’t produce it on jars and don’t distribute it to supermarkets. And that what ticks me off, I really like it but I’m frustrated because I can’t buy it anywhere 😦 The only times that I can get my hands on it is when I go to Denny’s (you know, the diner). Denny’s always have Knott’s strawberry and concord grape jelly jams for toasts. That’s the only place where I can enjoy the my favorite Knotts’ Concord Grape Jelly. I’ve tried other brands’ Grape jelly jams, but I don’t like them. They’re not as sweet as the Knott’s one.

So then I thought, maybe in Knotts Berry Farm, I can find Concord Grape Jelly in a jar or something, and I can stock them up 😀 So then, when I spoke with my niece, I told her that I’m going to Knotts Berry Farm and she got so excited to go. Well, I guess it never hurts to bring family in jam hunt.

Whether or not I can find the jam or not, it still worth trying and going because of all the fun waiting for us there. Oh, I also need to ask my boss if I can get a long weekend. I haven’t set a date for the trip yet.

Anyway, wish me luck on my jam hunt. And if any of you know where I can get Knotts Concord Grape Jelly, please please please let me know. I’ll owe you one!

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