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Well, I kinda hate living in west coast. Because I couldn’t participate in The Mole’s quiz every week! I think they set the time for eastern time, and the quiz can only be taken at certain time. Well, I can take the quiz, but I won’t have a clue because I haven’t watched the show yet. 😡

Anyways, on this week’s The Mole, the challenges require good memory and math. On the first  challenge, the players (divided into 2 teams) have to solve simple clues to take them to places where they have to calculate things and memorize them. This challenge is simple yet not easy due to high brain power required. So just based on this challenge, it’s hard to point out who’s the mole. Paul got their team lost, Clay “the math genius” got math logic jumbled up, Nicole calculated wrong, and Craig lost track of the counting, Mark took his time calculating while they didn’t have much time left. But int the end, with luck, literaly, they got all their answers right.

Second challenge, also deal with good memory and trust. The players had to choose someone to memorize some stuff about their loved ones. If the other person managed to answer 3 out of 5 questions right, he/she would get to spend some time with their loved ones. This challenge, there were some activities that arose minor suspicion, but in the end, all players got to see their loved one, which is nice.

Nicole’s mom gave her suggestion to gave up, and she almost did it too. On the confession video, she said that she’d forfeit after quiz, but she didn’t do it. In the end, Clay was executed, no surprise, I haven’t suspected him at all that much. 😛 So, only 4 players left: Craig, Mark, Paul, and Nicole; all equally and highly capable smart mole.

On other tv show, I missed both Monk and Psych on Friday, but thankfully USA aired the encore the next day. Both shows are as good as ever. Because both shows’ new seasons have been shown a lot of times by USA, there were no surprise on the story. On Monk, he got a new therapist and house (temporarily). Like Monk, I kinda missed Dr. Kroeger too, he’s been on the show for so long. The producer decided to make Dr. Kroegers’ death the same as what’s really happening to the actor, heart attack. On Psych, Shawn’s mother came back, so there are a few minutes of sentimental scenes. But, other than that, it’s as funny as usual. My favorite scene was when Gus dragging Shawn out of his office. That was hillarious. Oh, and on the trailer it showed that Gus decided to quit Psych on text message, but I knew that he’d be back in. Psych won’t be the same without Gus.

This week on Burn Notice, Michael has so many things on his plate: job from Carla, side job from Sam (for a cop), his mom demanding new coffee maker and counseling. After watching this episode, I kinda see the similarities between Fiona and Carla. They both like doing everything with force and they know what they want, how its done, and when they want it done. They both are lethal combination between brain and beauty. Fortunately, Fiona is on Michael’s side and her underground connection always helps Michael. On the other hand, Carla is Michael’s boss for now, and she keeps on “reminding” Michael about that by dropping stuff to his mom’s house.

From this episode, it’s revealed that Carla is a spy (or ex-spy) and she worked in Middle East. Right now, she has a much better job, ordering Michael to do all the dirty work, and she has a handful of money and man resources to do so. But I’m pretty sure she’s still working for someone – the mistery person who’s the brain of Michael’s burn notice. Also, I think Carla might be Michael’s new love interest (since Fiona called it quit). What do you guys think?

Put that aside, I have another news to share 🙂 Since I wrote my japanese game show post, a lot of people have been visiting my blog and reading it. So, I decide to write a page dedicated for it. Check it out the page on the right side, or click here.

Poor Mary

Posted on: July 15, 2008

In today’s Japanese Game Show, the players have to dress like babies: diapers, hat, and pacifier! I laughed so hard, but I feel bad for them at the same time. They look hilariously silly and hideous. Anyways, this week’s challenge is similar to Wipeout’s Dizzy Dummy. Basically some players are spun around, and after that they have to walk in a series of obstacles.

Green Monkey team lost again 😦 they’ll be down to 2 people next week. Mary did a good job, but based on Meaghan’s immunity pact, Donell and Mary should go to elimination. Donell used up this dilemma to make Mary break the pact. But Mary couldn’t make herself to bail, so they had to face off in chicken-egg game. They had to oil themselves and cover themselves in feather before breaking eggs with their butt. Mary managed to pop 10 eggs, while Donell got 11 before time ends, so Donell won. I kinda wanted Mary to win because she did the best, and Donell gave the worst performance on the main challenge. I don’t know how Green Monkey will compete next week with only Meaghan and Donell 😐

The Yellow Penguin team got a treat to go to a Japanese village to watch soba (japanese style noodle) making, and they get to eat the home-made soba. Cathy, who afraid of foreign stuff, hesitated to eat, as usual. On the other hand, Green Monkey had to work de-shelling clams. Poor guys.

