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Still in Russia

Posted on: November 30, 2008

This week on The Amazing Race: the teams still had to race in Moscow, Russia. From last week’s preview, it hinted that a team would lose passports and money. I immidately thought about Dan and Andrew 😆 but I was wrong, it was Dallas who actually left them on taxi and lost them. So he and his mother had to beg for money to do their tasks. Fortunately, they met a lot of nice people who gave them money to continue their race, however it slowed them down big time. I’m quite sad (not because I saw Toni cried), because I thought they were a great team to compete on the final 3 compared to the frat boys. Well anyway, next week is the final, I’m rooting for Nick and Star as they are really strong competitors, Ken and Tina have about 40% chance, and Dan and Andrew might win IF lady luck shines on them brighter than ever.

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