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Last night’s Chuck: Sarah was pulled out from being Chuck’s handler because the general thought their feeling was too strong and could jeopardize the mission, which was partly true. So a new handler was assigned, Carla from Burn Notice (I don’t know her real name). She was cold and strict. In the beginning, she was only assigned to monitor Sarah & Chuck’s relationship, and she reported that it was endangering the mission causing Sarah to be fired. However, Chuck, reluctant to cooperate with his new handler, got into a trouble, as always, and only Sarah could led him out safely. In the end, the general admitted that their relationship could be beneficial after all.

New twist on the story, Chuck, with help from Sarah, got to find his father (his face remain unseen). On the next week’s preview, it seems like his father is also an agent, and probably on the wrong side. It’s going to be good, can’t wait for next week. As usual, if you miss this week’s episode, you can watch it online at or

This week’s race was in Thailand, all teams boarded to the same flight to Phuket. Michael & Mark who were last team on the last leg, dashed so fast they led the race. They were given a clue, a picture of a gorilla, which was on Phuket Zoo where they would find their next clue. Only Mel & Mike got lost, their taxi driver drove them to beach so they lost a lot of time.

On the zoo, they had to take a picture with a tiger and perform with an elephant. Then they had to go to a herb store, where they had to guess which 6 of 99 drawers had the next clue. Jamie & Cara went to the herb store first, but they kept on guessing the wrong drawer, they became the last (except Mel & Mike) to finish the task. This challenge really brought up the bad side of the girls. Frustrated, they became a little rude to the old man.

The next leg was a detour: 100 barrels or 2 miles. Mark & Michael and Tammy & Victor chose 2 miles, whereas Jen & Kisha, Margie & Luke, and Jamie & Cara chose 100 barrels. But, because they got lost, Jamie & Cara followed by Margie & Luke switched to 2 miles. Mark & Michael who got there first, tried to slow down the other teams by putting the tools on the box. Then they hired a taxi driver to lead them to their destination. Therefore, even though they arrived to the pitstop first, they were given 60 minutes penalty.

Tammy & Victor and Jamie & Cara were the 2nd and 3rd team to arrive at the pitstop, but they arrived before Mark & Michael’s penalty was over, so they became 1st and 2nd team. Margie & Luke became the 4th team to arrive. Jen & Kisha did the detour slow so that Mel & Mike could catch up with them. So it was a race between them. Jen & Kisha finished first, but at usual, they got lost. In the end, they still managed to arrive at the pitstop first, so Mel & Mike were eliminated.

This week on Chopping Block, Marco sent the teams to Central Park for a little field trip. Then each team had to cook him a dish inspired by ingredients they saw at the Park. Black Team won, so they would get help from Will, a professional restaurant manager for their dinner challenge. The challenge tonight, the restaurants would be open to public, so they had no idea how many people would be coming. They also had to prepare 4 main entree choices inspired by the ingredients.

Even though Black Team had the advantage of having a restaurant manager, they still struggled with pouring customers. Also, some customers complained that the Squab they served was undercooked and the salad was bland. Moreover, one of their chefs had a little accident with knife. On the other hand, the tension on Red team between Panya and Vanessa had reached a point where they couldn’t work well with each other so it affected their performance.

This week’s surprise, all the customers dining were the judges. After they ate at either restaurant, they rated the restaurant and wrote critic at For Red Team: dirty table cloth, long waiting, unadventourus food. For Black Team: unmemorable food, of course, undercooked squab. Both teams scored really low on a scale from 0-30. For Crimson, they got 11 for food, 7 for both service and decor. I don’t know if I missed it or they didn’t announce Soul’s score, but anyway, they won.

Of course, during elimination, Vanessa and Panya pointed finger at each other and started bickering. In the end, Panya dragged her parter down and they were eliminated. I do think Vanessa and her partner were the weaker link, but due to unable to cooparate with others, Panya & Michael are out of the game.

