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Momma’s Boy

Posted on: January 5, 2009

So I tuned in to NBC at 10 pm EST because it was a habit (of watching My Own Worst Enemy) and there was a new “looking-for-love” type of show: Momma’s Boy. This one is quite funny tho, and not too much cat-fight and bitching (because the mothers are staying with the girls). There are 3 guys who claim that they are momma’s boys and they bring along their moms to find their love. But as always, to add the excitement, the boys’ choices are not mom’s choices.

Another drama: one of the mother is a racist to the core. She doesn’t want any color-skinned girl for his boy. I cannot believe it that such human still exist. I don’t know if she’s just hired by the producers to act like that to add spice to the show or what, but darn she makes herself a good villain. She wants her daugher in law to be white,  catholic, and do whatever she says; it’s insanity. Go marry your own son!  😛 The other moms are okay, but of course, they’re not happy with their sons’ choices. One of the mom is already in love with a girl and keeps on pushing the girl to his son 😆

Anyways, I don’t really watch the whole full hour of the show because I keep on switching the channels. Not sure if I’m going to watch it again; I might if I really don’t have anything to do. But I’m sure this show appeals to broad audience. If you’re interested in watching it, go to, I’m sure that they have the first few episodes of the show uploaded there.

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