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This week on The Amazing Race: the teams still had to race in Moscow, Russia. From last week’s preview, it hinted that a team would lose passports and money. I immidately thought about Dan and Andrew 😆 but I was wrong, it was Dallas who actually left them on taxi and lost them. So he and his mother had to beg for money to do their tasks. Fortunately, they met a lot of nice people who gave them money to continue their race, however it slowed them down big time. I’m quite sad (not because I saw Toni cried), because I thought they were a great team to compete on the final 3 compared to the frat boys. Well anyway, next week is the final, I’m rooting for Nick and Star as they are really strong competitors, Ken and Tina have about 40% chance, and Dan and Andrew might win IF lady luck shines on them brighter than ever.


Posted on: November 28, 2008

Just a friendly reminder that there’s no new episode of Crusoe tonight. It will air next week on Saturday at 8 pm EST. So, with no Crusoe, I’m going to write about another show: Chase.

There’s a new reality show in Sci-fi Channel called Cha$e. It’s inspired from video game, but the difference is, it’s a real life game, human players are situated on a real life game board, and they have to survive until the end of the game to win money. Each week, 10 players compete for up to $50,000. The game is simple, the contestants, called Runners, pick up money for each second they “stay alive” while figuring out how the secret exit of the game. “Stay Alive,” you ask? Yes, the game wouldn’t be fun if there’s no challanges. Other than having to complete some tasks, the Runners are not alone in the game field, they are surrounded and stalked by 8 relentless Hunters thoughout the life sized “game boards.” So, the runners must stay uncaught in the game and also must also be conscious of their time. As the clock counts down, the tasks get harder and the Hunters grow more insistent. The last person stays alive will win the cash.

I think this show is really fun, because for me it looks like a reality show of Bourne Identiy. Each Hunters has distinct skills, like: Agility, Speed Runner, and Endurance. Click here to see the Hunters’ profie. So highly skilled Hunters vs. 10 Runners, it doesn’t sound balanced with the Hunters’ ability and gadgets. But no worries, the Runners are given some gadgets to stay incognito:

  • Runner Pack – which has other functions other than storing stuff
  • Deflector – to deflect 1 hunter to about face 180 degrees from runner
  • Freeze Ray – to freeze 1 hunter for 1 minute
  • Sonic Stunner – to freeze mutiple hunters for 2 minutes
  • Invisibility Glasses – to become “invisible” to hunters for 2 minutes

All the utility gadgets can only be used once by the runners, so they have to carefully plan their moves. Also, not every one of them will be able to have access to those gadgets. In the end, all is fair in competition and money. Some will be savvy and others will be sacrificed. The action-packed show takes place throughout various locations in Los Angeles like San Pedro Harbor, Universal Theme Park and the Descanso Gardens.
This new show airs on Scifi Channel every Tuesday at 10pm EST. The first few episodes are already availabe online. Visit the show’s official website for more information and videos:

Continuing the Hulu Award Nomination, this week’s theme is Drama. There are 4 new categories this week and they are: Best Dramatic Movie, Short Format Series (Comedy), and Short Format Series (non-Comedy). For drama and comedy lovers, I’m sure you’ll have your opinions on which movie, TV show, and short series that you think deserve an award. It might be tough to pick just one, but don’t worry you can nominate more than one. So comment away 🙂 Again, I’m using excerpt due to the long list of eligible nominees, especially we have the most nominees so far. Click on read more to view the eligible candidates and to comment.
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Posted on: November 25, 2008

Continuing last week’s story, Edward found out that his parents were killed by Janus, so naturally, he became disloyal toward the company he’d served for many years. He agreed to steal Falcon (something to do with missile) and hand it over to KGB as an exchange for the help. He doubled back the security testing that was held by Janus and steal Falcon instead. However, just before the exchange, Henry woke up, and things became messed up because Janus sent Raymond to hunt the traitor down. Raymond managed to kill the KGB agent, but Henry managed to escape unscratched and his identity hidden.

