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Forget two-oh-oh-eight, welcome two-oh-oh nine! Well, it’s not exactly midnight at where I am now, but I write this early post anyway for many reasons. 1. It’s 2009 already in some parts of the world. 2. I won’t be able to post at midnight as I may be busy 😆

Wish you all the happiest new year, and may all your new year resolutions come true!

So I spent most of my christmas weekend sitting on a dark room eating popcorn and soda. Yes, you guessed it right, I watch a lot of movies! I have to say thanks again for those who give me AMC gift card, loved the gift! So I watched a lot of movies, really alot. Be ready to read my (amateur) movie critics 😛 I promise, I won’t write any spoilers.

Yes Man

I love Jim Carey, and this movie didn’t dissapoint me. I’ts about a loser who turned his life around by saying Yes to anything. It’s funny, it’s crazy, and has a little romantic side. Well, some people are angry due to some of it’s “sexual” jokes. Meh, I think if your kids are as innocent as you think they are, they’re not gonna understand the joke, so it’s safe.  Anyway, on the Rating section, it’s already been writen that it has some sexual humor and brief nudity, so you’ve actually been warned. *shrugs*

Seven Pounds

Not really a fan of Will Smith in a serious dramas, but what can I say, he’s a great actor. I watched Pursuit of Happiness, and I liked it, so I was sure that I was gonna like this one too and I wasn’t wrong. As promised, the story delivers many layers and secrets, why Ben Thomas did what he did, but overall the story is solid. If you are a sucker for a great drama, this film will satisfy you.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

When I decided to purchase the ticket for this movie, I didn’t really know what to expect, except a touching story. I have a mixed review on this film. I think the film is beautiful, graceful, and touching, but I just couldn’t help but think how Benjamin Button going to die as a baby. The journey that Button experienced somehow reminded me of Forest Gump, but overall great movie.

The Spirit

I saw the trailer and I thought this movie might be cool, even though not a fan of black-n-white style. It turned out that black-n-white part was okay, but not the movie. Yeah sure, I didn’t expect this movie to have an Oscar-level performance, but the acting was horible (never liked Eva Mendes in any film, and this one is no exception). Maybe it’s the side effect of black-n-white camera, I don’t know.  

Marley & Me

A decent comedy, but not really great. Chemistry between Aniston and Wilson is great, but Marley is the star of the film, but that’s about it. It tried to be sentimental and touching when Marley …. (I leave it blank so it won’t spoil you), but I don’t really buy it. Just like Yes Man, lots of parents tried to shield their children from mild-sexual jokes and scenes.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I didn’t watch the original but I heard it was great. This remake was okay, I like the action, but the CGI was so-so. Maybe it’s just me, but when I was watching this movie, I kept on remembering War of the Worlds. If you are absolutely a sci-fi fan, you’ll love it more than I do.

There are still a couple of other movies that I want to see: Slumdog Millionaire, Australia, Valkyrie and probably Doubt and Frost/Nixon, but I don’t know if I have enough credit on my gift cards for it. I already promised my niece and nephew that I’m going to take them watch Bedtime Stories, and probably Tale of Desperaux too.

Few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the cancelled tv shows where I listed the scheduled air date for shows that are on their season finale. Crusoe only has 1 season with 13 episodes. From what I knew, there was supposed to be a Crusoe tonight and the last 3 episodes will air on 2009. However, I was surprised when I tuned in to NBC and found Beijing Olympics 2008 opening ceremony instead. So I checked with, and it appeared that they’ve changed their schedule quite a bit. So here’s the updated schedule for the last 4 episodes of Crusoe:

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ airs Saturday, 1/10 at 8pm ET
‘The Hunting Party’ airs Saturday, 1/17 at 8pm ET
‘The Traveler’ airs Saturday, 1/24 at 8pm ET
‘The Return’ airs Saturday, 1/31 at 8pm ET

Well, I guess it never hurts to re-watch the opening ceremony again. It was spectacular.

Merry Christmas! Merry Kwanza! Merry Hannukah! Whichever one you celebrate, or if none of them, happy holidays to you all! 😀 May this holiday season bring you joy.

I’m off to celebrate more, see ya later 🙂

Sorry for a week delay in announcing week 9 of Hulu Award Nomination. Due to holidays, last this week’s nomination is stretched for more than 2 weeks 🙂 so it’s not too late to vote. So anyway, continuing the Hulu Award Nomination and last week’s theme, here are last this week’s categories: Best Classic Movie, Best Action TV Series, Best Web Original, and Worst Web Original. So here it goes:

1. Best Classic Movie and the eligible nominees are:

Anatomy of a Psycho
Atom Age Vampire
Blue Denim
A Blueprint for Murder
Carnival of Souls
Dead End
Frankenstein’s Daughter
The Crawling Hand
The Desert Rats
The Giant Gila Monster
Guadalcanal Diary
The Longest Day
Man With the Gun
The Man Who Never Was
The Night of the Hunter
Night of the Living Dead
Some Like it Hot
The Phantom From 10000 Leagues
The Pride of the Yankees
Terror in the Haunted House
Terror is a Man
Wuthering Heights

2. Best Action TV Series and the eligible nominees are:

Burn Notice
Cover Me
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven
Knight Rider
My Own Worst Enemy
Prison Break
She Spies
Team Knight Rider
Tequila and Bonetti

3. Best & Worst Web Original and the eligible nominees are:

Barely Political
Best of Penn Says
Comedy Gumbo
Dating Brad Garrett
Destination X
Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Food Mojo
Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show
Latino Standup
The Matty Blake Show
National Geographic Animals
National Geographic Environment
National Geographic News
National Geographic Travel
Owen Benjamin Presents
Retro Minute
Sound Mojo
Stand Up Showcase
The Thunder Show

This web original category includes content that has been produced or released exclusively on the web. Just like not all reality shows are good, not all web originals are good. This time, we are nominating both the worst and the best at the same time, from the same eligible nominees.

