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Happy 4th of July everyone! I found a great fireworks video from Disneyland. So if you don’t have time to see the fireworks tonight, you can watch this one with your family and friendsĀ šŸ™‚ Disneyland has fireworks almost everyday, but this one is a special 4th of July edition (taken last year). It’s a 5 minute video, enjoy!

So, I just changed theĀ tagline of my blog from “Peter’s Phone Cards Collection & General Blog” to justĀ lines.Ā [Edit note: I actually changed to just “Peter’s Blog,” but then when I previewed it, I realized that it’s the same as the title of the blog.]

The reason for that is pretty obvious, I don’t want to make this blog my phone card blog (I already have a blog for that), and currently I’m inactive in collecting. I really appreciate other phone cards collectors that visit this blog and leave their comments. I’m still interested in phone cards, but I’m not buying or swapping anymore, and I never intend to sell any of my collections. If you read my phone cards blog, other than being busy, that other blog host has some kind of problems. Sometimes it takes a while just to log in, sometimes I just couldn’t log in at all. So with minimal time that I have to blog, especially about phone cards, I never have a chance to write anything there for the last few weeks.

Anyway, so this blog have a new name. I hope you enjoy reading my blog šŸ™‚

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