In this episode we learn about Edward’s parents. His father was a CIA agent, and Edward was actually a great kid. Due to seeing his parents died in “accident,” he decided to be a spy to find out who killed his parents. The fact that was given by KGB agent made Edward wanted to betray his country just to find out the truth, but Henry talked him out of it and Edward returned the Falcon. He also managed to saved themselves from being revealed as the traitor who had a deal with KGB.

This week the teams went to Moscow, Russia. Despite the siblings winning last week and the frat boys last place, all the teams got the same flight to Moscow, so it was every team’s game. Right after exiting the airport to the first task, Toni & Dallas and Nick & Star were head to head. But after that, it was downhill for Nick & Star. They had a taxi driver who had little knowledge of the places they needed to go. Even though they finished every task fast, but the cab problem made them fell behind the mother-son and separated couple teams. They fired the cab driver after the last task, but they had a hard time finding a new taxi, and after getting one, the new driver still got lost a little.

But in the end, the siblings managed to secure 3rd place. So it meant that the Frat Boys was the last team to arrive. The frat boys weren’t having the best time either; they struggled on the detour tasks. They arrived at detour location the same time with Tina & Ken, and they were going to do the Boots detour where they had to march. But Andrew was having a hard time with the feet wrap, even Nick & Star who arrived last on the location finished the task before them. Then, they decided to give that detour task and do the other one, but they didn’t realize that they still had to wear the uniform along with the feet wrap. So they went back and put the army uniform again and they decided to the Boot detour again. But this time Dan was having a hard time marching. He was so uncoordinated and had no sense of rhythm, it was so funny even the Russian soldiers were laughing 😆 So they ditched the Boot detour again, and decided to do the other task.

After wasting a huge amount of time on detour, the frat boys headed to their last task for the day. Luckily, they had a good cab driver to make up the lost time. Dan finished the road block fast and they headed to the pit stop racing with Nick & Star who was lost, again. But it wasn’t the last problem that the frat boys faced, they didn’t have enough money to pay the cab driver; they even had to pay with their new shoes. Well, it was justified because they wasted money on buying new shoes on airport (they left their shoes at Kazakhstan). So in the end, they got to the pitstop last. But this week wasn’t elimination week, so they were safe, but they would have a speed bump next week. I really want to see how they are going to perform next week with an extra task. We’ll see if lady luck still shines on them (they’re still in the game purely because of her). It looks like next week the teams will still be roaming in Russia.

 Before I get to this week’s Crusoe, I just want to pass on NBC’s little announcement: Crusoe will move to Saturdays 8 pm EST in 2 weeks. Most likely, there won’t be new episode of Crusoe nex week (Friday or Saturday), and I’ve confirmed it from NBC’s schedule. So new episode of Crusoe will air on December 6 at 8 pm EST.

So this week on Crusoe, Friday got poisoned by poisonous honey he ate. He had a major hallucination and attacked Crusoe. Crusoe managed to contained him by locking Friday up on bamboo cage. Crusoe then tried to find an antidote, and with help with Olivia, a pirate girl disguised as a man, who had medicinal knowledge. Together the tried to find the antidote plant (with minor flirting). Once they found the plant, they had to find Friday who escaped from the cage.

While in pain, Friday who tought that Crusoe was his enemy, tried to kill Crusoe. He even managed to put Crusoe on bamboo cage and almost shot him with an arrow. Crusoe tried to remind Friday about their friendship and everything they’d been through. Friday became confused for a moment before attacking Crusoe again. After seeing Crusoe as his father, Friday ran away. Crusoe and Olivia then devised a plan to catch Friday where Crusoe became a bait. The plan worked out well, and Friday was cured.

It was obvious that Olivia had a crush on Crusoe, but Crusoe politely rejected her with Suzanna (his wife) as a shield. We also got to see Crusoe’s good bye to his wife because he had to flee. He remembered that it was 6 years ago, but I thought according to the book, Crusoe had been stranded for 28 years? Anyways, if you miss this episode, watch it here: Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you can’t watch the video above for any reason, you can always go to to watch it 🙂

