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So we’re pretty much on the halfway; only 7 more days to go until the closing ceremony. So far US has the most total medal, but China leads the number of gold medals by far. I don’t know if US can catch China in the number of gold in the remaining games. Basketball men and women are favorite to get gold, and we still have good chances in Beach Voleyball, Volleyball, Water Polo, Baseball and Softball, oh and Women Soccer.

Kudos to US swimming team that dominates with 12 golds, and 8 of them from Phelps. Well, he won 5 solo and the rests were team efforts. Great job for the Great Haul of China, but I won’t be talking about Phelps because there are bigger fans of him out there that have blogged about him 🙂 Other swimmers did a tremendeous job too: Lochte, Piersol, Coughlin, Soni, Hoff, Crocker, and many more. Even though some of them did not get gold, I’m still proud of them.

Moving on to gymnastics, China dominates the men and US is a strong contender on women. Without Hamm brothers, US men lost almost half of its potential, but Horton and Artemev did a splendid job. So far China grabbed 4 golds (Men team, women team, men all-around, men vault, and men floor exercise), and US only got 1 from Nastia Liukin on women all-around. But they got silvers on the team, all-around and floor exercise (both from Shawn Johnson). There are 6 more medals to be awarded, we shall wait and see. I feel bad for Alicia Sacramone, she was blaming herself for the team failure. She was too hard on herself; it wasn’t entirely her fault, and the Chinese girls did less mistakes than US team.

I couldn’t help but notice that Chinese is a strong contender in many fields that involve body twirling: gymnastics, diving, trampolines, and sync. swimming. Their body are just so flexible in those fields. Maybe it’s because many little kids have been trained since very young age in gymnastics to be a divers, gymnists, or chinese acrobats.

As predicted, China dominates table tennis and badminton. They won 3 out of 5 gold on badminton; the other 2 went to Indonesia and South Korea. We really need to popularize these sports so that we can get more talented athletes on these fields. Oh, and they also won 8 out of 13 weightlifting golds awarded so far.

Moving on to other sports, William sisters failed on women singles, but won gold on women double. US sprinters lost to lightning Jamaicans, and US men sabre team lost to France. But silver and bronze medals are good to add the total number of medals.

Anyways, I notice that NBC dedicates weekend for Olympic coverage. This way, we’re able to watch other sports like badminton, equestrian, fencing, table tennis, rowing, canoe/kayak, and trampoline.

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