This week on wipeout: no one seemed to be able to pass the last obstacle on the first round. Everyone bounced off that wall. I think the wall have technical issue. I love this week’s 3rd round, the dreadmill. The contestants have to use flipper flop while running in accelerating dreadmill. In the meanwhile, there are some dolphins, crabs, lobsters, and floating balloons that hinder their way. They have to stay as long as they can in the dreadmill before they got booted into a foam pool.

The Mole?

Posted on: July 15, 2008

Last night, something came up to me about the mole. Maybe the producers want to make a big twist this season, that is by not having a mole at all in the group 😯 I know it sounds crazy, but I think it’s possible that there’s no mole on the group, but the players have no clue.

Edit Note: Nevermind. After logically thought about it, there’s no way that there’s no mole. If there’s no mole, then the quiz will have no answers. 😳

I really like this week’s first challenge; it’s very elaborate. The remaining 6 players are divided into 2 teams: runner and thinker. One of the players from each team has to choose the best runner & communicator. Mark was chosen to be the best runner, so he has to run in the treadmill as time keeper, the mission is as long as his stamina. Paul was chosen to be the communicator, he has to tell Clay and Alex (runners) the coordinates of the hidden wine bottles. In the meanwhile, Nicole and Craig, have to answer some questions (mostly math), and the correct answer will give the correct coordinate for the runners.

I like this challenge because all players get to have important roles in the challenge, and it involves more brain than any other challenges. Even though Nicole and Craig volunteered to be the thinkers, they weren’t bright enough to answer all the questions. Nicole guessed wrong a couple of times and I didn’t see Craig give any input. Almost all the correct answers came from Mark, while he’s running! In the end, they managed to get all 7 wine bottles. Based on this challenge, I don’t think Mark is the Mole; he worked really hard in this challenge, and he could easily sabotage this mission by stop running, but he did not.

The second challenge is bungee jumping, and while springing the players had to throw a tea bag into a square bulls eye. Even though I haven’t bungee jumped before, I think the jumping is only half the challenge. The hardest part is throwing the tea bag while you are swinging around. Of all 6 players, only Alex managed to hit the 4k mark. So the team only earned $4,000 in this challenge.

At first I thought both Craig and Nicole would bail from this mission, but they did jump although they missed the bulls eye. Based on this episode, I highly suspect Nicole to be The Mole. She has acted to be the mole, and she admitted that. She also has been acting more crazier than ever. Well, other than her, I suspected Craig or Paul. I did put some thoughts about Clay and Alex, they both are more laid back people, and that is also good mole strategy so they can do anything unnoticed. Paul? He’s just too loud to be the mole. 😛 But I maybe wrong.

In the end, Alex was executed. Well, I didn’t suspect him to be the mole anyway.

For those The Mole fan out there, I’m sure you want to see the show on air for the next season. The Mole has always been one of the better reality shows out there, and season 5 has been no exception. Unfortunately, the ratings have not gone along with that quality this time. The producers have come up with a Save the Mole website pleading for help. There you’ll find Scott Stone and Clay Newbill’s open letter for the Mole fans and held a “Save the Mole” Challange. For full instruction on how to participate, click here.

For new the Mole fans, you can also participate. If you ever miss this season’s episodes, you can always read the recap at abc online and watch online the episodes you miss here. Or, there are two other ways to catch up on your tv:

1) Fox Reality is airing the first five episodes this Sunday, July 13th, the day before our next ALL NEW episode (11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST).  
2) ABC is airing a recap special on July 14th at 9:00 p.m. that covers the first five episodes.  It airs just before our next new episode at 10:00 p.m. and has a whole slew of “never before seen” material.  

Once you watch it, you’ll know that The Mole is a different kind of reality show. It’s smart, puzzling, challenging, tactical, adventureous and not full of fighting/arguing-type of thing. I guarantee that you’ll be hooked and be one of the “Mole-a-holics”… getting “Mole-a-fied”… feeling “Mole-liscious”… 😛 [quoting Jon Kelley, the Host]

Please spread the word, and help save The Mole from being executed.

Well last night 2nd season of Burn Notice is Back, and it’s still as hard-kicking as the first season. Now that Michael knows who burned him, he’s trying to figure out why by working for them. They are not telling him why, and he knows that he will have to find out by himself. In this episode, Fiona decided that she and Michael can’t be together (boo hoo), but I’m pretty sure they’ll get back together sometime later.

For those of you that missed it last night, USA will air it again (4x in a row!) on Sunday from 1 pm to 4pm eastern time. If you want to watch the first season, you can always buy the complete first season DVD. Or you can always watch it online at for free (in condition that you have high speed internet).

Another good news, The Mole is back on air this Monday. I have confirmed that there will be 2 hours of The Mole, the first hour will be a special highlight episode of the last few weeks. The second hour will be a new episode. Don’t miss it! It starts at 9 pm eastern time.

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