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Hulu Award Nomination, week 9

Posted on: December 23, 2008

Sorry for a week delay in announcing week 9 of Hulu Award Nomination. Due to holidays, last this week’s nomination is stretched for more than 2 weeks 🙂 so it’s not too late to vote. So anyway, continuing the Hulu Award Nomination and last week’s theme, here are last this week’s categories: Best Classic Movie, Best Action TV Series, Best Web Original, and Worst Web Original. So here it goes:

1. Best Classic Movie and the eligible nominees are:

Anatomy of a Psycho
Atom Age Vampire
Blue Denim
A Blueprint for Murder
Carnival of Souls
Dead End
Frankenstein’s Daughter
The Crawling Hand
The Desert Rats
The Giant Gila Monster
Guadalcanal Diary
The Longest Day
Man With the Gun
The Man Who Never Was
The Night of the Hunter
Night of the Living Dead
Some Like it Hot
The Phantom From 10000 Leagues
The Pride of the Yankees
Terror in the Haunted House
Terror is a Man
Wuthering Heights

2. Best Action TV Series and the eligible nominees are:

Burn Notice
Cover Me
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven
Knight Rider
My Own Worst Enemy
Prison Break
She Spies
Team Knight Rider
Tequila and Bonetti

3. Best & Worst Web Original and the eligible nominees are:

Barely Political
Best of Penn Says
Comedy Gumbo
Dating Brad Garrett
Destination X
Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Food Mojo
Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show
Latino Standup
The Matty Blake Show
National Geographic Animals
National Geographic Environment
National Geographic News
National Geographic Travel
Owen Benjamin Presents
Retro Minute
Sound Mojo
Stand Up Showcase
The Thunder Show

This web original category includes content that has been produced or released exclusively on the web. Just like not all reality shows are good, not all web originals are good. This time, we are nominating both the worst and the best at the same time, from the same eligible nominees.

I’m sure you’ll have your opinions on which series/movies you think deserve an award. It might be tough to pick just one, but don’t worry you can nominate more than one. So comment away 🙂 You can also still nominate from last week’s categories: Best Leisure/Travel Show, Best Cooking/Food Show, and Worst Reality Show. Just scroll down or click here.

If you never heard of any of the show and interested in watching it, you can always borrow or rent the DVD, or to watch it for free, go to and search for the title, just make sure that it belongs to the right category. Again, if you cannot watch Hulu (I understand that Hulu currently is only available in US), you can still nominate any of these shows if you happen to know and like any of them.

Also, if you are interested in voting for other previous categories, you can always go to to vote for your favorite shows and movies in the comments section. Each category is conveniently listed in the upper right corner of the main page. Happy commenting 😀

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