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Janice’s Melt Down

Posted on: June 3, 2009

Today, the remaining 9 players woke up, all smiling, because of Speidi-free. However, there was still a drama between John and Janice. Janice refused to lend John her shampoo – I half agree, as he is bald why did he need shampoo for? And John went balistic, even calling Janice names, and Janice broke down. After cooling down, he realized that he went overboard, so he went to apologize, but was rejected.

The day continued with food trial, and since Janice was sick, she didn’t participate. Today’s challenge was team challenge, the first team to collect 4 stars would win. First off, it was John and Francis, they had to grab a star on a hole full of spiders. John had fear of spiders, and Francis went nuts, but John won. Second, Torri vs. Lou, this time, the hole was full of rats, they both got bitten good, but in the end Lou won. Next, it was Sanjaya vs. Patti, and Patti won, follwed by Stephen vs. Angela on iguana hole, and Stephen won. So, guys had 3 stars, ladies had 1 star only, they continued the game. Last, John vs. Francis again on toad hole, and John won again, so the guys got their 4 stars, and they won the food trial, again, so they got to eat pork tonight. And then Stephen, got bitten by giant ant.

After the challenge, everything went back to normal – and for the first time, peaceful. Even though Janice hadn’t forgiven John, at least they weren’t quarelling. What good reality show let such a peaceful situation happening too long? The stir up the situation by introducing a new member of the team: Daniel Baldwin, Stephen’s brother. But rest assured, his apperance was welcomed, compared to what they’d react when they see Speidi’s return.

Yes, ladies and gentlement, Speidi didn’t leave Costa Rica, and they intended to return to the show. During the interview with the host, Heidi said they made a mistake and realize that it was all for the charity, and Spencer was sorry for his behavior. Ha, like I’m going to buy that, but moving on… When the news was revealed to the members, they were told if Speidi spent a night in the Lost Chamber, they could come back to the show. They had to vote whether or not Speidi would be back or not. We’ll see what they decided on tomorrow’s show.

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