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I’ve been so busy this week that I forget that I haven’t writen any post for a couple of days already. So, Im writing this short post for a heads up of what I’m planning to do. I’m going to write the sum up of the Hulu Award Nominees, probably over the weekend because it will take a while. Until then, enjoy the rest of the week! ūüėÄ

Forget two-oh-oh-eight, welcome two-oh-oh nine! Well, it’s not exactly midnight at where I am now, but I write this early post anyway for many reasons. 1. It’s 2009 already in some parts of the world. 2. I won’t be able to post at midnight as I may be busy ūüėÜ

Wish you all the happiest new year, and may all your new year resolutions come true!

Since few months ago, the supermarket near my house has been selling Pringles for 10 for $10 (so it’s a buck each), which is a great price. What’s great is that it doesn’t require me to actually buy 10 cans, so I can buy as many as I want for only $1 each. Before I’m not really a big fan of Pringles, I only bought it once in a while, and I only bought Original flavor. But since this promotion, I’ve tried Jalapeno, BBQ, Cheese, and my new favorite: Sour Cream and Onion. So whenever the supermarket is having that promotion, I buy 2-5 cans for few weeks worth of stock. 8) What flavor is your favorite Pringles?

Well, one of my other¬†blogs is malfunctioning. I dedicated that¬†blog¬†for news in my phone cards collection, but since that hobby is put on hold, that blog¬†has been on temporary abandonment. Well,¬†it’s not that I wasn’t trying to update that blog at all, but that blog has been¬†having a lot of¬†problem for few months.¬†I even complained about it on this blog. So few weeks ago I noticed that it was fixed, but somehow my blog isn’t there anymore. Whenever I try to go to my blog (, it directs me to the homepage of the blog (¬†The funny thing is that I can still login and see all my posts, but when I visit the site, it just doesn’t seem to exist.

So, I decided to abandon that blog for good. I was just cleaning up all the links that I made to that blog, and that included the one from my webpage. Well, since I logged into my geocities, I decided to update that page, and I even added 2 pages! Now, I’m in a dilemma whether if I’m going to make a new blog on wordpress to replace that blog. But the thing is I’ve used phonecardscollector domain on wordpress on this blog. ūüėē I could register a new blog (maybe and export all the content of this blog to the new blog, and import the content of that broken blog to this blog. Hmm, but that’s just too much work, and I’m lazy ūüėÜ

So anyway, I’m so glad with the response that I’ve been getting regarding the Hulu Award. I’m so honored to be one of the panelists and I couldn’t be happier with all the comments you left to help me decide on the nominees. I promise, I’ll post the new categories to be judged every week, so you can also give your opinion on which shows deserve the award.

For few days, whenever I tried to go to my blog, I always got this pop-up message:
“Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site
Operation Aborted”

And there’s an OK box that I could click on. The page had already¬†loaded just fine, but the message kept on popping up wherever I¬†went on my blog, including my pages. After I clicked OK, the message¬†went away, but when I¬†went to another page/post, it popped up again. It was pretty annoying. After posting this problem on forum, I found out that the problem came from Platial MapKit widget that I had. Apparently the widget cannot loading correctly in Internet Explorer 7, which I’m using, resulting in the error message. It’s funny though, I’ve been using IE 7 for a while, and I’ve had the Platial MapKit for a while too and I didn’t have any error.

So anyways, I have removed the widget until the problem is resolved. I kinda like the widget though, so I’m quite sad. I hope it gets resolved soon.


Posted on: July 29, 2008

So I was minding my own business, when suddenly my desk and everything else started to shake. It took me a good¬†10 seconds to absorb what’s going on (I was at home at that time). It was an earthquake! But just like my past experiences, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t run out of my house. Because all the quakes that I’ve experienced weren’t that big. My rule of thumb on when to escape from building is when things start breaking and ceiling starts crumbling. Okay, I might have to revise my rule of thumb, it could get me killed one day…

Anyways, the quake happened about 45 minutes ago, and occured for about 1 full minutes (at least at my place that’s what happened). The epicenter is quite far from my place, it was¬†at Chino Hills where San Andreas Fault is (I took Geology 100 for GE ūüėČ). To read more about the quake, read at Yahoo! News here.

