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Posted on: August 1, 2008

So this week on Burn Notice, we learn that Carla’s full alias is Carla Baxter, an aquafier specialist (whatever that is). Again, this week Carla didn’t give Michael any job. So Michael worked on a side job that Nate picked up. This time, Michael had to find where Katya’s (the client) kidnapped sister was held. Katya was quite a girl, she confronted the kidnapper and hit him, lol. But not as much as Fiona, she stunted herself along with the kidnapper while trying to captured the him. She also suggested thousands of volts for torturing him for information. But this time, the kidnapper was very good, he didn’t give any information at all, even with Sam’s methods. It forced Michael to disguised as fellow cellmate. So we learn Michael’s other abilities: Sambo (Russian martial art), and Russian. Now we know that Michael can speak Arabic and Russian. I speak neither language so I don’t know how good his foreign language is.

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