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I watched Monk’s 6th episode of 7th season where Mr. Monk fell in love. Some of you might have watched it last week, but the 7th episode isn’t available yet on 😦 Anyway, the woman was a main suspect in a homocide of a taxi driver. She had the motive but no alibi at the time of the murder, and all evidence deduced by Mr. Monk pointed to her. But Monk was dead sure that she wasn’t the killer, and everyone (including me) thought that it was because he had a crush on her. Trying to prove her innocence, Mr. Monk almost got charged by obstruction of justice.

After everything was out of hand, the woman admitted that she had killed the cab driver, but Monk couldn’t believe it, so he kept on investigating. In the end, he found out that the woman’s mother was the killer, and she was put in jail. The woman that Monk had crushed on wasn’t happy that her mom was put behind bars so she left Monk. One thing that I noticed on that episode that the woman was riding Metro bus, that’s so LA. I lived in SF before, and the bus there is called Muni. 😆

Anyway, having extra time due to less work and boring classes, I spend my time re-reading Harry Potter (for the xx-th time). Yes, I did and still do read other stuff during classes, which reminds me of the good old times back in junior high. Kids, don’t try this at your school. It’s a bad bad example to follow. 🙄 Anyway, like many people, I’m also pissed that the Half Blood Prince movie’s release is pushed back until next summer to get more money. Greedy Warner Bros. 👿

So anyway, as I read the first book, this thought occur to me: how on earth Muggle-borns, like Hermione, find out how to get to Diagon Alley and Platform 9 3/4? My rationale for this question is they get a special instruction on their Hogwart letters. This works for the train platform, but the Diagon Alley? They have to tap the right brick with their wand, and they don’t have a wand yet! 😯 Maybe the inn-keeper Tom was instructed to help new Muggle born to get into Diagon Alley? If so, then I imagine the special instruction will be like this:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Special Instructions on how to get to Diagon Alley to buy your school supplies:

  1. Go to London and find Leaky Cauldron, a small pub between a book shop and record shop.
  2. Inside Leaky Cauldron, ask for Tom to get you to Diagon Alley.
  3. Once you get in Diagon Alley, find Gringotts, a snowy white tall building with bronze doors.
  4. Then, exchange your currency into Galleons, Sickels and Knuts.
  5. Now you can shop for your uniform, books, and other equipments.

Special Instructions on how to get to Platform 9 3/4 on King’s Cross:

Walk or run a little straight at the barrier between platforms nine and ten. 

Note: It is important not to be nervous while trying to get to the platform, and make it as quick as possible so other people won’t notice.

What do you think? Do you agree with my special instruction theory, or do you have other theory? Did anyone ask JK Rowling about this in Q&A?

By the way, anyone else read the news about Harri Puttar movie from India? It’s sued by Warner Bros because the name is wayyy to similar to you-know-what. 😆

If you think I Survived Japanese Game Show is stupid and humiliating, you may be right. The Majide show itself might not be a real show, but that’s how other game show is in Japan. They wear silly outfits (even the host is wearing a dress), the challenges are crazy, the audience is loud and the background is flashingly colorful, but the show is hillarious. Take a look at these videos, they are from the same game show (Majide-type of games) 

The famous spinning platforms:

This one is similar with one of Majide’s challenge, but with boxing twist:

Rope Swing:

Here’s another video:

Note: If you are wondering why those people run to the ice bucket after they fall to the pool, it’s because the pool is full with hot water. Japanese people is well-known for their hot bath, and apparently fond of spinning too. You can see the pool is steaming in the video below:

Treadmill madness:

Next time, I’ll write about other types of Japanese game show, and of course, more videos! 🙂

Does anyone else watch tonight’s America’s Toughest Job? It’s a new reality show on NBC by the producers of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers. By the name of the show, you can guess that they basically choose people and challenge them with tough jobs. On tonight’s first episode, the contestants went crab fishing on Bering Sea in Alaska. If you watch Deadliest Catch or you’re a crab fisherman, you know the drill. They were seperated into 2 groups and went crab fishing under supervision of 2 captains. The worst 2 players from each team were asked to redeem themselves, and the worst one was sent home. The first player to go tonight was Senta, a secretary from LA.

