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The Mole?

Posted on: July 15, 2008

Last night, something came up to me about the mole. Maybe the producers want to make a big twist this season, that is by not having a mole at all in the group ūüėĮ I know it sounds crazy, but I think it’s possible that there’s no mole on the group, but the players have no clue.

Edit Note: Nevermind. After logically thought about it, there’s no way that there’s no mole. If there’s no mole, then the quiz will have no answers. ūüė≥

I really like this week’s first challenge; it’s very elaborate. The remaining 6 players are divided into 2 teams: runner and thinker. One of the players from each team has to choose the best runner & communicator. Mark was chosen to be the best runner, so he has to run in the treadmill as time keeper, the mission is as long as his stamina. Paul was chosen to be the communicator, he has to tell Clay and Alex (runners) the coordinates of the hidden wine bottles. In the meanwhile, Nicole and Craig, have to answer some questions (mostly math), and the correct answer will give the correct coordinate for the runners.

I like this challenge because all players get to have important roles in the challenge, and it involves more brain than any other challenges. Even though Nicole and Craig volunteered to be the thinkers, they weren’t bright enough to answer all the questions. Nicole guessed wrong a couple of times and I didn’t see Craig give any input. Almost all the correct answers came from Mark, while he’s running! In the end, they managed to get all 7 wine bottles. Based on this challenge, I don’t think Mark is the Mole; he worked really hard in this challenge, and he could easily sabotage this mission by stop running, but he did not.

The second challenge is bungee jumping, and while springing the players had to throw a tea bag into a square bulls eye. Even though I haven’t bungee jumped before, I think the jumping is only half the challenge. The hardest part is throwing the tea bag while you are swinging around. Of all 6 players, only Alex managed to hit the 4k mark. So the team only earned $4,000 in this challenge.

At first I thought both Craig and Nicole would bail from this mission, but they did jump although they¬†missed the bulls eye. Based on this episode, I highly suspect Nicole to be The Mole. She has acted to be the mole, and she admitted that. She also has been acting more crazier than ever. Well, other than her, I¬†suspected Craig or Paul. I did put some thoughts about Clay and Alex, they both are more laid back people, and that is also good mole strategy so they¬†can do anything¬†unnoticed. Paul? He’s just too loud to be the mole. ūüėõ But I maybe wrong.

In the end, Alex was executed. Well, I didn’t suspect him to be the mole anyway.

For those¬†The Mole fan out there, I’m sure you want to see¬†the show¬†on air for the next season. The Mole has always been one of the better reality shows out there, and season 5 has been no exception. Unfortunately, the ratings have not gone along with that quality this time. The producers have come up with a Save the Mole website pleading for help. There you’ll find Scott Stone and Clay Newbill’s open letter for the Mole fans and held a “Save the Mole” Challange. For full instruction on how to participate, click here.

For new the Mole fans, you can also participate. If you ever miss this season’s episodes, you can always read the recap at abc online and watch online the episodes you miss here. Or, there are two other ways to catch up on your tv:

1) Fox Reality is airing the first five episodes this Sunday, July 13th, the day before our next ALL NEW episode (11:00 a.m. Р3:00 p.m. EST).  
2) ABC is airing a recap special on July 14th at 9:00 p.m. that covers the first five episodes.¬† It airs just before our next new episode at 10:00 p.m. and has a whole slew of ‚Äúnever before seen‚ÄĚ material.¬†¬†

Once you watch it, you’ll know that The Mole is a different kind of reality show. It’s smart, puzzling, challenging, tactical, adventureous and not full of fighting/arguing-type of thing. I guarantee that you’ll be hooked and be one of the “Mole-a-holics”… getting “Mole-a-fied”‚Ķ feeling “Mole-liscious”…¬†ūüėõ [quoting Jon Kelley, the Host]

Please spread the word, and help save The Mole from being executed.

Well last night 2nd season of Burn Notice is Back, and it’s still as hard-kicking as the first season. Now that Michael knows who burned him, he’s trying to figure out why by working for them. They are not telling him why, and he knows that he will have to find out by himself. In this episode, Fiona decided that she and Michael can’t be together (boo hoo), but I’m pretty sure they’ll get back together sometime later.

For those of you that missed it last night, USA will air it again (4x in a row!) on Sunday from 1 pm to 4pm eastern time. If you want to watch the first season, you can always buy the complete first season DVD. Or you can always watch it online at for free (in condition that you have high speed internet).

Another good news, The Mole is back on air this Monday. I have confirmed that there will be 2 hours of The Mole, the first hour will be a special highlight episode of the last few weeks. The second hour will be a new episode. Don’t miss it! It starts at 9 pm eastern time.

This week’s japanese game show’s challenge is so funny! They make adults ride tricycle, and it’s kids size. It’s so outrageous watching Cathy, Belinda, Darcy and Meaghan doing it. They also make the other 2 members to pedal a regular bike to help reducing the speed of the treadmill. Poor guys, they look so exhausted.

This week the Green Monkey team lose again (I kinda like this team more than the other) Boohoo, they lose by only 4 seconds¬†ūüė¶ And poor Darcy gets voted to elimination round, again! Meaghan volunteered to go to elimination game accompanying Darcy, with a promise that the next time the team¬†lose, she’ll be exempted.

