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Tonight’s food trial was a Jungle Spa. On the final food trial, where they had to collect stars, as usual, all of them got to eat their favorite food. But the twist was the more stars they collect, the more food they would get. On the first round, Torri had a bug hair wash, John had to wash his face with vomit, where as Lou had to find his stars amongst frogs and spiders. All three of them managed to get 2 stars on the first round, so they were all tied up. On the second round, Torri had to collect stars from a pool filled with baby crocodiles, John went to a steam room filled with baby snakes, and Lou went on a “vomitting” chamber. All of them managed to finish the task, so all of them got to eat a feast on their last night. Torri got a large veggie pizza, Lou got fried chicken with mash potato, and John got a giant burger.

Other than that food trial and revealing the winer, there weren’t much things on the show tonight, mostly flashbacks, and just the impressions of the celebrities of each other. On the reunion, Spencer admitted that he was wrong (I don’t buy it), and Janice said all the immunization made her sick. But in the end, all the eliminated cast met up with the final 3.

On the final minutes, the hosts announced John was eliminated, leaving Torri or Lou as the top 2. Finally, Lou was crowned by America as the King of the Jungle. He even got a leaf crown. Congrats Lou, and also all the cast members that had lasted long enough. I’m not sure if there’ll be another season of this show, but I sure enjoy this one, and will watch if they do make another season.

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