This is one of some new shows that I watch since season finale of The Mole and Japanese Game Show, and the end of Olympic 2008. At the moment, I don’t have anything else to watch, other than the usual Burn Notice, Monk and Pysch. But Fall is coming, and new season of TV shows are coming back. Oh, I’m looking forward to watch My Worst Enemy on NBC. A story about a guy with dual personalities (I think?), and he has no idea about it. One is a family guy, and the other one is an intelegent agent. Sounds interesting right?

So I just finished watching the Olympic’s Closing Ceremony. Even though, I’d seen the pictures before hand, I watched it anyway. It was shorter than the Opening Ceremony but still impressing. I really like the Tower of Memory concept, and boy, aren’t those people fast from one position to another. They invited all Chinese celebrities to sing (I saw Jackie Chan and Andy Lau), and one of the song that got stuck on my head is “Wo Ai Beijing” – translation: I love Beijing. After that, a red double decker bus came to symbolize that the game is moving to London. Inside the bus: David Beckham, Leona Lewis, and Jimmy Page.

So the summer game is officialy over, and 4 years later, it’s London’s time to shine.

So this week, I had a pile of things to do at work, 20 pages of draft due this week, and finals are coming closer, making me hardly have time to breathe. Thank goodness that there’s nothing much on TV (no more The Mole and I survived Japanese show), that’s an extra 2 hours for me to do something else. But I can’t wait until this weekend, where I can catch up with everything I miss (on TV of course), and next week I’ll have a week off from one of my job because my boss is going out of town. Yay!

So, I’ve been planning to take a few weeks off from work in the end of summer (after this quarter is over), to take a vacation somewhere. I’ll get into that more next week, when I have more time to blog 😉 I don’t even have time to moderate the comments, I’ll do that next week too. Until then, cya.

So we’re pretty much on the halfway; only 7 more days to go until the closing ceremony. So far US has the most total medal, but China leads the number of gold medals by far. I don’t know if US can catch China in the number of gold in the remaining games. Basketball men and women are favorite to get gold, and we still have good chances in Beach Voleyball, Volleyball, Water Polo, Baseball and Softball, oh and Women Soccer.

Kudos to US swimming team that dominates with 12 golds, and 8 of them from Phelps. Well, he won 5 solo and the rests were team efforts. Great job for the Great Haul of China, but I won’t be talking about Phelps because there are bigger fans of him out there that have blogged about him 🙂 Other swimmers did a tremendeous job too: Lochte, Piersol, Coughlin, Soni, Hoff, Crocker, and many more. Even though some of them did not get gold, I’m still proud of them.

Moving on to gymnastics, China dominates the men and US is a strong contender on women. Without Hamm brothers, US men lost almost half of its potential, but Horton and Artemev did a splendid job. So far China grabbed 4 golds (Men team, women team, men all-around, men vault, and men floor exercise), and US only got 1 from Nastia Liukin on women all-around. But they got silvers on the team, all-around and floor exercise (both from Shawn Johnson). There are 6 more medals to be awarded, we shall wait and see. I feel bad for Alicia Sacramone, she was blaming herself for the team failure. She was too hard on herself; it wasn’t entirely her fault, and the Chinese girls did less mistakes than US team.

I couldn’t help but notice that Chinese is a strong contender in many fields that involve body twirling: gymnastics, diving, trampolines, and sync. swimming. Their body are just so flexible in those fields. Maybe it’s because many little kids have been trained since very young age in gymnastics to be a divers, gymnists, or chinese acrobats.

As predicted, China dominates table tennis and badminton. They won 3 out of 5 gold on badminton; the other 2 went to Indonesia and South Korea. We really need to popularize these sports so that we can get more talented athletes on these fields. Oh, and they also won 8 out of 13 weightlifting golds awarded so far.

Moving on to other sports, William sisters failed on women singles, but won gold on women double. US sprinters lost to lightning Jamaicans, and US men sabre team lost to France. But silver and bronze medals are good to add the total number of medals.

Anyways, I notice that NBC dedicates weekend for Olympic coverage. This way, we’re able to watch other sports like badminton, equestrian, fencing, table tennis, rowing, canoe/kayak, and trampoline.