As expected, this week the leg moved to Asia. First destination in Asia: India. The teams must fly to Jaipur, India and all of them made it to the same flight. Victor and Tammy were victorious in this leg; they left the other teams behind since they left Jaipur airport. First task was to find a Sacred Tree, and the clue there wasn’t usual: it was a rex telephone. Victor & Tammy spotted the phone right away, and zoomed to the next task. By the time left the tree, the other teams were just arriving. The other teams spent sometime before realizing the phone was the clue, but once one of them realized it, everyone got it.

The second task was a road block, one of the members had to care a herd of Maharaja camels by carrying hay and water. By the time the other teams arrive, Victor was halfway of the task. Mel & Margie made a bad call, their sons would do the task better because of their stamina. It was apparent that Mel was very struggling with the task. Luckily, he spotted the baskets, in which they were supposed to carry the hay with, so he sped through the task and become the 2nd team to finish the task.

The third task was a detour: Mover or Shaker. Almost all teams chose Shaker, where they had to dance in fake horse costumes and ask for donations. Once they got 100 rupee, they completed the task. Only 1 team chose mover, and it was Mark & Michael. On Mover, they had to ride a bicycle loaded with drums filled with hay. Once they reached their destination, they must unload the drums and find a small elephant among the hay. The last part took them a while, while other teams already finished shaking, they were still stuck there. The only team they were racing with were Christie & Jodi. They were already behind since they left Jaipur Airport, and they also had to a speed bump, where they had to paint an elephant, but they finished Shaker task quite fast.

So in the end, Tammy & Victor became the 1st team to arrive at the pitstop, no surprise there. Mike & Mel become 2nd, Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke, and Jamie & Cara 3rd-5th. So it was a race between the stuntmen and the flight attendance. In the end, Mark & Mike beat Christie & Jodi. Next week: Race in Thailand! Stay tuned.

Tonight on Howie Do It, not really a fan of the first prank, the UniSexy 5000 one, I think it’s kinda stupid. The 2nd one was pretty funny, the mark was supposed to be an assistant in a talk show, “What U Talking About?” and of course, the host was sick and she was asked to replace him/her without help on topic whatsoever. 😆 The third one was also quite funny, “Larry” worked as a concierge at MGM Las Vegas. I thought he could take it up to the next level by doing other stuff, but I think MGM didn’t let him make their guests too upset. My fave for tonight was the last prank, where Mario surprised his parents on a reunion-show, where he introduced the girl from the club he knocked up to his parents, and she wanted to get married with him right on the spot. Mario’s father went speechless, and his mother freaked out, and there went Howie accusing her for setting bad example to her son.

Again, if you miss tonight’s episode, you can watch it online at 🙂

So this week, Black Team was down to 6 people whereas Red Team still had 8 people. The teams were given a blank table in the corner on their restaurants and they had the opportunity to show their design skill. The went to shopping on Pier 1 Imports and decorate the table. The Red Team did really good, the color choice was great, the only thing I didn’t like was the napkin. The only bad thing was the table was unsteady. The Black Team painted the wall yellow (I know, they might be color-blind), the table decoration was okay, but they didn’t put water glass, which was a huge minus. So obviously, the Red Team won. Red team was given 10k to decorate the rest of the restaurant, whereas Black team was only given 3k.

Then the teams were given task to host a 3-course dinner party by 2 designers. Red Team got Nicole Miller, and Black Team got Rebecca Taylor. Crimson, Red Team’s restaurant, had better team work, and of course with more people the food and the service went smoother. On the other hand, at Soul, Black Team’s restaurant, they were scrambling to get the food ready and served to the hungry people. So overall, service-wise, Red Team did better. In the kitchen, both teams were struggling and situation worsened when the judge, Jeffrey Steingarten – the famous food critic, came.

When he was judging both teams, he found that salad at Soul was horrible, but the main course was delicous. On the other side, at Crimson, the salad was delicous but the main course was not good. Jeffrey’s wife requested Halibut, but they didn’t have anymore halibut, so they suggested SeaBass as substitute. Nicole Miller was enraged that they were trying to serve Sea Bass to her guest, because it was endangered fish, and Jeffrey agreed with her. So left with no choice, they served Salmon, which wasn’t fresh and farm-raised, which Jeffrey noticed. So he declared that the Black Team won.

