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Because of there was no new episode last night, tonight’s show was a double dose. When the show left off on Monday, the celebrities were playing Hanging Tough for immunity. The game was simple; they had to hold themselves up in a bar, and whoever lasted the longer would win. Patti was the first one down, while Janice sat this one out for health reasons. One by one the players lost their grip and fell down to the mud pool. The last 3 players standing was Sanjaya, Lou, and Torri. Torri, the only woman left, couldn’t hold it anymore leaving Sanjaya and Lou. Sanjaya decided to forfeit giving the winning to Lou; he thought he didn’t need the immunity.

Then Holly arrived; a lot of the members didn’t know who she was at first. Then she mentioned her sister, Heidi, and everyone started “ooh-ing” and some of them had their nightmares (involving Heidi) came back. Only Janice seemed to like her, and she decided to declare Holly as her new BFF in camp. She took her on a tour, and even decided to take on that day’s food trial together against Lou and Daniel.

The trial was Tree Surgery, where a member of the team must take out 5 stars from a tree log under 2 minutes, and whenever the rod touches the opening, the other team would be electrocuted. Also, if the rod touches the same hole 4 times, they should skip that star and move on to the next one. Holly and Lou became the surgeons for their team, and both of them managed to obtained 4 stars after electrocuted Janice and Daniel a couple of times. So the tie breaker, both Lou and Holly must do the first hole (the easiest one) again, and whoever did it the fastest would win. Lou did it in 22 seconds, and Holly did it in 17 minutes. So the girls finally won their first food trial. With this winning, everyone’s fear that Holly would turn up like her sister dissapeared at once.

So the camp welcomed the arrival of its newest member, Holly. She’s more good spirited, and more adaptive towards jungle living. Unlike her sister, she didn’t start any drama. But that didn’t mean that there weren’t any. It was Janice who had been poking on everyone’s nerve in the camp, especially John and Daniel. They didn’t like her for being too lazy and using her illness for excuses to get out of chores. Lou assigned her to do the dishes, which she did resentfully – she spat on one of the plates – and she¬†even asked Sanjaya to help her. Torri also started to dislike Janice for her greediness. She had been taking more portions than everybody, not even thinking that they were all hungry. When their winning hot dogs arrived, Janice didn’t hesitate to help herself. Well, the girls didn’t share with the boys because they didn’t want to get penalized anymore, but Janice didn’t seem sorry about it at all.

Lou realizing this was getting out of hand, tried to talk one-on-one to Janice about everyone else’s feelings. Janice felt ganged up on, and she said she would go on hunger strike. So when their dinner arrived, she refused to eat. But she stole a granola bar from their luxury trial. Patti and Torri won against Daniel and John on Luxury Trial where they had to saw a log and solve math problem. The girls won an exercise tools and 4 granola bars. Janice spotted the prize on the confession chamber, and took one, ate it in the jungle before returning to the camp acting like nothing happened. When Patti found out that there were only 3 granola bars, while Torri saw there were 4 before, they immidiately knew that someone stole it but they didn’t want to point fingers. Janice knew she was suspected and still said that she was innocent, even to the confession camera! She didn’t know that the whole act was caught on the hidden camera.

Anyways, Lou got another privilege for being a camp leader. He got the opportunity to talk to his family, and he also could choose another 2 players to share the privilege. It was a hard decision to make, but in the end, he chose Daniel and Patti. There will be another elimination tomorrow. The phone lines have been opened for public vote, and we’ll see who will get booted out tomorrow.

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