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This week’s race was in Thailand, all teams boarded to the same flight to Phuket. Michael & Mark who were last team on the last leg, dashed so fast they led the race. They were given a clue, a picture of a gorilla, which was on Phuket Zoo where they would find their next clue. Only Mel & Mike got lost, their taxi driver drove them to beach so they lost a lot of time.

On the zoo, they had to take a picture with a tiger and perform with an elephant. Then they had to go to a herb store, where they had to guess which 6 of 99 drawers had the next clue. Jamie & Cara went to the herb store first, but they kept on guessing the wrong drawer, they became the last (except Mel & Mike) to finish the task. This challenge really brought up the bad side of the girls. Frustrated, they became a little rude to the old man.

The next leg was a detour: 100 barrels or 2 miles. Mark & Michael and Tammy & Victor chose 2 miles, whereas Jen & Kisha, Margie & Luke, and Jamie & Cara chose 100 barrels. But, because they got lost, Jamie & Cara followed by Margie & Luke switched to 2 miles. Mark & Michael who got there first, tried to slow down the other teams by putting the tools on the box. Then they hired a taxi driver to lead them to their destination. Therefore, even though they arrived to the pitstop first, they were given 60 minutes penalty.

Tammy & Victor and Jamie & Cara were the 2nd and 3rd team to arrive at the pitstop, but they arrived before Mark & Michael’s penalty was over, so they became 1st and 2nd team. Margie & Luke became the 4th team to arrive. Jen & Kisha did the detour slow so that Mel & Mike could catch up with them. So it was a race between them. Jen & Kisha finished first, but at usual, they got lost. In the end, they still managed to arrive at the pitstop first, so Mel & Mike were eliminated.

This week the teams had to fly to Russia. There were 4 flights to Moscow and from there they’d fly to Siberia. However, only 3 teams made it to the first flight to Siberia: Christie & Jodi, Jen & LaKisha, Mark & Michael. The rest of the teams had to wait for the next flight. The teams had to find a dam, and the first 3 teams did the first task without problem.

Then there was a  Detour: Stack or Construct. On Stack, they had to stack firewoods, whereas on the Construct they had to assemble a shutter and install it on a house. All of the teams’ first choice was Stack, but once their Stack fell down, some of them decided to do Construct. Mark & Michael was the first team to decide to do Construct, but they couldn’t find the house, so they wasted time while Christie & Jodi, Jen & LaKisha finished stacking. They had a chance to U-Turn a team with blind U-Turn, which meant that no one would know who U-Turned who, but they passed.

The other teams from the 2nd flight arrived at the detour, Mel & Mike and Kris & Amanda were two teams who switched to Construct when their stack crumbled. They met up with Mark & Michael but the missed the house again. On the other hand, Margie & Luke followed by Tammy & Victor finished stacking. Margie & Luke decided to U-Turn Kris & Amanda because they wanted to buy more time for Jamie & Cara.

The next part of the race was a road block, where one of the team members had to go down a bobsled and read 7 letters within 4 minutes, then using those letters they had to name the famous Russian playwright. Most of people had trouble and couldn’t guess it right for several times. Kisha finished first on the bobsled, but she missed the last letter so she had to go again. Christie was next, but she had no clue about the name so she had to keep on guessing, whereas Kisha guessed it right the first try. So Kisha & Jen headed to the pitstop, but they couldn’t find the main entrance, causing Christie & Jodie snatched the first place on this leg of the race.

Meanwhile 3 teams still trying to find the house to install the shutter at, Jamie & Cara finished the stacking and head to the bobsled place. Victor & Tammy finished the bobsled task because Victor knew Chekhov, so he had no trouble spelling his name. On the other hand Luke was frustrated because he had no idea, but eventually he got it. Victor & Tammy was the 3rd team to arrive, followed by Margie & Luke.

Mel finally found the house so he and Mike finished 5th this time, followed by Mark & Michael. Poor Kris & Amanda, they finished last on the detour, and they got U-Turned so they had to do the stacking again, so they were eliminated.

