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Many people have been trying to find out who the winner of Burn Notice Covert Ops sweepstakes that started half a year ago. I myself have been wondering the same thing, however, I haven’t heard any news about it. Maybe they only contacted the winners and they decided not to announce the winners? Also, maybe the winner wasn’t eligible, so the grand prize give away was nullified. Either way, I don’t know what’s going on, but they’re now starting new Covert Ops sweepstakes again. It has been started since January 22 when the 2nd part of the 2nd season begun airing. If you’re interested in playing, here’s the link to play: Good luck 🙂

In this week’s race, the teams went to Kazakhstan, a country in between Asia and Europe. It was a little funny though, all the flights to Kazakhstan from India had connections (Dubai, Moscow, and Frankfurt) farther than the destination; check your map if you’re curious. Anyways, Nick and Star, Toni and Dallas, Ken and Tina all got the first flight to Kazakhstan. Terrence and Sarah got the second flight, and Dan and Andrew got on the last flight.

But it didn’t really matter, because when the first 3 teams arrived at their destination, it was still around midnight and the chicken farm hadn’t opened yet. Even Dan and Andrew could make it on time to be able to enter the chicken farm. Then they found a task and a fast forward. Tina & Ken, Toni & Dallas, and Dan & Andrew chose to do the task, which was finding a golden egg among thousands of chickens.

Nick & Star and Terrence & Sarah went for the fast forward where they had to eat the not-so-desirable-part of animal. Terrence, being a vegetarian, had a hard time doing the fast forward, but unfortunately, he didn’t realize that he couldn’t do it fast enough. By the time Nick and Star almost finsihed, Terence and Sarah decided to give up, and they had to do the chicken task, when the other 3 teams had finished.

In this episode, all the teams chose the same detour: Act like a fool, where they had to wear cow costum. Toni & Dallas was the 2nd team to arrive at pit stop followed by Tina and Ken. So it was between the frat boys and the sentimental couple. The frat boys had been a difficult time this round, even on the last task, they failed to read the instruction carefully so they had to repeat the last part where they had to walk by foot. Despite having to redo the last part of the task, their headstart from Terence and Sarah was too wide so the couple was eliminated.

But I bet the frat boys would be eliminated next time. Their performance during the past few races had always been poor, and their weak teamwork wasn’t helping either; they kept on arguing with each other. But then again, things might turn around next week, we’ll see. I wonder what country they’ll go.

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