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Again, there is no Crusoe on TV tonight. On my previous post, I listed the schedule of the last 5 episodes of Cruose including the finale. Well, since I didn’t blog about last week’s episode, then I will write about it tonight. So Crusoe has been trying to help the captain Taylor whose ship had been taken over by the mutineers. The ship was broken though (see episode 4 recap here), but Olivia came and told Crusoe that the ship has been repaired and would sail in 48 hours. Captain Taylor and the prisoners had been moved to a brig on the ship.

Of course Crusoe was elated, because that ship could bring him back home. However, he knew that he would have to help captain Taylor. Crusoe believed that once captain Taylor’s reign was returned he would take him and Friday back to England. So, Crusoe and Friday made a plan to steal the mutineers boat and free the captain before they could leave the island. Olivia convinced Crusoe he needed her help to take the ship.

However, their plan didn’t go smoothly, a traitor in the captain’s crew spoiled their plans. Curious with the rest of the story? Watch the full episode at Below is a clip from that episode, enjoy 😀

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