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I just finished making the About Me page, and I also made a page for my phone cards collection.

I think my innner writer that I never knew just came out, because in just few minutes I’ve produced 2 pages and 2 posts. But maybe the posts aren’t very organized (I’ll reorganize them next time).

Again, I’ll appreciate any input to improve my new blog, and I’ll see you again! 🙂 I promise the future posts will be more organized with more thoughtfull title and non-ridiculous tags 😉

Hi all, welcome to my blog. My name is Peter, and as my blog title says, I’m a phone cards collector. This is my second blog actually. The first one is dedicated only for phone cards collection update, but lately I’ve been itching to post something more general so I created this blog.

Well, a little bit about myself (or should I post this on my profile or About Me page?) I’m in my 20s, currently employed as a part-time data entry worker. I am not new to internet, I’ve been surfing internet for quite some time, but blogging and making website for my collection are new experience for me. I’m still learning, and I want to make my blog and website get some page rank (that’s my goal, for now). Please give me tips on improving my blog and website, I’ll really appreciate it!

Hmm, I guess this is it for now, and I’ll see you around. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I’m looking forward to read your comments.

Side note: I’m not sure what to write for the tags :-s

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