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My name is Peter G. – I swear by my belly that my last name is not Griffin. I like listening to music, watching movies, watching TV, hanging out in bookstore, playing video games, watching sports, and collecting stuff. My biggest collection is phone cards, but I’m not going to talk about it here, because I already dedicated a page to discuss my phone cards collection.

I live in a bachelor apartment, small but cozy and clean. I just recently get a cable hooked up in this apartment, so I started making a website and blogs. Previously, I used my apartment’s shared internet (but it was hella slow).

Right now, my other hobby is playing online games when I don’t have to work. So I might have post something about it too. 

It’s my pleasure to welcome you here in my blog. I’m looking forward to read your comments, and maybe exchanging links with you. Enjoy your stay!

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I like your blog, and I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in an online Hulu Awards Ceremony.

I run a Hulu fan site blog at, and am assembling a panel of bloggers and internet luminaries to judge the top-quality Hulu offerings.

If you join the panel, you will be asked to nominate Hulu clips, movies, and shows for awards in a variety of categories. Then, you’ll be asked to vote on a short list of nominees.

Please either email me with subject line: Hulu Awards, or post a comment on my blog. In your response, please include your name and website (I’m contacting a slew of bloggers about this).

Thanks for your time;


Hi Peter! I’m glad you found my blog. Can’t believe you use the same theme… great minds. 🙂 I haven’t read much of your blog yet, but I will first chance I get. I love to read about TV shows… shoot, I love to read about everything! I love blogs. Nice meeting you.

Hi Kuaaina, thanks for stopping by 😀 I hope I won’t bore you with my TV addiction. 😆 Nice meeting you too.

Blogwalking ..
nice posting i found here,.. thanks for the info

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About this blog

Welcome to Peter's Weblog (Peter's TV-log, to be precise). Enjoy your stay and feel free to comment.

*Note: I embed some videos on some of my posts. If you find that the video is no longer available or if you find a broken link, please kindly notify me =) I greatly appreciate it.

WARNING: This blog contains contents known to the TV-addicts as spoilers. Readers beware, you have been warned!

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