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Even though I don’t run around and find new phone cards and update my phone cards collection website, I’m still interested in prepaid/telecom news. So today, I found this interesting phone card, Ketchup Phone Card. I really want one for my collection! I don’t know where I can find it for retail though.

I saw the ad here, and I think it’s quite funny, although I don’t understand a single thing it says (it’s in Spanish)

This really stirs up my excitement to hunt this phone card down. And maybe once I get this phone card, I’ll force myself to update my website 🙂

On June 22, summer will be officially on, and I am very much looking for it. However, I have a decision to make for this summer, whether I am going to take summer courses or not. If I do, then I will be as busy as I am now. With 2 part-time jobs and 2 or 3 classes a week, they really drive me to the wall sometimes. And if I don’t enroll this summer, I might pick up a summer job too. However, if I take classes this summer, I’ll be over with my study sooner…

I have 2 more weeks to decide whether or not to enroll for summer class. In the mean time, I’ll think about it when I have time to do so.

And about my phone cards website, it’s been abandonned (NOT for good, I promise). Maybe next week, I can find sometime to update it.

Well, I’m just gonna announce that I’ve just updated collection on my webpage, so check my page out if you have time 🙂

As I’ve said in my other blog, I had a little trouble with geocities. It doesn’t let me copy-paste stuff, and also I can’t open more than 1 page at a time, so moving things from 1 page to another is troublesome. Does anyone have any idea to overcome this problem?

But other than updating the collection, I had time to clean my apartment 😉

I haven’t got much time to do almost anything except job and errands for this week. No scanning new phone cards to show, no playing games at all. I can’t wait until tomorrow, where I can relax. But I can’t be too relaxed because my apartment needs cleaning…

Well, that’s all for now, and hopefully this weekend I have some time and motivation to do some update on my webpage and blogs.

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