So Marco went to have discussion with the Red Team. As usual, the couples pointed the blame on the others. In the middle of discussion it came up that Chad (or was it Mikey?) had only been a “back-up” chef, and only in charge of plating. He pointed out that he had to cook 2 orders of vegetarian dish who wasn’t prepared. He did do that, but his food was terrible, but luckily neither Marco or Jeffrey knew. But it wasn’t enough to save him, he admitted defeat and voluteered to go.

This week on Amazing Race, the teams were still competing in Russia. I’m pretty sure that they’re gonna go to Asia next week. Anyways, the teams had to take an overnight Trans Siberian train, and all the teams got into the same train, so the lead from next week was pretty much wasted. Christie & Jodi who won last leg, became the last team to finish this leg. I’ll elaborate more on how that happened.

Since every team was on the same train, so basically the race started when the train stopped. Everyone dashed like crazy to find taxi. Jen & Kisha who wanted to follow the pack, went to the other side of the station, so they were left behind. Their next task was a detour: Russian Bride or Russian Snowplow, which on both the teams had to drive a stick car. On Russian Bride, the team had to find a bride and deliver her to her groom at church. On Russian Snowplow, they had to be trained in operating the snowplough.

Margie & Luke and Jamie & Cara had been alliance for a while. Jamie & Cara let Margie & Luke followed their taxi so they could go together. Victor & Tammy were tailing them, and they decided to work together with them in doing the Snowplow detour. Since they had to drive themselves to the location, none of them had any clue. They had to stop and ask for directions. After getting direction for himself, Victor decided to leave the 2 teams, but because of traffic, it didn’t work. Instead he made the other 2 teams pissed and they don’t trust his team anymore. In the end, Margie & Luke become the first team to arrive at the pitstop, Tammy & Victor 2nd, and Jamie & Cara 3rd.

The next batch were Mel & Mike and Mark & Michael. Mark & Michael did the snowplough, whereas Mel & Mike and the last 2 teams did the Bride. Jen had trouble driving stick car, whereas Christie & Jodi kept on getting lost. After finishing the road block, where one of the team member had to run marathon in their undies, Jen & Kisha became the 6th team to arrive, leaving Christie & Jodie to be the last. Luckily this leg of the race wasn’t an elimination leg, so they were safe, but they’ll have speed bump next week.

Missed the show last night, so I just watched it online just now. My fave prank on that episode was the one with Paula Abdul. She interviewed 2 guys, and she was being such a weird diva. First, she didn’t want the guys to look at her in the eye, so they had to look up. Then, they had to kneel down because Paula didn’t like anyone taller than her, ha! The most outrageous of all, Paula didn’t like hearing the any word with “s” on it 😆 Oh, I also like the vallet prank, the girl’s expression was priceless. Well, if you miss the episode too or just want to watch it again, just go to and under shows, look for Howie Do It.

This is a new cooking reality show on NBC, hosted by Marco Pierre White. I have no idea who he is, but I bet he’s a world-class and well-known chef. So there were 8 teams of two (one will be the chef and the other will be the server/waiter) who dream to have their own restaurant. In this show, they’re divided into 2 teams Red Team and Black Team. Each team was assigned an abandoned restaurant, and they had to clean, renovate, and open the restaurant to public.

Before everything started, Marco asked the chefs of each team to create a dish for him to taste, then he picked the head chef for the restaurant challenge. In the restaurant challenge, he sent an anonymous food critic, and that guy determined which team won. Tonight Black Team lost because their chicken was cold and under cooked. The young head chef was voted by almost everyone, but one of the chef, Khoa, decided to pull himself out of the competition, so he and his cousin were out of the show.

If you’re interested in this show, you can find more info at, you can watch the first episode online there too. I’m sure it’s going to be available tomorrow. Cheers 🙂

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