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Howie Do It

Posted on: January 16, 2009

Just finished watching a new show on NBC, called Howie Do It. Basically it’s a prank show, hosted by Howie Mendell – you know, the deal or no deal guy. This show premiered last week and I missed it, but I’m gonna go watch last week’s episode on The pilot episode is already uploaded there and ready to be watched anytime.

Most of the prank works by hiring people for “part-time job.” Anyways, my favorite prank from tonight’s show is the one where they hired people to smash other people’s furniture and Larry (Howie) busted them. One of the “Mark” guy ran away 😆 It was a good one. The Isolate365 and fart-yoga were also hillarious.

From next week’s preview, they’re going to do a prank of Japanese Game Show. I don’t want to miss it, and if you do too, mark your calendar 🙂 Howie Do It airs every Friday at 8pm EST.

2 Responses to "Howie Do It"

I saw clips from Howie Mendell’s Show when he came to the area in December 2008 for a comedy show. He is so funny. I can’t wait to check out his new show.

I usually avoid shows like this like the plague, but watched that one with the guy that ran away and had to watch over and over. I loved how he was so darn polite to “Larry the cop” at first too, but jumping a ten-foot iron fence??? LOL!!!

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