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Posted on: June 8, 2009

Before I write about what happened on tonight’s show. I just want to write a little reminder that there will not be a new episode of I’m Celebrity tomorrow (Tue) due to NHL final, but it will return on Wednesday, June 10 at the usual time.

Tonight on I’m Celebrity, the group voted to accept Speidi back if they could survive the challenge (spending a night at Lost Chamber), which they did. The Lost Chamber looked different with the one in food trial. No tanks with slimes on it, the insects/animals on it were minimal, and no snakes or rats. There were only spiders and little bugs, and there was a bed! So it wasn’t bad at all. Regardless, Spencer & Heidi still freaked out, and I doubt they slept well 😆 But they finished the challenge, and they came back to the camp.

Speidi declared that they realized that an evil spirit was to blame for their withdrawal from the game. But now they realized it, they wanted to repent their mistakes. The camp-mates found their behaviour to be much better than before. Even when Janice called Heidi’s voice like a drowning cat, Spencer didn’t jump on her. He just confronted her, and told her that his wife was upset by Janice’s comment. Spencer even gave a great advise and consolation to Patti, regarding the trouble that hit her family. Everyone became happy with the change of Spencer’s behaviour, but it didn’t last long….

Not because Spencer returned to his eratic-self, but because he became a Jesus freak. He felt that he’s freed from the devil inside him, and felt like a new man. Only Stephen and Heidi were on board with his new behaviour. But the rest of the team became uncomfortable with too much bible talk. Daniel didn’t believe that Spencer’s actions were genuine. Heidi told everyone said that she’d always wanted to be a missionary 😯 Other than preaching, Heidi created another drama, and yes she left the camp again. This time was because she felt sick; she had been throwing up and even the whole camp got a little worried. So, she was rushed out of the jungle (Spencer came too, of course) to a clinic, then to a hospital. She got a stomach pain because she didn’t eat enough and drink a little amount of water. She had to be hospitalized for few days, so they were out of the game, again. But this time, it seemed that they left for good.

Today’s food trial: the flash flood tank where the players had to free themselves from chain that entangle thier bodies while the water started to fill in the tank along with some little slimy friends. The quickest person to get out from there would win, and the winning team would get lobsters for dinner. The viewers had chosen Sanjaya and Janice to represent men and women team respectively. First to go was Sanjaya, he finished the task in 3:12 minutes. Next to go was Janice, she got very excited and all about being chosen, but she got freaked out when she saw water snakes, so she forfeit the challenge. So, the guys get to eat great dinner again tonight. However, with Speidi out of the jungle, the producers decided to spice things up. The guys had been winning the food trial, and they had always shared their food with the women, and this actually was against the rule. So the producers decided to punish them by only giving them 1 lobster, instead of 3. Everyone was pissed, except Daniel, who believed in the rule of the game. We didn’t get to see what happened afterwards, but I’m pretty sure the drama will continue on next episode (Wed, June 10 at 8 pm EST).

Anyway, after Sanjaya won the food trial, the guys decided to play a little game, and that pissed Janice off because she felt that the guys were looking down on her. Sanjaya calmed her down, and speaking of Sanjaya, he’s a truly a jungle boy. He is one with the jungle, it’s like his nature. He was friendly with the animals, he weaved bracelets for the cast members, he could even eat almost anything there. If he doesn’t win this show, he’ll still remembered as the true king of the jungle. Meanwhile, Janice filled the drama-draught camp with her attitude. She had annoyed the camp mates by taking stuff without permission. Remember John’s pillow? Now, she rarely did anything, and only laid on her bed. She even asked Sanjaya to give her message. She wasn’t sick, but she looked like it, maybe because she didn’t use any make up. John and Daniel thought that she was very lazy and didn’t do any contribution to the camp.

It’s a new week, so it’s time for Leadership trial again. This time, everyone participated in the trial. They were divided into 2 random teams. First team: Janice, Torri, John, and Sanjaya; second team: Lou, Patti, Daniel, and Stephen. They had to eat some disgusting “food” again. First they had to compete within their own team, then the winner of both teams would face off in the final.

First round: Group 1: Janice forfeit right away when she saw worms on the menu. Next out was Torri, followed by John, in the name of being vegetarian. So only Sanjaya left from the first group, and he got through it. Group 2 got ants, Stephen and Patti forfeit. Lou and Daniel went through. So basically the leader would be a man again. On second round, Sanjaya had to eat bull’s testicles, and he couldn’t take it anymore so he forfeit. So the final was between Lou and Daniel. They had to eat stick bug and cow tongue. Lou forfeit first, and seeing that Lou quit, Daniel thought he would win by default so he quit too. But he was wrong, the hosts declared there was no winner, so there wouldn’t be a new leader. And the camp anonymously agreed to keep Lou as their leader. Trying to be a good leader, Lou tried to resolve the tension between Janice and Baldwins – Salley. So he decided to reassign the chores. Janice was assigned to to dishes, and she agreed.

Also tonight, there was an immunity challenge called Hang Tough. Unlike the first immunity challenge, the winner would only get the immunity for him/herself and not the whole team. Everyone had to play for themselves, but Janice sat this challenge out, she’d be up to public vote for elimination in the end of this week. The game was pretty easy, they just had to hold themselves up by hands on a bar. Whoever lasts the longest would win the immunity. We won’t see who won this challenge until Wed (as I said, there’s no new episode tomorrow). I predict the one of the guys would win again because of their physical strength, but I think Torri might stand a chance against the guys.

While we are on elimination subject, ever since Angela got eliminated, Francis had become so down like she lost half her soul. She became very quiet and kept to herself; she didn’t even joke that much anymore. After doing some thinking, she decided that she needed to leave the game. So now, there were 5 guys and 3 gals in the game. But this number will change soon. On the preview, Holly Montag, Heidi’s sister, will join the show. Interesting, we’ll see how it goes.

When there was no drama, the celebrities talked about the charity that they were playing for. The show itself had set up a donation line, for viewers to give donation to all 11 charities that the celebrities support. To donate, or to see the list of the organizations, click here.

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