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So this week, Black Team was down to 6 people whereas Red Team still had 8 people. The teams were given a blank table in the corner on their restaurants and they had the opportunity to show their design skill. The went to shopping on Pier 1 Imports and decorate the table. The Red Team did really good, the color choice was great, the only thing I didn’t like was the napkin. The only bad thing was the table was unsteady. The Black Team painted the wall yellow (I know, they might be color-blind), the table decoration was okay, but they didn’t put water glass, which was a huge minus. So obviously, the Red Team won. Red team was given 10k to decorate the rest of the restaurant, whereas Black team was only given 3k.

Then the teams were given task to host a 3-course dinner party by 2 designers. Red Team got Nicole Miller, and Black Team got Rebecca Taylor. Crimson, Red Team’s restaurant, had better team work, and of course with more people the food and the service went smoother. On the other hand, at Soul, Black Team’s restaurant, they were scrambling to get the food ready and served to the hungry people. So overall, service-wise, Red Team did better. In the kitchen, both teams were struggling and situation worsened when the judge, Jeffrey Steingarten – the famous food critic, came.

When he was judging both teams, he found that salad at Soul was horrible, but the main course was delicous. On the other side, at Crimson, the salad was delicous but the main course was not good. Jeffrey’s wife requested Halibut, but they didn’t have anymore halibut, so they suggested SeaBass as substitute. Nicole Miller was enraged that they were trying to serve Sea Bass to her guest, because it was endangered fish, and Jeffrey agreed with her. So left with no choice, they served Salmon, which wasn’t fresh and farm-raised, which Jeffrey noticed. So he declared that the Black Team won.

So Marco went to have discussion with the Red Team. As usual, the couples pointed the blame on the others. In the middle of discussion it came up that Chad (or was it Mikey?)┬áhad only been a “back-up” chef, and only in charge of plating. He pointed out that he had to cook 2 orders of vegetarian dish who wasn’t prepared. He did do that, but his food was terrible, but luckily neither Marco or Jeffrey knew. But it wasn’t enough to save him, he admitted defeat and voluteered to go.

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