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Also, some Japanese games can be very harsh for some people. But for the Japanese, the games are fun and made to make people laugh, and that’s all they care about.

The famous “spank-for-laughing” game: the Batsu (Punishment) Games.
The best-known video is the english-lesson video part of the season 3 where the guys had to spend a day in high school:

The graduation day – more spanking!

Hillarious, even the spankers can’t help laughing.

There are 5 seasons of the No Laughing game:
No-Laughing Hot Spring Inn (2003)
No Laughing in Yugawara (2004)
No-Laughing High School (2005)
No-Laughing Police Station (2006)
No-Laughing Hospital (2007)

The group is called Gaki no Tsukai. To watch all videos with English sub, click here. He has all 13 video of Gaki No Tsukai Onsen Batsu 1.

There’s another recently well-known game played by Gaki no Tsukai, the Silent Library Game. So much for the name, the game isn’t silent at all even though they are trying so hard. It’s really funny!
Part 1:

Part 2:

No sub for these videos, but there aren’t much talking.
Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Again, as always, there’s some other version, like this one by Binghamton University students:

The ones below are pretty extreme. Yes, they are funny, but I don’t quite get it, a little bit out of the line IMO.

This one is simply OUCH:

Everyone has a city they call home, for me, it’s San Francisco. I’m not originally from San Francisco, but I’ve spent a good few years living here and I feel that this city is my home away from home. I don’t live in San Francisco anymore due to the fate of life, but I hope that I will be able to stay here when I’m growing old. So you might ask, why the nostalgic post all of the sudden? Because part of the route of my vacation is visiting bay area, and boy, I just realise how much I miss this city.

First of all, I’m a type of person who prefers cloudy and cold days to sunny and warm days (yes, I’m weird, and I’m proud 8) ). So if you’re a San Franciscan or you have visited this city before, you’ll know how cold this city can be. Even on sunny days, the wind from the beach/ocean blows so hard, it’s chilly. When I show people my pictures in San Francisco, they always say, “Why the hell you use a sweater in such a sunny day?” They have no idea how chilly it was. I know Chicago is a wind city, but I’ve never been there before, so for me, San Francisco is the wind city.

The next thing that I love about this city is the fog. I think it makes the city more mellow and romantic. Next, I love the hills, in the city or outside the city. The bridges, love them, they connect the parts of bay area and making travelling from one side to another not only fast but also enjoyable. The views are just breath-taking.

One more thing that I noticed, more chinese restaurants here offer free tea. Unlike those in other cities that charge $1 or more per cup of tea! What a rip-off. I have so many memories in this city, but I only have one more day to enjoy and re-visit my old home. I will write another post as I continue my vacation. 🙂

Oh, in the spirit of this vacation, I’m going to change the theme (layout) of this blog. As I browsed around, there are a couple that I like. I like this Depo Masthead theme because it looks like a newspaper’s layout and it’s very simple. On the minus side, there’s no side bars, all the widets are put down below, so I don’t use it.

 So, I decided to use Albeo theme, instead. It’s still simple, but it’s more colorful, and it suits my mood right now. I might change it back to Quentin, but we’ll see.

So, I bought a laptop, and I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with it. I got a pretty good deal (in my opinion), it’s a Pentium 4 laptop with 2.0 GHz speed. The battery, which I was the most concern about, was fine. It doesn’t as long as I wanted, but it lasts for more than 1 hour which is good for me. But the problem with my new (used) laptop is the heat. When it’s used for more than 30 minutes, it gets really hot. I mean very HOT. Even the keyboard becomes so warm and the touch pad doesn’t work well because it’s too warm.

I know that buying second hand electronics is risky, but I just didn’t have the budget to buy a new one. I did some googling and found out that most of Pentium 4 laptops have shorter battery problem than Pentium 3, but do they have heat problem too? Any of you have a pentium 4 laptop that has the same overheating problem as mine? I don’t know if I’m going to re-sell this laptop or not. Maybe I’ll give it a shot on my vacation and see how it performs. If it’s getting worse, I have no choice but to sell it again.

If you like spy game, here’s a chance for you to win a car! If you watch Burn Notice, you know that Saab is the sponsor of the show, so they’re giving a way a grand prize of Saab 9-3 Convertible and Oliver Peoples Sunglasses like Michael wears as mini-prizes. The online game itself actually has already started up since July 17, the premier of Burn Notice (but I just found out about it). But no worries, you and I can still participate; the sweepstakes ends on Sept. 25, 2008. There are 9 missions, and they are given out each week. So if you register today, you have to complete the first 7 missions, and the last one will come next week along with the latest episode of Burn Notice.

You can also enter the sweepstakes without playing, or play without entering the sweepstakes, so it’s up to you. To play the game (and enter sweepstakes), go to, create an account, and play. To enter the Sweepstakes by email without playing/creating an account, send an email to For more information and the rules of the game/sweepstakes, visit the website. Good luck 🙂

On another tv show, I just finished watching America’s toughest jobs. Last week, the players were gold mining, this week, they had to become drivers at Monster Truck Jam. This challenge is my least favorite so far, because I’m not into racing and daredevil-type of show.

Burn Notice is back, and I couldn’t be happier. This episode is the 2nd last of the first 9 episodes of the 2nd season. The last 7 episodes will be aired in winter. In this episode, Michael got to found out what he was used by Carla for. Apparently, he was just a tactical support for another bigger operation. Billy, a snipper, was assigned (by assigned, I mean forced) by Carla to kill someone (it’s not revealed yet who). He used the security card that Carla made Michael forge and a pimped riffle that Victor (works with Carla) stole with Michael’s help. The story is getting more and more interesting, because I was wondering where did Carla go.

