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I really like this week’s first challenge; it’s very elaborate. The remaining 6 players are divided into 2 teams: runner and thinker. One of the players from each team has to choose the best runner & communicator. Mark was chosen to be the best runner, so he has to run in the treadmill as time keeper, the mission is as long as his stamina. Paul was chosen to be the communicator, he has to tell Clay and Alex (runners) the coordinates of the hidden wine bottles. In the meanwhile, Nicole and Craig, have to answer some questions (mostly math), and the correct answer will give the correct coordinate for the runners.

I like this challenge because all players get to have important roles in the challenge, and it involves more brain than any other challenges. Even though Nicole and Craig volunteered to be the thinkers, they weren’t bright enough to answer all the questions. Nicole guessed wrong a couple of times and I didn’t see Craig give any input. Almost all the correct answers came from Mark, while he’s running! In the end, they managed to get all 7 wine bottles. Based on this challenge, I don’t think Mark is the Mole; he worked really hard in this challenge, and he could easily sabotage this mission by stop running, but he did not.

The second challenge is bungee jumping, and while springing the players had to throw a tea bag into a square bulls eye. Even though I haven’t bungee jumped before, I think the jumping is only half the challenge. The hardest part is throwing the tea bag while you are swinging around. Of all 6 players, only Alex managed to hit the 4k mark. So the team only earned $4,000 in this challenge.

At first I thought both Craig and Nicole would bail from this mission, but they did jump although they missed the bulls eye. Based on this episode, I highly suspect Nicole to be The Mole. She has acted to be the mole, and she admitted that. She also has been acting more crazier than ever. Well, other than her, I suspected Craig or Paul. I did put some thoughts about Clay and Alex, they both are more laid back people, and that is also good mole strategy so they can do anything unnoticed. Paul? He’s just too loud to be the mole. 😛 But I maybe wrong.

In the end, Alex was executed. Well, I didn’t suspect him to be the mole anyway.

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