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This is Lame, Trust Me

Posted on: July 25, 2008

So…my TV broke. This morning my aparment had an electrical issue, causing my pc, alarm clock, and microwave to reboot. But they are ok, but not my TV! 😡 I had to work almost all day, so I couldn’t get anyone to take a look at it. Now I’m stuck on Friday night without all new Monk and Psych. 😥 I think I have to get through this weekend without TV, or maybe longer. I might have to buy a new TV, bah.

The last thing I watched last night was Burn Notice. It was cool as usual, but I couldn’t help noticing there’s a big FLAW on the story. This week, Michael was trying to find out Carla’s past (other than handling another side job) by blackmailing Pakistani Consulate’s head of security. He went to the consulate’s office and met the guy a couple of times. My question is, why didn’t Carla stop him? I thought Carla spied on him all the time?! Yes, I know that Michael didn’t get any job to do from Carla, but I don’t think she’s gonna cut him some slack. If I were Carla, I would make sure Michael’s always on my watch. What do you think? Maybe I’m a little bit too critical because I watch too many detective/police-type of shows. 😕

Another thing that I got to watch last night was Extreme Living, my new favorite show on HGTV. It’s a show about houses that’s built to stand extreme condition or built at extreme location. It’s kinda similar to the World’s Extreme Homes, but so far the houses on Extreme Living are in US. They also show how the master pieces were built and the owner, architects, and engineers behind the houses were interviewed. Some of the dwellings featured float, spin, perch precariously or defy gravity with high-concept and boldly designed meet the interesting and adventurous folks who live there. Intrigued? Extreme Living airs every Thursday at 9:30 pm EST.

2 Responses to "This is Lame, Trust Me"

I think there is a plot hole in your plot hole ;).

After all the things the character has done, what makes you think that he cannot avoid her? So far, she has only been able to control Michael because she controlled something of value to him.

True, Michael can always run away from Carla’s men. I’m sure Carla doesn’t care about Michael’s side jobs. And he’ll let Michael do whatever he wants. If Michael snuck out a couple of times (3-5 times?)to go to the consulate office and meet the pakistani guy, it would have been obvious that he’s trying to do something that he didn’t want carla to know.

And Carla has proven her seriousness by leaving trails at his mom’s house to make a point. But maybe you’re right, I sometimes think in a way that things are more twisted than they actually are. 😛

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