In this leg of the race, the teams must travel to Romania. Tammy & Victor who went first, were the only team that could get on the first flight to Romania. But flight issues set them back few hours so they had to fly to Romania with the other teams. Brad & Victoria who decided to take different flights with other teams also got stuck in Amsterdam because they missed their connecting flight to Bukarest. They were the last team to arrive at Romania.

On Romania, they had road block, one of the team member had to perform some gymnastic routines. Amanda & Kris was the first team to finish the task. Tammy & Victor’s performance continued to tumble down because Tammy was under pressure and unable to do the task fast enough. After the gym, the teams had to go to Transylvania and try to find a Black Church to receive their next clue, which was a detour: Gypsy Moves or Vampire Remains.

Amanda & Kris continued their lead on the road block, but they were delayed when they had to look for their bags. So in the end, Mel & Mike won this leg. On the other hand, Victor’s stubornness set back his team. They became the last 2 teams on the race along with Brad & Victoria. Victor & Tammy wasn’t the last team to arrive, so Brad & Victora were eliminated.

Good news everyone, ABC is casting 2nd season of I Survived a Japanese Game Show and Wipeout. I might go to audition too 😛 

For I Survived a Japanese Game Show, you can either email your information (name, age, contact info, photo, and a brief description why you want to be on the show) to OR you can go to the open auditions. Here’s the schedule for the open calls:

500 West Germantown Pike
Plymouth Meeting, PA19462
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

801 4th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

18305 Bisayne Blvd. Ste 301
Aventura, FL 33160
3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

1472 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

21001 N. Tatum Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85050
4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

2070 S. Stemmons Fwy.
Lewisville, TX 75057
4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
9:30 AM to 6:30 PM – Saturday
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Sunday

You must be at least 21 years old to participate.

For Wipeout, you only need to be 18 years old or older and must live in California (sorry for non-Californians). Visit this website to apply:

Good luck and Hai~Majide!!

There’s a new show on CW called 13 Fear is Real. The contestants are sent into woods to play a game, not knowing that they are the game created by the “mastermind” of terror. He’s going to scare the players psychologically and also make the players concert against each others. I think it’s similar to Chase (read about it here), but instead of being chased by hunters, in this show, the players are chased by fright and paranoia. However, different from Chase, all the 13 players will play for the whole season, and each week one of them will be sent home. The last player standing in the end of the season will win $66,666.

This show will premier on Wednesday, Jan 7 at 8 pm EST (CW channel). I’m going to give this show a shot, since I don’t have anything to watch on Wednesdays anyways.

So, Monk, Burn Notice, Psych, and Eureka are currently on midseason break and will be back sometime early next year. I haven’t got the official date on the new episodes, but I’ll keep an eye on it and I’ll update this post when I have the info. Other than the regulars, the networks will have new shows (especially those networks who axed a lot of shows – you know who you are), so here’s a list of new or returning shows on some major TV networks:


  • Flashpoint (Fri, Jan. 9, 9 pm EST)
  • Harper’s Island (Thu, April 9, 10 pm EST)
  • Game Show in My Head (Sat, Jan. 3, 8 pm EST)
  • Survivor (Thu, Feb. 12, 8 pm EST)
  • The Amazing Race, the 14th season (Sun, Feb. 15, 8 pm)


  • ABC News’ Primetime: What Would You Do? (Tue, Jan. 6, 10 pm EST)
  • Castle (Mon, Mar. 9, 10 pm EST) – a new detective type of show
  • Cupid (Tue, Mar. 24, 10 pm EST)
  • The Unusuals (Wed, Apr. 8, 10 pm EST) – a story about a cop with twisted sense of humor


  • Gossip Girl (Mon, Jan. 5, 8 pm EST)
  • One Tree Hill (Mon, Jan. 5, 9 pm EST)
  • 90210 (Tue, Jan. 6, 8 pm EST)
  • Privileged (Tue, Jan. 6, 9 pm EST)
  • Reaper (Tue, Mar. 17, 9 pm EST) – I’m so excited about this show coming back!
  • 13 Fear is Real (Wed, Jan. 7, 8 pm EST)
  • Smallville (Thu, Jan. 15, 8 pm EST)
  • Supernatural (Thu, Jan. 15, 9 pm EST)