So this week on Burn Notice, there’s a new character: Victor, who works for the same organization as Carla. He’s even more annoying than Carla, and his approach is much more forceful. Maybe the organization thinks that Michael has had too much information on Carla, they decided to introduce Michael to a wrangler. They gave Michael a cellphone, which of course has GPS device planted on it. Knowing that Michael would peek around, they left a note to Michael saying not to disturb the GPS 😆

This week’s side job is to help Michael’s old friend’s brother. He’s an accountant who’s framed for stealing money from a hip-hop mogul. This time, Michael pretended to be a money launderer to catch Eddie, the criminal. When Michael was working his charm, Victor came and ruined the plan, causing Michael to make plan B. I’m glad that the writer put a new character on the show, although I don’t like him, which is actually good because it means that the guy did a great job acting. 😛

So FOX is going to air their version of Human Tetris this coming September (I’ll keep you posted on the exact date of the season premier). If you don’t know what Human Tetris is, check this video out.

For those of you who cannot wait until FOX air Hole in the Wall, you can catch the Ellen Degeneres’ version of it “Thru the Wall of Take a Fall”:

Human Tetris is game show invented by Japanese (duh) and become a big hit like Takeshi Castle so that many countries make their own version of the game.

On her show, Ellen sometimes play another japanese game show, the “Marshmallow” game. Well, she’s not actually playing the game, it’s some women from the audience who play.

It’s just hilarious, I never knew human face can be that distorter. 😆

The Japanese version:

This marshmallow game also has affected everyone. And because the game is fairly simple and easy to play, people can play it at home too, like this video below:

Even by kids:

After reading abc’s message boards, I worried a little and wondered if abc will make a new season of the show. ABC President, Steve MacPherson said that if the ratings didn’t improve then we probably wouldn’t see another season of the show. Now that season 5 is over, there is no news about this at all. Fans at abc message board are planning to do more than making video to save the mole, they’re going to send MacPherson lemons with a sad face on it 😯 (Paul drew a face on a lemon in one of the episode). One fan offers a suggested letter that makes other lemon references: “Consider this an avid fan of throwing lemons at you if you don’t renew The Mole for another season. You know what they say when life gives you lemons? You make lemonheads and renew another season of The Mole!”

While researching some more, I found this website: (UPDATE note: The website is no longer available) for The Mole Casting. I’m not sure if it was for the 5th season or for the new one, abc’s official website has no info about this. I guess they take applications while waiting for green light from abc. Or maybe not, I don’t know.

Another info that I’d like to share about other shows how to participate in Wipeout. They are still open casting, so if you’re interested, visit this site: Other than Wipeout, other people have been asking me about how to play in I survived A Japanese Game Show. To be honest, I have no idea. So far, there is no news on the 2nd season, maybe the producers are still thinking about it. I’ll keep you posted if any news comes up about this game. (UPDATE: They’re casting 2nd season of Japanese Game Show, go check my latest post! 🙂 )Lastly, Hole in the Wall: they have finished casting for the first season. Here’s the official link:

I knew it! My guess was right 8) Craig is the mole. I’ve suspected him since week 5, but I wasn’t completely sure until last week. Well, I still had a little doubt that Nicole might be the mole. Mark? I think he took the game too seriously, and he was the success factor in some of the mission. And he actually won the game, I’m so happy for him, he deserves it. He’s a family man, and he can really use the money. Good for him. Nicole? Well, I think she makes good money with her occupation. So congratulations to Mark for winning the game, and to Craig to be a great Mole, and to Nicole to be the last woman standing. 🙂

So tonight’s show had a little back-to-back recap, reunion, the clues leading to Craig along the way, and of course the big reveal. All the executed players were called back, and moments of shame of those players were shown, again. 😛 In the show it was revealed that Mark had been so lucky few times. The tied and almost executed so many times. But the lady luck saved him a couple of times because she wanted him to win 🙂 The hidden clues were well-hidden, call me unobservant, but I didn’t notice any of them at all. And I haven’t missed a single episode!

I really enjoy this season’s the Mole; it’s been a while since I watch a really smart show. I really want to thank the producers to make such a great show. I really really really hope that they’ll make new season of The Mole. 😀

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