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As I predicted Nick and Star won the 13th season of The Amazing Race. They had been a strong team, and individually they are competitive. Also, as I predicted, the race was between Nick & Star and Nick & Tina. Andrew and Dan? Well, lets just say they enjoyed the final leg, they had no other teams running behind them, so they could do all the task in their own pace. On this last challenge, they had to revisit their whole race.

Oh by the way, this final race was in Portland, OR. Man, they place is beautiful! I should go visit some time.

This week on The Amazing Race: the teams still had to race in Moscow, Russia. From last week’s preview, it hinted that a team would lose passports and money. I immidately thought about Dan and Andrew 😆 but I was wrong, it was Dallas who actually left them on taxi and lost them. So he and his mother had to beg for money to do their tasks. Fortunately, they met a lot of nice people who gave them money to continue their race, however it slowed them down big time. I’m quite sad (not because I saw Toni cried), because I thought they were a great team to compete on the final 3 compared to the frat boys. Well anyway, next week is the final, I’m rooting for Nick and Star as they are really strong competitors, Ken and Tina have about 40% chance, and Dan and Andrew might win IF lady luck shines on them brighter than ever.

This week the teams went to Moscow, Russia. Despite the siblings winning last week and the frat boys last place, all the teams got the same flight to Moscow, so it was every team’s game. Right after exiting the airport to the first task, Toni & Dallas and Nick & Star were head to head. But after that, it was downhill for Nick & Star. They had a taxi driver who had little knowledge of the places they needed to go. Even though they finished every task fast, but the cab problem made them fell behind the mother-son and separated couple teams. They fired the cab driver after the last task, but they had a hard time finding a new taxi, and after getting one, the new driver still got lost a little.

But in the end, the siblings managed to secure 3rd place. So it meant that the Frat Boys was the last team to arrive. The frat boys weren’t having the best time either; they struggled on the detour tasks. They arrived at detour location the same time with Tina & Ken, and they were going to do the Boots detour where they had to march. But Andrew was having a hard time with the feet wrap, even Nick & Star who arrived last on the location finished the task before them. Then, they decided to give that detour task and do the other one, but they didn’t realize that they still had to wear the uniform along with the feet wrap. So they went back and put the army uniform again and they decided to the Boot detour again. But this time Dan was having a hard time marching. He was so uncoordinated and had no sense of rhythm, it was so funny even the Russian soldiers were laughing 😆 So they ditched the Boot detour again, and decided to do the other task.

After wasting a huge amount of time on detour, the frat boys headed to their last task for the day. Luckily, they had a good cab driver to make up the lost time. Dan finished the road block fast and they headed to the pit stop racing with Nick & Star who was lost, again. But it wasn’t the last problem that the frat boys faced, they didn’t have enough money to pay the cab driver; they even had to pay with their new shoes. Well, it was justified because they wasted money on buying new shoes on airport (they left their shoes at Kazakhstan). So in the end, they got to the pitstop last. But this week wasn’t elimination week, so they were safe, but they would have a speed bump next week. I really want to see how they are going to perform next week with an extra task. We’ll see if lady luck still shines on them (they’re still in the game purely because of her). It looks like next week the teams will still be roaming in Russia.

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