  • Chuck (Mon, Feb. 2, 8 pm EST) – with 3D episdoe
  • Heroes (Mon, Feb. 2, 9 pm EST)
  • Medium (Mon, Feb. 2, 10 pm EST) – gah, I want My Own Worst Enemy!!!
  • Knight Rider (Wed, Feb. 4, 8 pm EST) – season finale on Feb. 25, new show (TBA) will air on Mar. 4
  • Life (Wed, Feb. 4, 9 pm EST)
  • ER (Thu, Mar. 12, 9 pm EST) – season finale
  • Kings (Thu. Mar. 19, 10 pm EST) – on 2-hour series premier Mar. 19, the show will start on 9 pm EST


  • 24 (Mon, Jan. 12, 9 pm EST) – There will be 2 part of season premiere: Sun, Jan. 11 8-10 pm EST for part 1, and Mon, Jan. 12 8-10 pm EST. After that, the show will air regularly every monday at 9 pm EST.
  • House (Mon, Jan 19, 8 pm EST)
  • American Idol (Tue & Wed, Jan. 13 & 14, 8 pm EST)
  • Fringe (Tue, Jan. 20, 9 pm EST)
  • Lie to Me (Wed, Jan. 21, 9 pm EST)
  • Bones (Thu, Jan. 15, 8 pm EST)
  • Hell’s Kitchen (Thu, Jan. 29, 9 pm EST)
  • Are You Smarter than 5th Grader? (Fri, Jan. 16, 8 pm EST)
  • Don’t Forget the Lyrics (Fri, Jan. 16, 9 pm EST)
  • Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fri, Feb. 13, 8 pm EST)
  • Dollhouse (Fri, Feb. 13, 9 pm EST)
  • MadTV (Sat, Jan. 3, 11 pm EST)
  • Hole in the Wall (Sun, Jan. 18, 7 pm EST)

That’s a long list of new episodes/new shows to watch. For more info on the new series, visit the network’s official website. So, which shows are you going to tune in?

This week the teams went to Moscow, Russia. Despite the siblings winning last week and the frat boys last place, all the teams got the same flight to Moscow, so it was every team’s game. Right after exiting the airport to the first task, Toni & Dallas and Nick & Star were head to head. But after that, it was downhill for Nick & Star. They had a taxi driver who had little knowledge of the places they needed to go. Even though they finished every task fast, but the cab problem made them fell behind the mother-son and separated couple teams. They fired the cab driver after the last task, but they had a hard time finding a new taxi, and after getting one, the new driver still got lost a little.

But in the end, the siblings managed to secure 3rd place. So it meant that the Frat Boys was the last team to arrive. The frat boys weren’t having the best time either; they struggled on the detour tasks. They arrived at detour location the same time with Tina & Ken, and they were going to do the Boots detour where they had to march. But Andrew was having a hard time with the feet wrap, even Nick & Star who arrived last on the location finished the task before them. Then, they decided to give that detour task and do the other one, but they didn’t realize that they still had to wear the uniform along with the feet wrap. So they went back and put the army uniform again and they decided to the Boot detour again. But this time Dan was having a hard time marching. He was so uncoordinated and had no sense of rhythm, it was so funny even the Russian soldiers were laughing 😆 So they ditched the Boot detour again, and decided to do the other task.

After wasting a huge amount of time on detour, the frat boys headed to their last task for the day. Luckily, they had a good cab driver to make up the lost time. Dan finished the road block fast and they headed to the pit stop racing with Nick & Star who was lost, again. But it wasn’t the last problem that the frat boys faced, they didn’t have enough money to pay the cab driver; they even had to pay with their new shoes. Well, it was justified because they wasted money on buying new shoes on airport (they left their shoes at Kazakhstan). So in the end, they got to the pitstop last. But this week wasn’t elimination week, so they were safe, but they would have a speed bump next week. I really want to see how they are going to perform next week with an extra task. We’ll see if lady luck still shines on them (they’re still in the game purely because of her). It looks like next week the teams will still be roaming in Russia.

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