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This week on Amazing Race, the teams were still competing in Russia. I’m pretty sure that they’re gonna go to Asia next week. Anyways, the teams had to take an overnight Trans Siberian train, and all the teams got into the same train, so the lead from next week was pretty much wasted. Christie & Jodi who won last leg, became the last team to finish this leg. I’ll elaborate more on how that happened.

Since every team was on the same train, so basically the race started when the train stopped. Everyone dashed like crazy to find taxi. Jen & Kisha who wanted to follow the pack, went to the other side of the station, so they were left behind. Their next task was a detour: Russian Bride or Russian Snowplow, which on both the teams had to drive a stick car. On Russian Bride, the team had to find a bride and deliver her to her groom at church. On Russian Snowplow, they had to be trained in operating the snowplough.

Margie & Luke and Jamie & Cara had been alliance for a while. Jamie & Cara let Margie & Luke followed their taxi so they could go together. Victor & Tammy were tailing them, and they decided to work together with them in doing the Snowplow detour. Since they had to drive themselves to the location, none of them had any clue. They had to stop and ask for directions. After getting direction for himself, Victor decided to leave the 2 teams, but because of traffic, it didn’t work. Instead he made the other 2 teams pissed and they don’t trust his team anymore. In the end, Margie & Luke become the first team to arrive at the pitstop, Tammy & Victor 2nd, and Jamie & Cara 3rd.

The next batch were Mel & Mike and Mark & Michael. Mark & Michael did the snowplough, whereas Mel & Mike and the last 2 teams did the Bride. Jen had trouble driving stick car, whereas Christie & Jodi kept on getting lost. After finishing the road block, where one of the team member had to run marathon in their undies, Jen & Kisha became the 6th team to arrive, leaving Christie & Jodie to be the last. Luckily this leg of the race wasn’t an elimination leg, so they were safe, but they’ll have speed bump next week.

Missed the show last night, so I just watched it online just now. My fave prank on that episode was the one with Paula Abdul. She interviewed 2 guys, and she was being such a weird diva. First, she didn’t want the guys to look at her in the eye, so they had to look up. Then, they had to kneel down because Paula didn’t like anyone taller than her, ha! The most outrageous of all, Paula didn’t like hearing the any word with “s” on it 😆 Oh, I also like the vallet prank, the girl’s expression was priceless. Well, if you miss the episode too or just want to watch it again, just go to and under shows, look for Howie Do It.

This is a new cooking reality show on NBC, hosted by Marco Pierre White. I have no idea who he is, but I bet he’s a world-class and well-known chef. So there were 8 teams of two (one will be the chef and the other will be the server/waiter) who dream to have their own restaurant. In this show, they’re divided into 2 teams Red Team and Black Team. Each team was assigned an abandoned restaurant, and they had to clean, renovate, and open the restaurant to public.

Before everything started, Marco asked the chefs of each team to create a dish for him to taste, then he picked the head chef for the restaurant challenge. In the restaurant challenge, he sent an anonymous food critic, and that guy determined which team won. Tonight Black Team lost because their chicken was cold and under cooked. The young head chef was voted by almost everyone, but one of the chef, Khoa, decided to pull himself out of the competition, so he and his cousin were out of the show.

If you’re interested in this show, you can find more info at, you can watch the first episode online there too. I’m sure it’s going to be available tomorrow. Cheers 🙂

This week the teams had to fly to Russia. There were 4 flights to Moscow and from there they’d fly to Siberia. However, only 3 teams made it to the first flight to Siberia: Christie & Jodi, Jen & LaKisha, Mark & Michael. The rest of the teams had to wait for the next flight. The teams had to find a dam, and the first 3 teams did the first task without problem.

Then there was a  Detour: Stack or Construct. On Stack, they had to stack firewoods, whereas on the Construct they had to assemble a shutter and install it on a house. All of the teams’ first choice was Stack, but once their Stack fell down, some of them decided to do Construct. Mark & Michael was the first team to decide to do Construct, but they couldn’t find the house, so they wasted time while Christie & Jodi, Jen & LaKisha finished stacking. They had a chance to U-Turn a team with blind U-Turn, which meant that no one would know who U-Turned who, but they passed.

