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I Heart San Francisco

Posted on: September 23, 2008

Everyone has a city they call home, for me, it’s San Francisco. I’m not originally from San Francisco, but I’ve spent a good few years living here and I feel that this city is my home away from home. I don’t live in San Francisco anymore due to the fate of life, but I hope that I will be able to stay here when I’m growing old. So you might ask, why the nostalgic post all of the sudden? Because part of the route of my vacation is visiting bay area, and boy, I just realise how much I miss this city.

First of all, I’m a type of person who prefers cloudy and cold days to sunny and warm days (yes, I’m weird, and I’m proud 8) ). So if you’re a San Franciscan or you have visited this city before, you’ll know how cold this city can be. Even on sunny days, the wind from the beach/ocean blows so hard, it’s chilly. When I show people my pictures in San Francisco, they always say, “Why the hell you use a sweater in such a sunny day?” They have no idea how chilly it was. I know Chicago is a wind city, but I’ve never been there before, so for me, San Francisco is the wind city.

The next thing that I love about this city is the fog. I think it makes the city more mellow and romantic. Next, I love the hills, in the city or outside the city. The bridges, love them, they connect the parts of bay area and making travelling from one side to another not only fast but also enjoyable. The views are just breath-taking.

One more thing that I noticed, more chinese restaurants here offer free tea. Unlike those in other cities that charge $1 or more per cup of tea! What a rip-off. I have so many memories in this city, but I only have one more day to enjoy and re-visit my old home. I will write another post as I continue my vacation. 🙂

Oh, in the spirit of this vacation, I’m going to change the theme (layout) of this blog. As I browsed around, there are a couple that I like. I like this Depo Masthead theme because it looks like a newspaper’s layout and it’s very simple. On the minus side, there’s no side bars, all the widets are put down below, so I don’t use it.

 So, I decided to use Albeo theme, instead. It’s still simple, but it’s more colorful, and it suits my mood right now. I might change it back to Quentin, but we’ll see.

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