The elimination game is also hillarious. Similar to the first week’s elimination game, Darcy and Meaghan, wearing sticky suit,¬†have to jump and stick themselves into a wall with a human shape area (think – Human Tetris). There are 3 rounds with different shapes. Meaghan did a splendid job – almost perfect, right in the middle everytime. So she really deserves to win, but poor Darcy, it’s really her time to go today. Unless, next week one of the Yellow Penguins gets sick and they call Darcy again to replace him/her. ūüėõ

Green Monkey has to work in rice field like a farmer. Poor guys have to plant rice in a muddy square of soil.¬†¬†On the other hand, Yellow Penguin team gets to go to fish market. The fish market is great; it’s huge, busy and crowded (they even have a fish auction). It might be nice to watch on TV, but for me, going there isn’t a treat. The place must be¬†very fishy, slimy and slippery (at least that’s what¬†I imagine – I never been to a fish market, anywhere).¬†But they get to eat fresh sashimi (by fresh, I mean really fresh cut from huge chunk of tuna – freshly caught).

On the other show, wipeout, I missed the first round because I came home late. This week’s 3rd round is the same as the first week, which is the Dizzy Dummy, which is a killer. If you don’t make it in the first 2 rounds, you’ll be too dizzy to go on. The only hope you have is that¬†the other¬†players are dizzier than you to complete the task.¬†If I was playing and could choose, I would choose Dreadmill over Dizzy Dummy.

Boo hoo, I just checked ABC’s schedule, and apparently there will be no new The Mole episode tonight. The show before it (the bachelorette) is having a finale today, and they’re gonna have the reunion at 10 pm. But the good news is, next week, there will be 2 hours of The Mole. The first hour will be the recap of the game so far (it’s halfway from finish), and the following hour would be the new episode. Can’t wait until next week. ūüôā

Well, for some people summer is a great time to relax. I totally agree. Another thing that I love about summer, a lot of new TV shows and new seasons of the others.

These past few weeks, I spend a lot of time watching TV when I want to relax or just have nothing to do. And ever since I wrote about Japanese Game Show post and I saw how many people are actually have the same interest as me, I would like to share more about what I watch on TV.

I like funny tv shows, I watch American Funniest Home Videos and other similar programs. So, it’s natural for me to like the japanese game shows on ABC. I don’t watch MXC often though, because I just don’t know when it’s airing (I think it’s usually in the afternoon, when I’m working). Other TV show that I currently watching is: The Mole (also on ABC). It’s a show where a group of players compete and/or play as a team, and one of them is The¬†Mole who will¬†always¬†try to sabotage every mission. The goal of the game is to¬†figure out¬†who’s The¬†Mole, and the player will the most knowledge about the mole will win in the end. It’s on halfway of the game, only 6 players left. I think next Monday, it’s gonna be a recap of the half season.

Another channel that I watch a lot is USA. I’m waiting for new seasons of Burn Notice, Monk and Psych. I like those 3 shows very much, and I do my best not to miss them. And if I do, I’ll make sure watch it online :-P. I love action and I love comedy, so of those 3 my absolute fave is Burn Notice. I didn’t watch the first season when it aired. But I got to watch one of the encore episode and fell in love. So I finished watching the first episode online and can’t wait until next week when season 2 begins. It’s a story about a spy who get fired, so he’s trying to figure out what’s going on while taking “part-time” jobs to help regular people in trouble.

When I’m in the mood for something more serious, I watch Law&Order and CSIs, but not very often. I also watch cartoon. I love watching The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Naruto, Bleach, etc. I watch American Gladiator, and I will watch Olympics this coming August. Oh, and I also watch HGTV and Food Network for some ideas. Hmm, that’s all the TV shows I watch, that I can think of now.

Happy 4th of July everyone! I found a great fireworks video from Disneyland. So if you don’t have time to see the fireworks tonight, you can watch this one with your family and friends¬†ūüôā Disneyland has fireworks almost everyday, but this one is a special 4th of July edition (taken last year). It’s a 5 minute video, enjoy!

So, I just changed the¬†tagline of my blog from “Peter’s Phone Cards Collection & General Blog” to just¬†lines.¬†[Edit note: I actually changed to just “Peter’s Blog,” but then when I previewed it, I realized that it’s the same as the title of the blog.]

The reason for that is pretty obvious, I don’t want to make this blog my phone card blog (I already have a blog for that), and currently I’m inactive in collecting. I really appreciate other phone cards collectors that visit this blog and leave their comments. I’m still interested in phone cards, but I’m not buying or swapping anymore, and I never intend to sell any of my collections. If you read my phone cards blog, other than being busy, that other blog host has some kind of problems. Sometimes it takes a while just to log in, sometimes I just couldn’t log in at all. So with minimal time that I have to blog, especially about phone cards, I never have a chance to write anything there for the last few weeks.

Anyway, so this blog have a new name. I hope you enjoy reading my blog ūüôā

Poor Olga

Posted on: July 2, 2008

Just finished watching both Wipeout and JGS (I survived a Japanese game show), hillarious as expected. Although the wipeout’s contestants on this week couldn’t break the time record of last week’s players on the last round. On JGS, I’m dissapointed that Olga was elimitated (not that I wanted Darcy to be elimitated either). I think Donell should’ve listened to Olga and put Meaghan and Mary to face off. Meaghan did¬†a poor job¬†on the human-crane game because she was nervous and let the nerve and emotion consume her. And in my opinion, Olga is a stronger player than her. Olga and Donell are the loudest, but the strongest contender on Green Monkey team. Too bad the coalition is over now.

As usual, during break, I switch channels and see if there’s anything else interesting on TV. And I found out that TBS airs 2 hours of Family Guy. I was torn between watching the japanese game show or family guy. I had a thought to just watch family guy instead because I can watch JGS online at (like I did with The Mole). But I ended up watching more JGS because I was curious.

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