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Tonight, as expected, the arrival of Daniel Baldwin was actually pleasantly welcomed. Everybody in the camp liked him because he’s a good team player and he’s a hard worker. As a new member, he volunteered to be on today’s food trial, where 2 men and 2 women would go head to head in order to win mushroom, fruit, and veggies for dinner.

This challenge didn’t involve any animals, but required physical and brain power. In turn, they had to “limbo” through mud swamp get a piece of a block, and take it to the other side. Once they had all the pieces, they had to assemble the pieces into a cube. Despite having physical disadvantage, Torri and Patti did really well; they were neck to neck with John and Daniel, but alas, the guys won again.

Today’s little dose of drama courtesy of Janice. She ticked some people off by using other people’s stuff without permission. John almost blew up again seeing his pillow missing and found it under Janice’s head, but Patti calmed him down. Then the hosts came and let them know that either Angela or Torri may be leaving tonight, but they wouldn’t reveal the name, and let the celebrities have their last supper together. In the end, Angela was voted out. I think the viewers wanted to end her misery.

For next week, the food trial players are decided by viewers. You can vote for one guy and one girl who will go on food trial on Monday. The trial: both players will be put on a glass box, and whoever unlock the chain the fastest and get him/her-self out of the chamber will win. But it’s not that easy, there’ll be flash flood filling in the chamber slowly, and they’ll put in some kind of salamander and fish to accompany them. That’s going to be a tough challenge.

If you want to vote, you can do so online at, or text their name to 33088, or simply just click here. I think I’m going to vote the weakest guy and the strongest girl. I kinda want to see the women win because the guys have had winning streak, and now with Angela gone, there are 6 guys and only 4 girls on the camp. It’s really unbalanced.

Now back to our “favorite” subject: Speidi. Other than the uproar when the hosts told them that Spencer & Heidi were begging to come back, Speidi weren’t mentioned at all anymore. But it looked like they did spend a night at the Lost Chamber. It would be interesting to see how they handled sleeping in that chamber 😆 And we won’t find out their decision until Monday’s show.

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