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My hobby is collecting phone cards (obviously). My late grandpa was a huge collector, and he introduced me into phone cards collecting since I was small. When he was hunting phone cards, he usually took me with him even when he was going abroad. When he passed away, he inherited his collection to me, and I made a website to dedicate his collection. Check my phone cards collection webpage.

Since I’ve been introduced to phone cards since I was small, I have a strong passion towards telecom industry. I’ve always been amazed with the evolution of phone cards in coordance with technology. I regulary read telecom magazine or websites, and of course, search for unique new phone cards.

Update: Many people have been asking me about phone cards collection, to trade or to sell/buy. To be honest, I haven’t dealt nor I ever intended to trade/sell my phone cards collection. However, I can point you to some websites/people who will be more than happy to trade/buy your phone cards. – a website for collectors, here you can show, trade, buy, sell your collections – same as

For more information about websites that can auction your phone cards, you can contact Adrian at sandysandy2222(at)hotmail(dot)com

Also, for those who lives in US, and would like to buy phone cards to use (not for collection), you can visit this online phone card store for quick and easy purchase.

16 Responses to "About Phone Cards Collection"

Dear Peter,
Thank You very much for Your website!,I am interested in getting some phone cards or extra phone carde if You have!,I have lots of Iranina used phone card which I can swap!
Again thank You very much for Your weblog and nice story from You and Your grandpa!
Best Regards,

Hi Peter,

I did not know there are people in this world that collects phone cards. How very interesting!

We are a Wholesaler in phone cards in Australia, and I have access to many varieties of them…and yes, we have animal ones too.

If you like, I can help you with your phone card collection.

Please feel free to contact me directly, as our website is in the process of design and creation.

[Our website is in the process of creation, so you will be able to access them directly when it is up and running]

Kind regards,
Nhon Ha
Leon Express Pty Ltd


I have been a collector of phone cards for many years i have round about 200 to 300 phone crads some used and some not and in there package i am looking to sell them as i would like to treat my family to a holiday the we all deserve could you tell me any websites that i can advertise my collection and find out how much they are worth its also nice to know that im not the only one that collected phone cards hope to here from you soon.

Thomas Brand

I have like a 200 cards most of them i get in strategic telecom sistem , it was a multilevel company in 1996, i want to know how can i sell them, thank you

Hey there, I have over 700 Japanese phone cards with designs of all descriptions from animals, through anime to trains, planes and automobiles. If anyone is interested in purchasing them please email me at



I have a small phone card collection I want to sell. If interested please contact me by email. If not, if you know where I can sell them I would appreciate that info.


Please email me on sandysandy2222 @ hotmail. com. I can show you how much they are worth and help you put them up for sale.

I have a big collection of phonecards of Thailand for sale contact me
info[@] (remove the [])

hi there

i was left some phone cards from my grandad too, but i have no idea if they are collectable or not, could you offer any advice?
ive got 3x jersey telecoms cards with churches on,4x jersey telecoms cards with trains on and 2x jersey telecoms with animals one a spectacled bear and one cheeta, these 2 are from the wildlife preservation trust.

I have 1000’s of old Australian Anritsu Magnetic Phonecards. Some are very very rare. Looking to swap or sell.

My email is: sandysandy2222 @ hotmail. com

Thanks for the great site.

I have an extensive worldwide telephone card collection that belonged to my father who passed away last year. There are 50,000 + cards with a heavy concentration from Japan and other Asian countries.
I would like to speak with someone who may be able to help me sell this colleciton.
Thank you.

Please drop me a line. I can help you sell them Arthur.

I have a large collection of phone cards from 108 different countries. Qatar, Bahrain, U.A Emirates, Oman collections are fine and 80% of the total issues upto 2005 completed. Vatican, San Marino cards are mint. A large number of prepaid cards of Qatar are mint. Can you arrange to sell them in one or two lots.
Thanks from Murali

I have a COMPLETE MINT set of Jersey Phonecards. EVERY CARD ISSUED BY JERSEY TELECOMS AND ALL CARDS ARE MINT UNUSED CONDITION WITH RELEVANT FOLDERS ALSO ISSUED BY JERSEY TELECOM. My father was an avid collector of the cards until Jersey telecoms ceased production of them. I am looking to sell these cards and wondered if you may know possible collectors who may be interested in purchasing them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My name is Peter and I am from Slovakia. I collect phonecards and I am mainly interested in cards with minerals (gemstones), fossilies, dinosaurs, jewellery, snails, rabbits, hedgehogs and mushrooms.

HI Peter!

i have 12 Lithuanian phone cards (if you interested I do have more duplicates of those 12).
I can trade to postal stamps or sell them. just let me know

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