I’m sure you’ll have your opinions on which series/movies you think deserve an award. It might be tough to pick just one, but don’t worry you can nominate more than one. So comment away 🙂 You can also still nominate from last week’s categories: Best Leisure/Travel Show, Best Cooking/Food Show, and Worst Reality Show. Just scroll down or click here.

If you never heard of any of the show and interested in watching it, you can always borrow or rent the DVD, or to watch it for free, go to and search for the title, just make sure that it belongs to the right category. Again, if you cannot watch Hulu (I understand that Hulu currently is only available in US), you can still nominate any of these shows if you happen to know and like any of them.

Also, if you are interested in voting for other previous categories, you can always go to to vote for your favorite shows and movies in the comments section. Each category is conveniently listed in the upper right corner of the main page. Happy commenting 😀

On this episode, Crusoe and Friday’s friendship was again put on a test. Crusoe was a little smug believing that he was smarter than Friday, who was uneducated. He pointed out that he had to study algebra. Friday had a “manhood” test too on his tribe, and Crusoe wanted to know what it was because he thought whatever Friday could do at 12 years old, he could do it too.

There were a series of tests on Friday’s tribe: walking on hot coals, jousting, bungeejumping, and duelling with crocodile. Friday failed the last test because he was afraid; he watched the boy before him got attacked and injured by crocodile so he chickened out. He believed that he’d made his father dissapointed in him, not to mention the whole tribe. He was a failed warrior.

Crusoe on the other hand, wanted to prove that he was (slightly) better than Friday by doing all the challenges, except the last one because Friday refused to tell him what it was. He insisted in asking Friday what it was causing Friday to be a little touchy. Friday was angry because Crusoe took the test as a game, and it was very important and serious matter for Friday. When Crusoe found out that Friday failed the test, he encouraged Friday to re-do the test and pass it. Friday told him to forget it.

However, Crusoe fell into his own trap and landed on a tree branch hanging a few feet above a lake with a “giant killer crocodile” waiting to eat him. Because he was injured, Crusoe couldn’t hang on to the branch any longer, and he fell down. Friday had to let go of his fear and duelled the crocodile to save Crusoe. And of course, he passed this time. Here’s a clip from last night’s episode:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Again, if you missed this episode (like me), you can watch it on or Four more episodes until Crusoe returns to England along with Friday. Stay tuned 🙂

Last week, we had Best Leisure/Travel Show, Best Food/Cooking Show, and Worst Reality Show. For this week, we have a couple new categories, but with end-of-year holiday, we have about 2 weeks for these categories. That’s said, I’ll post the new categories next week. So, those of you who wonder about this week’s hulu award nomination, stay tuned! Well, if you can’t wait, you can always go to 🙂

Update on midseason tv shows: Monk will return on January 9, 2009 at its usual time 9 pm EST, followed by Psych at 10 pm EST. For Burn Notice, USA network hasn’t released an official date for the 10th episode of 2nd season. I’ll keep an eye on it, but there’s good news: Burn Notice lands its 3rd season! No news on when Eureka will be back on Sci-Fi channel too. I’ll update this post as soon as I find out. *Update: Eureka won’t return this winter, but on Summer, read my post here for more info.

If you have any request on when your favorite shows will be back next winter, just leave me a comment and I’ll try my best to find the answer for you 🙂

Well, last night’s My Own Worst Enemy will be the last episode of the series that you’ll ever get to see. NBC axed the show without giving it a chance for a full season. 😡 I don’t know about you, but this last episode doesn’t bring closure to me. Yeah sure, Henry and Edward could co-exist without them hating each other. They understand each other better and can “pretend” to be each other more convincingly. However, there are still stories to be told, mysteries to be unrevealed. James, Boss of Janus, still has a lot of secrets that I’m intriqued to know. Sigh, I guess I have to just make up my own fan-fiction to make myself satisfied with this show. Anyways, I don’t know how long NBC will keep its page, even hulu announced that they can only “post up to 5 trailing episodes of the current season for a limited time.” Now my last hope for this series is that NBC will make the DVD of the only season of this show, and hopefully we can get to see another 1 or 2 episodes that are not aired. Fingers crossed.

Again, there is no Crusoe on TV tonight. On my previous post, I listed the schedule of the last 5 episodes of Cruose including the finale. Well, since I didn’t blog about last week’s episode, then I will write about it tonight. So Crusoe has been trying to help the captain Taylor whose ship had been taken over by the mutineers. The ship was broken though (see episode 4 recap here), but Olivia came and told Crusoe that the ship has been repaired and would sail in 48 hours. Captain Taylor and the prisoners had been moved to a brig on the ship.

Of course Crusoe was elated, because that ship could bring him back home. However, he knew that he would have to help captain Taylor. Crusoe believed that once captain Taylor’s reign was returned he would take him and Friday back to England. So, Crusoe and Friday made a plan to steal the mutineers boat and free the captain before they could leave the island. Olivia convinced Crusoe he needed her help to take the ship.

However, their plan didn’t go smoothly, a traitor in the captain’s crew spoiled their plans. Curious with the rest of the story? Watch the full episode at Below is a clip from that episode, enjoy 😀

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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