Continuing the Hulu Award Nomination, this week’s categories are new and exciting. They are: Best Comedy Movie, TV Show, and Short Films. For comedy lovers, I’m sure you’ll have your opinions on which movie, tv show, and short films deserve an award. It might be tough to pick just one, but don’t worry you can nominate more than one. So comment away 🙂 Again, I’m using excerpt due to the long list of eligible nominees, especially we have the most nominees so far. Click on read more to view the eligible candidates and to comment.
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In Chuck, his on-again girlfriend Jill turned out not to be innocent afterall. I can’t say I’m surprised though, I’ve suspected it actually that she had bigger role than to be Chuck’s ex girlfriend. My favorite moment of this episode: the conversation between Sarah and Chuck on the vent system (which got Jill the wrong idea) 😆

On My Own Worst Enemy, Henry was suspecting if his wife Angie was another spy. Turned out she wasn’t, but she did have something that she’d kept secret from Henry: she met her ex. On the other hand, Edward continued his relationship with Dr. Skinner, and in the end of the episode he found what he’d been looking for: his past, the truth about his parents. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out what it is.

Darn it, I think My Own Worst Enemy’s story is getting better and better but it still got cancelled. NBC executives, are you blind? Do you even watch the show? I bet they “watch” the show by watching the ratings. Lame.

In this week’s race, the teams went to Kazakhstan, a country in between Asia and Europe. It was a little funny though, all the flights to Kazakhstan from India had connections (Dubai, Moscow, and Frankfurt) farther than the destination; check your map if you’re curious. Anyways, Nick and Star, Toni and Dallas, Ken and Tina all got the first flight to Kazakhstan. Terrence and Sarah got the second flight, and Dan and Andrew got on the last flight.

But it didn’t really matter, because when the first 3 teams arrived at their destination, it was still around midnight and the chicken farm hadn’t opened yet. Even Dan and Andrew could make it on time to be able to enter the chicken farm. Then they found a task and a fast forward. Tina & Ken, Toni & Dallas, and Dan & Andrew chose to do the task, which was finding a golden egg among thousands of chickens.

Nick & Star and Terrence & Sarah went for the fast forward where they had to eat the not-so-desirable-part of animal. Terrence, being a vegetarian, had a hard time doing the fast forward, but unfortunately, he didn’t realize that he couldn’t do it fast enough. By the time Nick and Star almost finsihed, Terence and Sarah decided to give up, and they had to do the chicken task, when the other 3 teams had finished.

In this episode, all the teams chose the same detour: Act like a fool, where they had to wear cow costum. Toni & Dallas was the 2nd team to arrive at pit stop followed by Tina and Ken. So it was between the frat boys and the sentimental couple. The frat boys had been a difficult time this round, even on the last task, they failed to read the instruction carefully so they had to repeat the last part where they had to walk by foot. Despite having to redo the last part of the task, their headstart from Terence and Sarah was too wide so the couple was eliminated.

But I bet the frat boys would be eliminated next time. Their performance during the past few races had always been poor, and their weak teamwork wasn’t helping either; they kept on arguing with each other. But then again, things might turn around next week, we’ll see. I wonder what country they’ll go.

This week on Crusoe, the mutineers are taking a break (from the screen). Instead, Crusoe and Friday met Captain Santana, the Spanish Guard captain (from episode 1), the one who betrayed Friday and Crusoe. He hunted them down to get gold and in the end, he broke the promise of taking them out of the island.

Crusoe and Friday found Friday’s old tribe and found out that they had a new victim for sacrificial ceremony. Despite having the chance to get away from the island using the tribe’s boat, they decided to help the poor victim first. And so they did, but they were surprised that it was Captain Santana. Friday loathed him, and didn’t believe the story that he had a friend among the tribe that was going to be sacrificed too. Of course, Friday didn’t believe him, but Crusoe did. It turned out that Santana’s friend was Friday’s father.

So they worked together to save him. But because Santana was injured during the rescue mission, Crusoe and Friday had to set the diversion, and only Santana and Friday’s father got out on the boat. Friday and Crusoe were stuck on the island again, but they were hopeful now because they knew that this time Captain Santana would come back and get them. Friday also got his revenge on the tribe leader, who once wanted to kill him and almost killed his father.

Here’s a clip from this week’s episode:
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Again, if you’d like to watch the full episodes of Crusoe, just visit or

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