This week on Burn Notice, Michael has so many things on his plate: job from Carla, side job from Sam (for a cop), his mom demanding new coffee maker and counseling. After watching this episode, I kinda see the similarities between Fiona and Carla. They both like doing everything with force and they know what they want, how¬†its done, and when they want it done. They both are¬†lethal combination between brain and beauty. Fortunately, Fiona is on Michael’s side and her underground connection always helps Michael. On the other hand, Carla is Michael’s boss for now, and she keeps on “reminding” Michael about that by dropping stuff to his mom’s house.

From this episode, it’s revealed that Carla is a spy (or ex-spy) and she worked in Middle East. Right now, she has a much better job, ordering Michael to do all the dirty work, and she has a handful of money and man resources to do so. But I’m pretty sure she’s still working for someone – the mistery person who’s the brain of Michael’s burn notice. Also, I think Carla might be Michael’s new love interest (since Fiona called it quit). What do you guys think?

Put that aside, I have another news to share ūüôā Since I wrote my japanese game show post, a lot of people have been visiting my blog and reading it. So, I decide to write a page dedicated for it. Check it out the page on the¬†right side, or click¬†here.

Well, for some people summer is a great time to relax. I totally agree. Another thing that I love about summer, a lot of new TV shows and new seasons of the others.

These past few weeks, I spend a lot of time watching TV when I want to relax or just have nothing to do. And ever since I wrote about Japanese Game Show post and I saw how many people are actually have the same interest as me, I would like to share more about what I watch on TV.

I like funny tv shows, I watch American Funniest Home Videos and other similar programs. So, it’s natural for me to like the japanese game shows on ABC. I don’t watch MXC often though, because I just don’t know when it’s airing (I think it’s usually in the afternoon, when I’m working). Other TV show that I currently watching is: The Mole (also on ABC). It’s a show where a group of players compete and/or play as a team, and one of them is The¬†Mole who will¬†always¬†try to sabotage every mission. The goal of the game is to¬†figure out¬†who’s The¬†Mole, and the player will the most knowledge about the mole will win in the end. It’s on halfway of the game, only 6 players left. I think next Monday, it’s gonna be a recap of the half season.

Another channel that I watch a lot is USA. I’m waiting for new seasons of Burn Notice, Monk and Psych. I like those 3 shows very much, and I do my best not to miss them. And if I do, I’ll make sure watch it online :-P. I love action and I love comedy, so of those 3 my absolute fave is Burn Notice. I didn’t watch the first season when it aired. But I got to watch one of the encore episode and fell in love. So I finished watching the first episode online and can’t wait until next week when season 2 begins. It’s a story about a spy who get fired, so he’s trying to figure out what’s going on while taking “part-time” jobs to help regular people in trouble.

When I’m in the mood for something more serious, I watch Law&Order and CSIs, but not very often. I also watch cartoon. I love watching The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Naruto, Bleach, etc. I watch American Gladiator, and I will watch Olympics this coming August. Oh, and I also watch HGTV and Food Network for some ideas. Hmm, that’s all the TV shows I watch, that I can think of now.

Happy 4th of July everyone! I found a great fireworks video from Disneyland. So if you don’t have time to see the fireworks tonight, you can watch this one with your family and friends¬†ūüôā Disneyland has fireworks almost everyday, but this one is a special 4th of July edition (taken last year). It’s a 5 minute video, enjoy!

So, I just changed the¬†tagline of my blog from “Peter’s Phone Cards Collection & General Blog” to just¬†lines.¬†[Edit note: I actually changed to just “Peter’s Blog,” but then when I previewed it, I realized that it’s the same as the title of the blog.]

The reason for that is pretty obvious, I don’t want to make this blog my phone card blog (I already have a blog for that), and currently I’m inactive in collecting. I really appreciate other phone cards collectors that visit this blog and leave their comments. I’m still interested in phone cards, but I’m not buying or swapping anymore, and I never intend to sell any of my collections. If you read my phone cards blog, other than being busy, that other blog host has some kind of problems. Sometimes it takes a while just to log in, sometimes I just couldn’t log in at all. So with minimal time that I have to blog, especially about phone cards, I never have a chance to write anything there for the last few weeks.

Anyway, so this blog have a new name. I hope you enjoy reading my blog ūüôā

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