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For few days, whenever I tried to go to my blog, I always got this pop-up message:
“Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site
Operation Aborted”

And there’s an OK box that I could click on. The page had already loaded just fine, but the message kept on popping up wherever I went on my blog, including my pages. After I clicked OK, the message went away, but when I went to another page/post, it popped up again. It was pretty annoying. After posting this problem on forum, I found out that the problem came from Platial MapKit widget that I had. Apparently the widget cannot loading correctly in Internet Explorer 7, which I’m using, resulting in the error message. It’s funny though, I’ve been using IE 7 for a while, and I’ve had the Platial MapKit for a while too and I didn’t have any error.

So anyways, I have removed the widget until the problem is resolved. I kinda like the widget though, so I’m quite sad. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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