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Hulu Award Nomination

Posted on: October 28, 2008

So I’ve been chosen to be one of the panelist of Hulu Award, an award held by Hulu Review. Starting from last week until mid-December, I’ll be nominating shows/movies/clips of various categories. Last week’s category was sports, so I nominated American Gladiator and Ninja Warrior because I like obstacle course-type of show. I’ve never heard of Ninja Warrior before until I watch it on Hulu, and I kinda like it. I wish there are full of episodes though instead of just clips.

Anyway, this week, I’ll be nominating 3 categories, and to be honest the categories are out of my knowledge. So I’m asking you all, my faithful reader (or random people who just happen to stop by), to help me choose nominees for these categories. You can nominate as many nominees as you like, and I will take all your nomination into my consideration before I submit it to Hulu Man. All you have to do is leave a comment 😀 By the way, if you cannot watch Hulu (I understand that Hulu currently is only available in US), you can still nominate any of these shows if you happen to like it. So here it goes:

1. Best Classic TV Show and the eligible nominess are:

The Addams Family
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Father Knows Best
McHale’s Navy
The Three Stooges Collection 1934-1936
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

2. Best show of the 70s, and the eligible nominees are:

Adam 12
Alias Smith and Jones
Barney Miller
Battlestar Galactica Classic
The Bob Newhart Show
Charlie’s Angels
I Dream of Jeannie
I Spy
It Takes a Thief
Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot
Land of the Giants
Lost in Space
Lou Grant
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Nanny and the Professor
Night Gallery
One Day at a Time
The Partridge Family
The Rockford Files
Starsky and Hutch
The Time Tunnel
What’s Happening?
Welcome Back Kotter

3. Best show of the 80s, and the eligible nominees are:

The A Team
Archie Bunker’s Place
Buck Rogers
DC Follies
Elvira’s Movie Macabre
The Facts of Life
The Fall Guy
Galactica 1980
Hart to Hart
Hill Street Blues
The Incredible Hulk
Married With Children
Miami Vice
The Munsters Today
Remington Steele
Silver Spoons
Simon and Simon
St. Elsewhere
TJ Hooker
WKRP in Cincinnati
Who’s the Boss?
The White Shadow
What’s Happening Now?
Fantasy Island

You can watch these old classics at And, if you know and love one of these old classics, nominate them so they’ll get a chance to win Hulu Award. I’m counting on you all, so comment away!

6 Responses to "Hulu Award Nomination"

Some corrections to your nominees …

The following “70s” shows aired in the “60s,”

I Dream of Jeannie
I Spy
It Takes a Thief
Land of the Giants
Lost in Space
Time Tunnel

Thanks for the information. However, I simply just follow the categories made by By the way, do you happen to have any favorite among these shows?

Thanks for posting, yeah there are few classic that i remember are worth voting or infact, they worth to be as the best…

For me they are

1. Bewitched
2. One day at a time.
3. Airwolf.

Thanks 🙂

I love Charlie’s Angels and SWAT. I also used to watch Miami Vice. I hope it helps.

These are the shows I liked:

I dream of Jeannie
Charlie’s Angels
It takes a thief
Partridge Family
Starsky and Hutch
Welcome Back Kotter
Married with Children
Miami Vice
Hart to Hart

And a few that are not on your list Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Chips, the original Knight Rider and Perfect Strangers. Plus I don’t know if they had a late night talk show category, but Arsenio Hall show was good too. (I think that was the 90’s, not too sure?)

Hope this helps!

Oh I used to watch 6 million dollar man, bionic woman, and knight rider too. But they’re not eligible for nomination on this category, perhaps in other categories (it’s up to Hulu Man). Thanks for the input though.

They suck. We’re better hulahoop and other services have Hawaii 5-0, I mean, who watches that? We have Entourage, The Hills, and everything else – you know, shows people actually watch.

I’m pretty sure the current shows will have their own categories. But you have to wait for few more weeks for their nominations =)

1. Dick Van Dyke
2. The Rockford Files
3. The A TEAM!

Too bad All in the Family wasn’t in the 70’s list, but Archie Bunker’s Place was included in the 80’s list. Kind of backwards.

Yeah, I’ve received some complains that the categories aren’t accurate, but it’s what Hulu wants. But thanks for the input.

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