The other teams from the 2nd flight arrived at the detour, Mel & Mike and Kris & Amanda were two teams who switched to Construct when their stack crumbled. They met up with Mark & Michael but the missed the house again. On the other hand, Margie & Luke followed by Tammy & Victor finished stacking. Margie & Luke decided to U-Turn Kris & Amanda because they wanted to buy more time for Jamie & Cara.

The next part of the race was a road block, where one of the team members had to go down a bobsled and read 7 letters within 4 minutes, then using those letters they had to name the famous Russian playwright. Most of people had trouble and couldn’t guess it right for several times. Kisha finished first on the bobsled, but she missed the last letter so she had to go again. Christie was next, but she had no clue about the name so she had to keep on guessing, whereas Kisha guessed it right the first try. So Kisha & Jen headed to the pitstop, but they couldn’t find the main entrance, causing Christie & Jodie snatched the first place on this leg of the race.

Meanwhile 3 teams still trying to find the house to install the shutter at, Jamie & Cara finished the stacking and head to the bobsled place. Victor & Tammy finished the bobsled task because Victor knew Chekhov, so he had no trouble spelling his name. On the other hand Luke was frustrated because he had no idea, but eventually he got it. Victor & Tammy was the 3rd team to arrive, followed by Margie & Luke.

Mel finally found the house so he and Mike finished 5th this time, followed by Mark & Michael. Poor Kris & Amanda, they finished last on the detour, and they got U-Turned so they had to do the stacking again, so they were eliminated.

Race in ??

Posted on: March 8, 2009

I missed tonight’s Amazing Race 😦 I forgot to change the clock on my car so I didn’t realize that I was running late on my way home. Well, I’ll update this post with the recap of the episode once it’s available to watch online 🙂


Posted on: March 6, 2009

After capturing Victor, Michael “interogated” him and he found out that Victor was trying to destroy the organization. Victor was burned and his family was killed, and he eventually found out that Carla killed his family in order to recruit him, so he wanted revenge. He had a file containing Carla’s dirty not-so-little secret. He and Michael were planning to blackmail her to back off while they were hiding in Cuba.

Their plan didn’t go as planned, of course. Carla ambushed them at Victor’s boat. Victor was shot, and Carla tried to talk Michael to be the hero and hand over Victor to her. Since Michael wouldn’t cooperate, Carla was going to blow the boat up, luckily Fiona and Sam got there on time and shot Carla. More people were coming towards the boat and the management, “the big boss,” was coming too. The dying Victor convinced Michael to shot him dead and he could walk out as a hero, by killing Victor and handing over Carla’s file to the management. Since there was no other option, Michael agreed.

Michael got to meet the management, and he was convinced that Michael was a valuable asset. He offered Michael Carla’s position and a raise, but Michael just wanted his life to be normal. The big boss then said that the organization had been protecting him by keeping his enemies away. Michael knew that if he broke the deal with the management, his old enemies could come and haunt him, but he chose his freedom and gonna take his chances. Well, that’s the end of the 2nd season of Burn Notice. We’ll see Michael’s adventure as a “free man” in the season 3. I’m sure that it’s gonna air this summer. I’ll keep an eye when season 3 will premier. 🙂

By the way, if you miss this or previous episodes, you can watch it online at or you can also search it on

Just had the time to blog about the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice. As usual the players were divided into 2 teams: Men & Women. The women’s team went under the name of Athena, whereas the guys went under KOTU (King of The Universe). Click here to see the casts.

This time, the battle of the sexes was selling cupcakes. I didn’t remember the detail, but as always there were bickerings, the usual drama. In the end, the women team raised the most money and won, and Andrew Dice Clay from KOTU was fired.

Missed the episode or want to see more info? Go to🙂

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