On the side job, Michael met up with his old spy friend, Larry, who’s not so much of a nice guy. Larry faked his own death, and lives to be a proffesional hitman. He wanted Michael as a partner, but he wanted to test him first, so he offered Michael a job to kill a woman. Michael didn’t wanna kill the woman, but he couldn’t let down Larry’s offer. So he sent Fiona to guard the woman. Michael also found out that the step-son, who hired Larry, hired 2 more people to kill his step-mom. After, Michael made the step-son bailed on the plan, Larry wasn’t happy and insisted to kiill the woman himself. So Michael intended to stop Larry once and for all by killing him, but he couldn’t get himself to do it. But, in the end, the woman is safe and alive.

Well, I decided, but haven’t bought one yet. I’ve emailed several people that are selling laptop on craigslist. We’ll see which better deal I can get. I’ve been wanting to buy one for some time, but the “push” that made me do it was some bad news that I got yesterday. Apparently, my best friend bailed on me. He decided not to go on the trip. So, the number of people going shrunk, and….now I’m stuck sharing a room with a fella that I can’t say that I’m fond of. So, I’m going to buy a laptop, so I can spend my time with my laptop when I’m stuck with him in the hotel. What’s more, I can keep blogging, yay! So stay tune to hear about my vacation stories – Don’t worry, he’ll never read this post 😉

Anyway, I watched another sneak peak of Hole in the Wall last night, the show itself will premier tomorrow at 8pm EST. But, deep down I don’t find this show to be as funny as the japanese’s Human Tetris videos on youtube. I don’t know, maybe I watched too much of the videos. I’ll still watch it though. Someone just reminded me about The Amazing Race, I love the show! It’s going to premier on Sept 28 at 8pm EST on CBS, don’t miss it! Speaking of which, I’ll be on my vacation by then. Looks like I’m going to miss the first 2 episodes of The Amazing Race 😐 After coming back from vacation, I have sooooooo many tv shows that I have to catch up on. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch everything I want during my vacation.

Btw, just in case any of you care, I finished re-watching 1st season of Eureka, and starting the 2nd season. Fringe? I missed the first 45 minutes of the pilot, and I hate watching something halfways, so not to watch it at all until I can watch everything from the first minute.

So I just watched Hole in the Wall sneak peak, and I love it. Even without the sneak peak, I’m sure I’ll watch it 😛 Anyway, this show really use the same format as the japanese version: the Human Tetris, even the players’ suit and helmet. So the players (2 groups of 3) have to face each other in 3 rounds, and the team with most points after 3 rounds can get into the bonus round. But there’s a catch on bonus round, the guy/girl to do the job is blind folded and the teammates must give him/her directions. It’s really funny!

Anyway, if you miss the sneak peak, there’ll be another sneak peak on Tuesday after the premier of Fringe. But Hole in the Wall itself will premier on Thursday (9/11) at 8pm EST. So don’t miss it!

I have been planning to take a break from work for quite a while. Since summer quarter is over, I’ll have a couple of weeks off before fall quarter begins. Where am I going? That’s a secret 😉

I’ve told one of my boss that I’m gonna leave for 2.5 weeks, and she understands. On the other hand, on my other job, I haven’t got a chance to talk to my boss about my plan. On that job, I’ve had about 2 weeks off because my boss was out of town, and the next time I’ll see him is on Monday. So…on Monday, I have to break it to my boss that I’m going to take 2.5 weeks off after 1 week of working (I’ll be leaving the week after) 😐 I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but I cannot cancel my plan because I won’t get refund. Maybe I should’ve told him before he left 2 weeks ago. Oh well, if I get fired from that job, I’ll just have to find another job after I come back from my vacation. 😆

While I’m away, most likely I won’t be able to update my blog either because I don’t have a laptop to bring. I’ve planned to buy a second-hand laptop, but I’m not sure that I’m willing to spend the money. I’ve found a great deal (I think) on craigslist, but I still can’t make up my mind if I need it or not.

So I started watching Chuck online (didn’t watch it when it was on air), and I’m hooked right away. For those of you who didn’t watch it, Chuck is a spy-themed tv show, like Burn Notice. But the main character, Chuck, is not uber cool, multi-language speaker, ass-kicking character. Chuck in fact is a leader of the Nerd Herd (think Geek Squad), who accidentally got involved into intellegent world because his college friend, Bryce -who Chuck thought was an accountant, stole a very very secret file containing secret information from several different intel agencies. So he was hunt down by a hot CIA agent, Sarah, and a guy from NSA (can’t remember his name 😆 ). Because Chuck somehow memorized the content, he’s now forced to work for them. Like Burn Notice, this tv show is also full of action, at least from what I see from the first few episodes.  

Speaking of Burn Notice, there hasn’t been any new episodes these past few weeks because of US Open, and it includes this week. So for those of you who are wondering, the new episode will air on Sept 11 at usual time. Write it down on your calendar so you don’t miss it 😛 After that, there will be another new episode on the following week (Sept 18), but after that USA network is going to put it on a break until winter. USA network will air the remaining 7 episodes of the 2nd season early next year.

Since I don’t have too many things to watch now, I’m re-watching season 1 of Eureka. If you like sci-fi shows, you must’ve watched it too. But even if you’re not really into it, I really recommend watching it. The story in each episode is always refreshing. More new seasons of old series or new series are coming soon. Prison break, knight rider (I’ll give it a shot), Crusoe, and my own worst enemy are among those I want to watch. Between work, school, and other tv shows that I want to watch, 24 hours a day isn’t enough! Goog thing that I don’t have HBO or ShowTime, otherwise I don’t know how I can keep up with things 😆

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